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From a worldview in which God created all and we will all face Him and need to answer to Him when we die… to various and competing worldviews, including evolution, other religions, and atheism and agnosticism. From a nation and culture based on Judeo-Christian morality to evolving morality in which things like multiple sexual partners, living together outside of marriage, same sex relations and marriage, and putting a spin on things (once known as lying and deception) are commonly accepted. From Christianity being accepted and embraced by society to it being ridiculed and even persecuted. For most of my life, I had not realized that the Ark had been sighted, with some regularity, in modern times. A team of explorers now sets out to review the evidence, talk with witnesses, view the photographs, examine satellite imaging, and scale the mountain with state of the art technology to search for the ark and find conclusive evidence of its existence.
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They shows this film at a Christian community living retirement condo meeting I attended recently.
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It was built, it sailed, it landed, it played an amazing role in God’s plan to save the essence of creation.
Resting on the top of Mount Ararat, right where the Bible tells us it landed, Noah’s Ark has been seen scores of times over the last several hundred years. It not only takes you through the search, but digs into the history, and the spiritual journey that these men of faith embark on as they scale one of the largest mountains in that part of the world.

Enjoyed how they managed to consistently affirm their faith and the existence of an actual ark while maintaining healthy investigatory skepticism when investigating past sightings. To get the best possible experience on our website we recommend that you upgrade your browser. Being buried and uncovered by the glacial ice and snow that grows and shrinks on the top of the mountain, it has been spotted by explorers, dignitaries, and common travelers alike.
Finding Noah is a Christian documentary of a team of scientists and various experts who set out to capture a glimpse of the most famous ship to ever sail.

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