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Dewania€™s family, which has always fiercely denied that he murdered his wife or is gay, declined to comment.
Johannesburg – Enhle Mbali may have given birth only 3 months ago, but by looking at her you would never be able to tell.
The family are naturally shy to talk about their new addition, but recently gave fans a first glimpse at their beautiful baby boy (take a peek at him here). These South African husband and wife teams across different industries are proof that business and family can mix.
Reasons for going into business together: We came up with the idea for our tech startup while on holiday in December 2013. What are the challenges you have to deal with? The biggest challenge for us is separating our work from our personal relationship. It can be a challenge finding the balance between treating your partner as a spouse vs a business partner.

It's also key that you have a strong enough relationship to be able to take professional criticism from your partner if needs be, without this spilling over into your personal life. Do something that you are both equally passionate about, so that when there is the inevitable time taken away from your personal life for your business, you are both happy to make the sacrifice.
In a quick chat with HotNews SA at an event recently, Enhle says she is enjoying everything. Their signature dishes range from seafood paella with mussels, calamari, prawns, clams and snap peas, to chicken and chorizo paella with pepper, beans and artichokes as well as mushroom paella with truffle oil, and char grilled fennel. Then you can agree on how to structure your partnership in terms of what you each bring to the table.
Be prepared for some very tough times emotionally and be aware that it is going to be a couple of years, not weeks or months but years before you fully settle into your groove together. At the moment we really struggle with making time for anything else apart from our startup.

She also reveals that she misses her man, Black Coffee, who is currently on a short trip to Europe. The relationship must be strong enough to handle that, and totally open communication is absolutely essential if both the marriage and the business are to be a success. We realised that we had the complementary skills to build such a solution, and spent the next few weeks discussing it and setting it up together.
However, we have a 5-year-old daughter, which forces us to make an effort to have a bit of family time on weekends. It was also initially difficult to get used to each other's respective working styles, which are very different.

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