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Add some fun to your publication with Liz’s Hidden Picture Puzzles — a unique feature that readers “can’t wait to do”. Print out this lovely picture of four friendly Christmas snowmen and challenge the kids to spot all the differences! A mixture between a puzzle and a drawing activity, this fun Christmas grid copy picture of a snowflake will keep the kids concentrating for a while! A team of genetic researchers from Cornell University and Nova Southeastern University have discovered that many of the great white shark’s (Carcharodon carcharias) proteins match humans more closely than they do zebrafish, the quintessential fish model. Surprisingly, they found that the proportion of white shark gene products associated with metabolism had fewer differences from humans than zebrafish.

Because sharks are apex predators, their decreasing number threatens the stability of marine ecosystems, on which millions of people rely for food.
If you’d like to see if you found all the differences, take a look at the answer key. For Artists: This illustration was sketched on Bristol Board and inked using a nib and India Ink.
The printable is available in both color and black and white, and  features a cartoon of a man on a skateboard being pulled through the park by his dog. If you’re a teacher and want to print a bunch of these worksheets for the classroom, print this one. Within three weeks the paper notified readers, “You told us how much you missed this hidden picture puzzle twice a week.

In some species, the embryos eat the remaining eggs or even other embryos while still developing in the uterus. White sharks dive deep, migrate very long distances and give live birth,” Dr Stanhope said.

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