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The term trophy wife can be very sexists and degrading while at the same time some women consider it a compliment. A nice house, particularly one with a pool and lots of expensive amenities such as big screen televisions, a bathtub Jacuzzi, marble fireplaces, and a big garage for that new car you are going to buy her. High end social circles usually follow people who have the right house in the right neighborhood. Men looking for a trophy wife are generally going to be older than the women they are checking out and thus have more experience dealing with life. Financial stability is a big support.A lot of trophy wives grew up in households that were less than well-to-do.
High profile social eventssuch as charity events, fundraisers, and community parties is a good spot to see a potential wife all dressed to the nines.
Strip clubs definitely have young pretty women working there and you can usually find more than a few who appreciate nice things. Escort services hire young attractive women whose job is to look good with whatever man they are with so they already come with experience. Dating agencies have been around for a long time and occasionally you can find someone there who will fit the bill as a trophy wife.
Online dating websites or web communities have become more popular through the last few years as a way to find that special someone. Anywhere there is a marina with a yacht, you are going to eventually come across a woman that would make a great trophy wife.
Private society parties at a friend’s house are good mixers because there will usually be many attractive young women hanging out.
At the office can sometimes be a hunting ground for a trophy wife, especially if it is a corporate office that attracts a lot of young professionals.
This is a disgusting article with a disgraceful level of retrograde sexism and stereotypical exaggerations.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. But there is a trade off between having a trophy wife and having a (for lack of a better word) normal loving wife. Secondly, she knows how to dress and look good which adds to your status as a guy who can score a hot babe.

If you want a trophy wife, there are some things you are going to need in order to attract them. If you are able to present your trophy potential with one of these valuable gifts like you just plucked it from the tree outside, you will have won them over in an instant. You need to be able to take them shopping or, at the very least, give them a credit card to go shopping with.
If you have a house in Tuscany or in Martha’s Vineyard, then your status will likely increase in a woman’s eyes. True shopaholics don’t have time to worry about spending limits and how close they are to maxing out that credit card.
Even if you are comfortable in jeans and a simple t-shirt, you’d better try on a sports jacket, nice shoes, and maybe even a designer tie. Women that would make good trophy wives are going to be in high profile places like ritzy clubs, fashion shows, or society charity auctions. Even though many trophy wives these days have their own career, some prefer a man who can manage all of the bills (with some left over). The fact that they married well is a boost to their image in the eyes of their friends and family.
Many young trophy wives have already been in relationships with a controlling partner and are now looking for something else. These are a great way to find out more about a woman in case you are interested in more than just eye candy. Every year wealthy men pay thousands of dollars to travel overseas and meet potential brides. She will obviously already be interested in expensive things and luxury (why hand out at the yachts?) so all you need to do is reel her in. Be careful, though, because this could lead to some awkward situations in the office breakroom.
You clearly have no respect for either women or people in general and need to get a life instead of thinking that being on top of your business means you’re any better than anyone with a heart.
If this Joey is male, he is angry because he doesn’t have enough money for a trophy girlfriend. Her appearance reflects well on you and can open some doors such as the right club or social event.

One of the first things they are going to check out is your car so it needs to be a good one. Not only do you need to have the financial means to afford these vacations but you need to know the right places to go. I fall you have is a few cards with $500 limits, don’t expect to attract too many trophy candidates for a wife.
In some cases, power can get you things that money cannot and a true trophy wife will realize this. Women notice clothes and if you don’t have the right clothes, it may be assumed you don’t have the means to afford them. It’s basically shop for your own trophy wife and if you have the bucks, you are bound to find what you want. If this Joey is female, she is angry because she doesn’t look good enough to be a trophy girlfriend.
Yes, we are talking a trophy wife, that dazzling arm candy that looks good and makes you look good, too. If you are driving around a little compact car because it has great gas mileage, the potential trophies are going to assume you don’t have the wealth and status.
If you are too busy running a business and no time for complicated relationships, a marriage of this type can be very convenient. If you have set yourself up as a sugar daddy, be prepared for her to take you up on that as she buys anything and everything. Another problem with having a trophy wife, particularly one that is considerable younger, is whether she truly loves you or your money. If you don’t have the money, you can’t by all the other things to attract them and you certainly can’t buy them the things they want.
The trophy wife is generally a man’s second wife (but not always) and is chosen as a form of status. And finally, a problem that may be more stereotyped than actual fact, the trophy wife may not be as interesting to talk to as she is to look at.

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