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Our ancestor, Ida Louise Easley, has been difficult to trace over the years and it has only been in the last few months (2013) that we were finally able to find anything at all. Their first known child was not born until 1848, so it is quite possible that they may have had earlier children who did not survive infancy. The first four known children to join the family were all boys, but their fifth child was a daughter who they named Ida Louise Easley. By this time the Civil War had begun and Illinois, the home of Abraham Lincoln, supported the preservation of the Union. Under the remarks section of Pleasanta€™s military papers it says that about a year after his enlistment he was transferred, on 28 Oct.
It appears that he was transferred to the Quincy Hospital in Illinois on 15 April 1864 and may have been discharged in August 1864. Sometime within the next six years the Easley family moved from Illinois to Missouri, and then to Chetopa, Neosho County, Kansas where they were living at the time of the 1870 US Federal census. In the 1875 Kansas State census, we find the children of this family, without either parent, and still living in Neosho Co., with her older brother, J. We have not yet been able to find this family in the 1885 Kansas State Census, but we believe they had moved to Franklin County, probably to the city of Ottawa. However, in that 1885 Kansas State census we can find Raymond Mortona€™s father, Ira Homer Morton, living in Williamsburg, Franklin Co., KS in the home of his sister, Irene Morton Crankshaw, and her family.
Ray tells us in every document he left behind, that his fathera€™s name was Ira Morton and his mother was Ida Louise Easley. It is very interesting to note here that Ida used her a€?Bonhama€? name rather than a€?Mortona€? in the marriage record. The 1890 US Federal census was destroyed, but Kansas again conducted another State Census in 1895.
Remember that since about 1883, Ida and her family had been living in Franklin Co., KS, and near where her Bonham in-laws were living.
In the 1905 KS state census Raymond was no longer living with Martha Bonham in Stafford Co., KS. In the 1910 Federal US census for California, we find that Ira Elmer Bonham (Raya€™s older brother) was living in Richmond, Contra Costa County, CA; and his mother and two sisters were also living near by in that same county.
Due to the fact that he named his second daughter, Irene, after his Aunt Irene Morton Crankshaw, who died in Franklin Co., KS in 1896, when Ray was only about 10 years old, he must have known by that time that he was a a€?Mortona€? or it is unlikely that he would have visited her to learn something of his father. There is a lot of speculation in the above two paragraphs but we are merely trying to figure out what might have been. We are not yet sure where Ray was living in 1910 but we believe he traveled much of the country just looking for work. We also found an interesting document for a a€?Raymond Mortona€? in 1912 who was seeking to cross the boarder into Canada, and who was rejected. Sometime within the next six years the Easley family moved from Illinois to Missouri, and then to Chetopa, Neosho County, Kansas where they were living at the time of the 1870 US Federal census.A  By then the two older boys were out of the house and a€?Ida L. So, once again, I cannot tell you and Yuliya enough, how VERY HAPPY I am, and have been with your service.

So, of course, I will hope to have the honor of yourself and Yulia at our wedding, when my future love from Eastern Europe and myself finally are united. International marriage and matchmaker network for Portuguese men who are looking to find a beautiful Russian mail order bride. It's not a secret that girls from Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine are some of the most attractive and charming girls in the world. Marriage agency scammers are unfortunately darkening the reputation of the real Russian brides.
At My Partner Forever, we take all measures to ensure that we work only with honest and reliable marriage agencies. We (Alain and Yuliya) and our partner marriage agencies take all required steps to prevent any form of scamming to take place on our international dating and matchmaking site. Why would a man type hot Russian brides or sexy Ukrainian girls when searching for a Russian wife on the internet is a good question? These Russian girls are certainly sexy, but mostly: they are intelligent, well-educated and hard workers. Unlike many women from other countries, they don't see the need to be independent and self-sufficient within a couple.
It doesn't matter how successful a Russian lady can be with her career, what matters the most for her is to be married with a reliable and loyal man and to create a strong and happy family. Russian Mail Order Brides dream of a better life that consists of finding a good, reliable and faithful man to create a family with. Leaving their country, family and friends to join their husband is a big decision that thousands of Russian, Belarusian, Moldovan and Ukrainian brides take each year. 1863, to VRC (Veterana€™s Reserve Corps--a special regiment comprised of invalids who were no longer able to actively fight, but were still able to help with necessary duties behind the lines.) Pleasant was suffering with Epigastrocele (a hernia in the upper abdominal wall).
1885 (or perhaps 1886) that this couple had a little boy whom they named Albert Raymond Morton (and he was the father of Irene Gladys Morton McDonald, and the Grandfather of Bette Jo McDonald Nebeker.) The year of his birth has been estimated here as there are conflicting documents giving his year of birth as anywhere from 1883-1887--but we do not believe he was born prior to 1885 because of the KS state census cited above. These two moved, with their families, and prior to their marriage, to Macoupin County, Illinois, which is located about 25 miles NE of St. 1862 at Camp Butler, near Springfield, IL.A  At that time his daughter, Ida, was just five years old and it must have been a difficult time for her, and for the entire family, to see their father go off to war.
Easley was now a widow again, and living in Winslow, Arizona.A  Her last name was listed as a€?Hamiltona€? but Mr. You both have been so very kind and accomodating to me, but even more than that, it is almost as if you are both looking out for me and my best interests, as if you were friends.
I am sure you get these sort of invitations all the time, but you two have become sort of special friends to me, so I really am sincere in my words. Your agent (in my case in Grodno) was very efficient and instrumental in helping me to establish contacts that now has resulted in marriage. Russian girls and Ukrainian girls are seeking a decent and faithful man to share love and romance. The fact is that most dating scammers are not single Russian women but can be anyone in any country sitting behind a computer.

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Easley Bonham met sometime in 1885 but did not marry until that autumn after the state census had been completed. Easley Bonham met sometime in 1885 but did not marry until that autumn after the state census had been completed.A  If so, this would be her second husband, although no document confirming their marriage has yet been found. I`m relay greatful for this and I just want you to know that I`m so proud of her to see her with the present and that everything is real.
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