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Oklahoma City-based Sparq Natural Gas hopes to promote the use of CNG as a vehicle fuel by partnering with existing convenience stores and by acting as a consultant to companies considering entering or expanding into the CNG business.
Sparq consists of Herrera, Chief Financial Officer Tristan Adler and Chief Operating Officer Sufyan Qarni. With 78 public CNG fueling stations, Oklahoma contains almost 12 percent of the 677 such stations nationwide and is second only to California in the number of public stations.
Oklahoma has so many public stations largely because of Chesapeake’s effort to convert its truck fleet to CNG and because the company encouraged local retailers to offer the fuel in its operations areas. Sparq is continuing the effort, but instead of focusing primarily on corporate and government fleets, the new firm is targeting individuals and families. The team has identified locations in Oklahoma and throughout the region where there is demand for CNG and little or no fuel available. LUCKNOW: For the last 15 days, people in Lucknow have been receiving heavier compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles, meaning to say it is more in mass than volume. Green Gas Limited, the company authorised to sell CNG in Lucknow attributes the problem to shutdown of propane and ethane extraction plant in Auraiya for maintenance purpose. People complain that through they are being charged 25-30% more for heavier gas, mileage of their vehicles remain same as before.

The Route uses electric drive, can be plugged in, and has no range limitations (given refueling). HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Apr 1, 2014) - Despite entering the liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel market with great fanfare in 2011, global oil and gas firm, Royal Dutch Shell, has retreated in recent weeks from plans to develop production capacity throughout North America.
ShaleNavigator, web-based mapping software for shale oil and gas information, has added more than 1,400 compressed natural gas fuel station locations. Fracking wastewater facility locations, existing pipelines, well and well permits have also been added to the interactive mapping tool, the company says. The general public, however, is more spread out and requires more stations in more locations. Since these gases are not extracted, CNG becomes heavier and consumers are forced to pay more for the refill.
Adesh Verma from Gomtinagar said "while earlier I used the tank would fill up in 7-8 kg, it has increased to 12-13 kg which is costing me about Rs 150-200 more. The Route™ turbine generator charges batteries, as needed, on the road and can run on liquid or gaseous fuel. Both versions are exceptionally clean and surpass California Air Resources Board’s ever-tightening emissions standards by one thousand percent (1000%).

Started by one of Tesla Motor’s co-founders and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Wrightspeed uses electric drive together with an onboard turbine generator for exceptional efficiency, optimal performance, and unlimited range. Zeus Development Corporation, an energy researcher that specializes in natural gas markets, has identified five tactics successful suppliers have been using to outgrow the super major. The projects include factories, expansions and process changes to increase capacity, which could lead to $81 billion per year in new chemical industry output and 637,000 permanent new jobs by 2023. Consumers using 8 kg cylinders in private cars have now ended up paying around Rs 550 for a tank-full as compared to Rs 300 earlier.
Built on a tradition of quality systems engineering, Wrightspeed’s powertrains are the next step in the evolution of vehicle propulsion.
26, 2013)Santa's sleigh didn't make it in time for Christmas for some this year due to shipping problems at UPS and FedEx, and the shipping giants are scrambling to clear the backlog of holiday deliveries.The delays were blamed on poor weather earlier this week in parts of the country as well as overloaded systems. The remaining lanes remained closed during the crash cleanup, which involved a fuel spill, and investigation that continued into Friday afternoon.Chicago Man Says Bali Victim Strangled Him, Threatened Unborn BabyPackages in will likely need to be removed before the damaged trailer can be pulled upright.

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