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Doesn't this whimsical image of a girl blowing glitter from the palms of her hands just make you love life? I’m a writer and producer based in Los Angeles, California, and I'm tickled pink that you stopped by my blog.
FINDING NEMO - After being unexpectedly captured, young clownfish Nemo finds himself as the new resident of an aquarium located in a dentist office. SEINFELD - A similar speculation goes on in Seinfeld with wondering what dentists are up to when their patients are under. LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS - Like in Marathon Man, Steve Martin's dentist also uses his dentistry as a form of torture, but this time the results are a little more darkly comedic than downright horrifying. THE HANGOVER -  Stu is such a talented dentist and chooses to prove it while utterly wasted. CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY - How would it be to grow up with a strict dentist for a father?
Sadly, I find myself relating to many of those cinematic patients for this is just the beginning of my time at the dentist. This is because the things that genuinely inspire me to create are almost always examples of beauty in chaos, or of hope amidst despair.
Your support and genuineness is always a bright spot in my day, and I only hope I can bring similar snippets of joy into the sidewalk cracks of your days as well. I love hearing that my story touched you, and your response actually makes me all the more brave about sharing personal things in the future.

I think sometimes people try to keep the sometimes darker side of our lives out of their blogs but I just think that keeps away the realness.
A former high school dropout, Hooters waitress, PR maven, and sex columnist, I’m a big believer that with a whole lot of hard work and coffee we all have the power to reinvent ourselves and live the life of our dreams. Coping with the utter boredom of captivity, the other fish really have nothing to do but absorb themselves in the day to day working of one Phillip Sherman.
This lady dentist doesn't know the meaning of "no" as she's constantly sexually harassing her coworkers and taking advantage of her patients.
Having this subject elicit laughs doesn't hurt though when you have Bill Murray as a way too overeager patient either.
I guess you don't realize just how many dentist characters there are in TV and film until you list them like this!
I think I should stay away from some of these movies; I already have a hard enough time when it comes to psyching myself out about going to the dentist.
Sharing painful, embarrassing, and deeply personal things with the entire blogoshpere is scary after all, and this is my admission to you that I get very scared at times.
In fact, this love of the unlikely has led me to my personal philosophy that any artist’s job is to create hope and beauty where there seemingly is none to be found. You are remarkable to be the one responsible for actively choosing YOU had to find the beauty in life and the little things. I'm including two clips here, the first is Steve Martin's song announcing his occupation to the audience. Despite the fact that my personal (and likely overwrought) post will remain unpublished on my desktop until the day when I muster up enough courage to share it, I simply can’t let another week go by without talking to you about how much the pursuit of beauty and inspiration really does matter in my life. I eventually found myself at a point where I simply could not see any tangible proof that things were going to get better, and this kind of sadness is something I would never wish upon anyone.

Tim does all sorts of insulting things from going out of his way to not invite Jerry to his party, re-gifting presents, giving away super bowl tickets and finally converting to Judaism purely for the jokes. I hate going to the dentist as much as it is, but this film that shows it as an extreme form of torture would probably cure me for life of even contemplating the thought of sitting in a dentist's chair. Thankfully summer is right around the corner and the movies worth writing about will be popping up all over the place, so I won't have any excuses for these blog lapses! Far too many people face this all-consuming loneliness and hopelessness every day, however, and it took hitting a very painful rock bottom for me to realize that sometimes the only way to find hope is to actively look for it and create it ourselves.
Or as I like to refer to it, "hell on earth." I'm not the only one to have this view it seems. The clip of the torture scene is readily available on youtube, but I'm opting to include the trailer below instead for my own peace of mind. The second is the aforementioned scene with Bill Murray who is all too excited to be visiting the dentists office.
I was very alone and afraid, but there came a moment when I admitted that no matter how unfair life was, this was my one and only shot at it and no one was going to make my life better for me. Like Jerry said once in Seinfeld, the only difference between a dentist and a sadist is newer magazines right? So, these unpleasant trips to the dentist now leads me to my most random list of perhaps any I've come up with on this site: a collection of dentists from both film and television that more than likely you would never want to visit.

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