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Women have different standards when it comes to their lovers; some women want handsome, faithful, loving guys. Some wanted her boyfriend to be smart, good looking, responsible while others want their future husband to be wealthy and rich.
Perhaps other women feel that a man should be stable enough to be able to provide for her future family and be able to have a comfortable life. There’s nothing wrong with setting up high standards for a good reason, but a person should not insult someone or force someone he is not just to meet one’s standards most especially for selfish reasons. I do not respond to my asks in the order they are received, and I do not update regularly, but I appreciate the support of my followers none-the-less! She was the first-born daughter of a wealthy family, not royalty, so her marriage was initially a kind of political move, but she did end up falling very much in love with her husband and held very little resentment over the arranged marriage. Even during the conflicts that occurred off-and-on throughout the Kingdom, she wanted to start a family with Pharaoh.
There were some minor complications during the pregnancy, and Atem ended up being born prematurely, leaving both himself and the Queen herself very weak for a long time.
When Atem was still a young child, she fell ill and ended up dying because no one could find out how to treat the sickness. Atem’s Father also loved his son very much, even if he showed it differently than his wife.
I do wish we had been able to see them interact as a family, but for now, this is how I imagine Atem’s Mother and Father. I heard a comment on the radio yesterday that really stuck with me: “Why is it that in our society we get pregnant, maybe take a prenatal class, show up at the hospital, have our babies, then get sent home and told to raise your child?” This is so true! It shouldn’t be this way… I believe that people who live in tribes and close knit villages really know what they are doing when it comes to supporting moms and raising children. My friends describe me as caring, charismatic , cheerful , achiever, having a sense of humor and very silly! I am romantic , affectionate, sincere, honest person happy , fun, easy going , friend of my friends. Most will say Im genuinely nice and compasionate, love to laugh, sometimes actually silly, intelligent, down to earth, love life and travel, love helping others, love to socialize and love meeting new people. Are you looking for a bossy Queen to spoil and give you hard earned money to I want you to message me!

So Scary!Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Shared the Story of a Determined Filipina, and it Went Viral5 Ways to Avoid Headaches on Planes15 Brain Teasers for Kids and Adults Designed to Test Your Mental AgilityLoyal Dog Captured Running After The Ambulance That Picked Up Its Master. Feel free to send me an ask about a character, pairing, or situation [from DM or Season 0 only] and I will respond with my opinion or headcanon about them.
We see a few scenes of interaction between Atem and his Father, and one shot of baby Atem with his Mother (if there were more, I do not remember), but I wish there had been more of them as a family. In my headcanon about her, she is a very sweet, gentle woman, and is loyal to her husband almost to a fault.
He wished for the same, and they tried many times, but for a long time, the Queen seemed unable to bear child. Afterwards, she was unable to bear any more children, and thus took it upon herself to take the best care of Atem that she possibly could. He was much stricter with Atem, constantly reminding him of his duties and the role he would have to take in the future. My headcanon of them changes from time to time, just depending on the scenario and other such factors, but these are the most consistent parts of it. Most women come home from the hospital completely overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, and depressed due to lack of support.
I offer both prenatal and mom and baby yoga classes which allow you to de-stress while providing education and an opportunity to connect with other moms.
And I learned also that respect, complicity, admiration, affection and devotion are essential for the relationship to be strengthened more and more. She broke up with him because he couldn’t provide for her needs and couldn’t event take her out on a date. We should always stay humble because all of us, no matter how hopeless the case is, would definitely shine when given a chance. She has a very good grasp of politics and foreign relations, so she is able to assist her husband when he asks for it.
They started to wonder if the Queen was barren and would never be able to conceive, but just a little while later she became pregnant with Atem.
This ended up with her coddling Atem a lot, and being a little over-protective, despite the Pharaoh’s warnings against it. He disapproved of babying Atem, because he wanted him to grow up to be a strong King of Egypt.

Women are given the impression that they can and should do it all themselves (cook, clean, care for baby, etc.) and that they are failures if they struggle or don’t find joy in these activities. In these communities, childbirth and breastfeeding come much more naturally because the women have been exposed to it their entire lives (unlike in our society where the only woman you’re likely to see have a baby is yourself!). I am also planning an upcoming workshop titled: “10 Things You Need to Know About Having a Baby” that covers all of the details that they don’t talk about in prenatal class, you know, the things you really need to know but don’t want to ask. I have a wonderful son 18 years and which is totally independent O hope you want to meet me. She would always try to be there to comfort and console him whenever he wanted it, and she would always do her best to make him smile.
He was not harsh with Atem, however, and often gave him praise and comfort, but only when the situation allowed it. Women are also given the impression that they should just know intuitively how to be a good mother and how to care for their child. In our society we have to look for this support and education elsewhere – and please do because it is essential to your wellbeing as a pregnant woman or mother. Details will be coming soon but space will be limited so please email me ASAP if you would like to reserve a spot! Keeping fit and taking care of myself is important to me and I'd like to find someone who feels the same.
She is strong-willed and very firm in her convictions, but her kindness would be her major fault, leading her to be sympathetic and over-caring where the situation needed more logic and less emotion. He taught Atem how to be a strong, brave, focused leader, while his Mother helped balance it out by teaching him gentle compassion and kindness. But how are women supposed to learn this when we birth our babies and care for them in such an isolated manner?

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