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You're not totally defined by your zip code, but a website spotted by Reddit seeks to show people what zip codes say about the average demographic, culture, and lifestyle in one's area. The "Zip Lookup" tool is powered by Esri, a geographic-information firm based in California. Just head to the website, type in your zip code, and you'll be greeted with a breakdown of your zip code's demographic characteristics based on Esri's "Tapestry" technology, which consists of 67 unique market segment classifications. By clicking on the different demographics, you can see a summary of the type of person Esri's geographic data says you are. You can also click on the tabs "Income," "Age," and "Population Density," to learn more about your area's trends. Recently, I did a little research for a custom data request about zip code income data for the entire US.
First, the US Census Bureau provides income data for zip code tabulations areas (ZCTAs) — which are very similar to zip codes. You can pull income data by ZCTA for all US ZCTAs for the years 2000 and 2011 on the Census Bureau’s website.
Your next question is probably “what income related data points can I get from the US Census Bureau”?

I’m defining popular as my personal favorite tables as well as the tables that I pull most often for custom data requests. I was going to put together a list of tables for 2000 income data like the above list of tables for 2011 income data, but when I was working on the list for 2000 income data tables, there was a lot of overlap. The SOI is currently reviewing its methodology to safeguard individual taxpayer confidentiality. Now that you know where to get income data for zip codes, you can use data to do some pretty cool analysis — like building zip code maps. If you are interested in looking at changes in income over time, you’ll probably want to adjust for inflation.
Over the past 6 years, I've pulled population demographics, business demographics and real estate data for thousands of small businesses and researchers.
Contact me if you have any questions about how I can help you get the demographic data you need. You can do this research by reading through the documentation on the Census’ FTP site (links are in the table above).
Basically, you can get 2000 income data tables that are similar to the 2011 income data tables with a couple of exceptions.

SOI is a program that publishes income data and is run by the Statistical Information Services, a US government agency. Check out this other blog post about a cool & free tool that helps you calculate buying power. If you’d like to get a quote for me to pull this data for you, please complete the Custom Data Request form.
The data are based on individual income tax returns from the IRS’ Individual Master File system, which includes a record for every Form 1040, 1040, and 1040EZ.
The records included in the 2008 dataset were returns that were filed between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009.

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