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I was going to write a long thought provoking piece using this quote and then I realized not a lot more needed to be said. Far too often we want to change things, just tweak them ever so slightly, under the guise of ‘improving.’ Or maybe it’s some sort of control thing. We are always in flux of dawn or dusk and within that flux resides the colors of who and what we are. Rarely are there nice and neat colors and there will always be shades of dark battling with beams of light which unfold the rich & royal hues that are … well… you. Maybe we should learn to accept the sunsets and sunrises for what they are and not keep trying to ‘touch up’ the colors in some way.
Maybe we should realize the many colors within are always coexisting … sometimes unstable … often in flux … sometimes blurred … and sometimes brilliant … but always colorful.
Maybe we should know that within the sunsets & sunrises we get momentary glimpses of the colors, our own as well as others, that remind us that they are what make us significant in a world in which we are often a relatively insignificant part. All I know is that I like the thought that people are like sunsets and we shouldn’t fuck with sunsets. And I have no reason for posting this other than the fact I read it, thought it was pretty insightful from a tween girl and … well … I liked it. And while I have never seen his navel I would imagine that on the occasion he actually did gaze at it … that even he reflected for a moment or so … but not too long into the navel fixation … he then decided that maybe there were bigger and better things to think about. And another thing is about keeping things in perspective … how you use your time & energy. We can all be prone to spending far too much time dicking around thinking about grass whether it be green, growing, dying or simply a random tuft of grass in a desert.
Research certainly suggests that it might be prudent to avoid excessive self-reflection or at least the wrong sort of reflection.
In our quest to improve we even fuck up our free time because instead f relaxing we self reflect, become dissatisfied, grumpy … and depressed. We get all caught up with excessive inwardness or self-centeredness and unrealistic expectations. Like Sisyphus condemned in Hades to a life of endlessly pushing up a rock uphill, only to have it roll down again, the false self must spin its life tales over and over again. I am not sure I am buying everything he is selling … but … I do believe there is a fine line in being in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction <those words – which I love – were actually stated by then-CEO of J.
It is a fine line because while no one should desire being stagnant they should also never be obsessive with movement. You will never … okay … very rarely … arrive at a point where you will believe you are entirely happy with everything in your life or believe that your grass is just perfect the way it is.

Or it is probably more likely that in our contemporary view of the nonstop quest for Life perfection <ongoing self-development> our grass will never be as green as we want it to be?
And in this never ending quest to be more than we are today … our tomorrows become hopelessly entangled in the infinite challenge of being more than what we are today. It all really comes down to a good intention … a desire for things, particular something as important as our Life, to be perfect … or as perfect … as it can be.
And in our quest for that perfection we chafe against our desire for some aspects of carefree freedom … the sometimes whimsical things we want to do … as well as the natural ebbs and flows of life. I imagine in my own pea like brain that part of the issue with navel gazing is the concept of relative life truths.
One in which she puts words on paper hoping that they rise up and actually become reality instead of just sitting there echoing inside her heart.
And, once again, I am not suggesting she is actually living the words … I am simply giving her credit for recognizing what she SHOULD know and do. The other half of the battle is a humdinger (actually doing it) … but maybe she will write something else some other day when she is older to prove to us once again that teens are smarter than we think. If I could tell her one thing, given what she has written and how she was able to articulate the thought behind love … that she has a better chance at real love at some point than a shitload of people in the world.
Oddly … teens could teach us adults (or at least remind us) some good things to remember about love … and the feeling.
And do you promise that if I die some embarrassing and boring death that you’re gonna tell our daughter that her father was killed by Russian soldiers in this intense hand-to-hand combat in an attempt to save the lives of 850 Chechnyan orphans? Maybe all that really means is that I like to find people who value a romantic type of love love but believe a relationship must have a strong thread of a companion type of love. Maybe I like to believe that we adults don’t have all the answers to love and that maybe, just maybe, teens can remind us what love is really all about.
They are that perfect romantic song which increases its perfectness when it is heard over one of those special moments in a TV show or movie (you know pretty much every movie John Cusack has ever been in when he realizes the girl is his). For example, when John Cusak and KateBeckinsale meet at the end of Serendipity (Nick Drake’s Northern Sky is awesome in the scene).
Stew is a big guy who has an interesting voice and has written some really eclectic odd stuff but also some really nice stuff.
It took me forever listening to this song to understand they were saying ‘displaced.’ Doesn’t matter. The songwriter, and singer, Peter Bradley Adams only did one cd as eastmountainsouth and then he did a solo cd. She has a wonderful flowing voice which soars above an almost trance like beat.  Beautifully crafted.

Some research has shown that nearly 45% of respondents in the more wealthy nations globally seem to dread the holidays … at times when you take stock of your life and reflect. And, inevitably, we seek blame … the innate inadequacies of life driven by some comparison with other seemingly lucky or more fortunate or smarter or harder working or ‘whatever’ individuals. Walter Thompson in the 1950’s … ‘we are a company in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction’> and simply being discontent for the sake of being discontent. Because as soon as you sort one area of life out … there seems to be something else to work on.
With this song she captures the true essence of someone asking for some patience with their flaws. It is about letting someone ‘free’ and loving them so much you promise them to be there no matter what. The opening of the song sung by Maria Taylor I believe is fragile in its words and fragile in her voice style. I added this one because I was running today and it came up just as my second wind kicked in and I thought it was perfect for Valentine’s Day. It is healthy to take some time to think things over with the intent to better understand yourself and see things clearer. And inevitably that somewhere you are gazing at something that may appear to be greener grass. Regardless.  There are many adults who cannot articulate the concept of love as well as this. I am not sure I have ever heard a better song than this one with this message.This was used on the TV show Felicity perfectly. The guy’s voice has this fragile strength to it that makes the song fearful and fearless at exactly the same time. Since it has no real life of its own, it must endlessly create stimulating thoughts and feelings of one kind or another in order to give it the sensation of being alive.
They are almost interchangeable in their sound and the beautiful twinge of heartache and longing. Heartfelt without being sappy and you almost feel like you have stepped into the middle of a couple’s sincere thoughts for each other.

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