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March 19, 2013 by My Alternate Life 2 Comments Finding your dream job isn’t always easy. If you’re just looking to move position, the main focus of your research should be on individual firms. With any luck, your research will help you secure a position with a company but don’t just jump in when they offer the job, make sure you understand completely the pay and benefits, the working hours, vacation leave and what exactly your role will involve. If you’re totally new to an industry, your research needs to start on a more general level. As with all social networking, when it comes to job searching there are some big ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Do not tweet between 12 am and 5 am on a weekday unless you are in another time zone, or people know you are stuck somewhere. There are no hard and fast rules about what to tweet; you need to find your own ground, but remember, your future employer may (or may not) be reading your tweets. Suzanne Collier is known as THE person you want to see if you want to get ahead in publishing. Publishing Talk is the blog and magazine for publishers and authors wanting to learn about writing, self-publishing, digital publishing, social media marketing, and developments in the industry.
Publishing Talk is a trading name of Reed Media Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales No.
Throughout the year the Careers Centre sees a lot of local and international students who are searching for casual work.
Confidence can be an issue for some international students when taking the walk-in approach.
If you're and international student and concerned about your rights at work, visits the website below or come and talk to us. Articles and news for students interested in career development skills, techniques and opportunities.
The views expressed on this blog are those of the respective authors and not those of the University of Sydney. There are often a lot of complaints in the ultrasound community about how schools aren’t following through on promises.
Did you walk into a school, listen to the sales pitch and get so excited you signed up on the spot? Homework in this example should be, at least, to check the job market in the geographical location you wish to work before signing up for a program. CAAHEP accredited programs enable students to be eligible to sit for the ARDMS registry exams immediately following completion of the program. Non-CAAHEP accredited programs requires an additional 12 months of work-experience to be eligible to sit for the registry exams.
More employers are now recognizing the value of registered technologists and are now making it a requirement for employment. How many of the schools recent students successfully passed the program and went on to find jobs in their chosen field? With the current state of healthcare and a shaky economy we have to be a lot more careful with our decision making processes when it comes to how we spend our hard earned dollars.
OK, what about those who didn’t do the homework on time and now there are frustrated looking for a job that looks like it would never come (unless you have your registry). Please check out the post an aspiring sonographer wrote in on LinkedIn in the Global Sonography group.

The process required for an immigrant to better adapt to his or her new reality is getting a job. Now, you are new to the neighborhood and not know anyone, or worse yet, no one in the entire city knows you.
The first thing you should know is that in Canada, unlike in Latin American countries, offers of employment do not have a wide range of distribution.
Another way to get a job is through employment agencies (companies that act as some sort of recruiting agencies). The best way to achieve these good relations is to try to link and be related to organizations, clubs, and activities that will allow you to meet people who are already established in Canada. In addition, there is the Job Bank, a federal government agency, administered by the Ministry of Manpower and Training (HRSDC), where resources and provide information to people who are seeking employment. And with a more difficult jobs market, it’s a good idea to consider yourself as a business, even if you are looking for a staff position in a particular company or industry.
Check out their website to see exactly what they do and who is most likely to be the relevant contact for the work you want to do.
You don’t want any nasty surprises when you start – you also don’t want a job that will completely take over your life if you have a passion with your 9-to-5 that you might pursue as your own business in the future. With so much information freely available online these days, there really is no excuse for not being up to speed.
However, you can make success much more likely just by digging that little bit deeper than others and making sure you’re well informed to give you that all-important edge.
Twitter on its own is unlikely to find you a job: you may see jobs advertised (and you’ll need to respond quickly if you do), but it should be used as the means to finding a job, and your personal marketing tool. When you walk into a recruiter’s office for an interview or meet them at a networking event there can be that moment when the recruiter instantly recognises you. Even though you are looking for a job, don’t keep tweeting several times a day that you are looking for a job, as aside from appearing desperate (it is okay – we know you are), it is also dull, boring and unattractive. Don’t use swear words or text speak and don’t tweet about things you don’t want your mother to read (my mum is following me on Twitter – that keeps me in check!) The best thing to do is to follow others and watch their lead, or ‘lurk’, before stepping out into the big wide twitterstream. It is imperative that you don’t tweet things that could backfire on your job search and at all times you tweet like the professional person that you are. She has been working in publishing for 30 years, in all aspects of the industry from editorial through to sales, academic to trade and conglomerates to tiny independents and has a huge understanding of the shifts in skills the industry needs as it moves to digital.
Just go to Account Settings to change your username, and Profile Settings to change your profile name.
Unfortunately we are not a recruitment service, so we can’t match students to jobs (sorry!), however we can help you find work and improve your resume and interview skills.
The job market is competitive but with clear goals, a good resume, determination and of course a little bit of luck, you will be successful in finding some casual work to compliment your studies.
You can prepare by practicing a friendly opening line, dressing smartly, and making sure you smile and make eye contact with the employee.
Aside from being a requirement for completion of the program, this is where you will obtain your first real hands on training. Your educational experience is what you make of it and you’d better be ready to do your part to contribute to your own success.
Ideally, look for official information from the companies in which you are interested to work at. For example, meetings in which large numbers of employers offer detailed information to potential employees; those are some sort of job fair.

But do not forget that getting a job also depends on your professional skills and your attitude to overcome obstacles on the road. You need to research your industry, the best people to get in touch with, potential employers, including their finances through a service like Duedil, both before you contact them and then if invited to interview.
Also, do a full webcheck to find out what lies beneath the surface and also what other people are saying about them. Read relevant blogs and news sites and join Twitter to follow the relevant people in your target industry – don’t be frightened to get involved in the debate once you feel you have something to contribute or even if you want to ask a couple of questions. Do this with the person who has advertised the job – make them feel like they know you, because you have responded to a tweet, or interacted with them. Check out who they are retweeting or recommending for a #ff (Follow Friday) – very often it is their ‘own’ people. Over 1600 casual and part-time jobs were posted on our database last year, all from employers looking for University of Sydney students!
Most job offers come through your networks so ask your friends and family if they know of any jobs opportunities. Another strategy is to tap into the expatriate network and target businesses that have links to your home country e.g.
The examples above are just a few of the many things that need to be taken into consideration. Unfortunately I have no magic tricks up my sleeve to offer advice in this situation other than things you may have already heard.
At least they will know you are serious and that you will work your hind parts off to get the other half. Remember that the most important in order to get a job in Canada is to be aware of the work culture of this country. Don’t stop there though – if you are offered a position, a little bit more research could allow you to make a more confident decision. If you want to work in editorial, for example, see how many book publishing editors you can find on twitter, not so much for you to tweet ‘give us a job’ to them, but so you can get an insight to their job and the work they do.
Credible schools certainly outnumber their questionable counterparts, but, remember they are a business and are not going to advertise their shortcomings.
I know there are still facilities out there who will hire techs with the requirement to obtain your credentials within a certain time frame, bit it seems as if you would have to be clairvoyant to know we they are in need of techs. Suzanne also provides business to business consultancy to those who are setting up publishing houses or selling services to publishers. Most importantly, make sure you proof read your resume … nothing says “lazy and irresponsible” better than a resume with spelling mistakes.
If the business is looking for someone and you present yourself well and have a great attitude, you might get lucky.
If you have any questions you can always ask us on either via email, Facebook, Linkedin or speak to the legal representatives at the SRC. If you follow someone and they don’t know you and your biography is blank they are unlikely to follow you back.
Bring in boatloads of students with promises of job offers falling at their feet upon completion of the program.

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