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Best Love Quote, Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart, and the senses.
Best Quote By Miss Piggy – Only time can heal your broken heart, just as only time can heal his broken arms and legs.
Look, most Americans could not give a flying flip about a bunch of politicians in Washington. If standing for liberty and standing for the Constitution make you a wacko bird, then you can count me a very proud wacko bird. I do think in the media there is a tendency to describe conservatives as one of two things: stupid or evil.
The greatest trick the Left has ever played is to convince conservatives that we cannot win. In the 13 months I've been in the Senate, it has become apparent to me the single thing that Republican politicians hate and fear the most, and that is when they're forced to tell the truth. When Americans tried it, they discovered they did not like green eggs and ham and they did not like Obamacare either. Let me say that the fact that the mainstream media and the New York Times is so hysterical about what I'm doing - to me frankly suggests that we're doing something right. I think it's really sad to see the president of the United States exploiting the murder of children and using it to push his own extreme anti-gun agenda.

It took Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan, and I am convinced that the long-lasting legacy of Barack Obama is a new generation of leaders in the Republican Party standing up and defending liberty and getting back on track.
It is apparently very, very important to be invited to all the right cocktail parties in town. When a mayor of a city chooses twice to march in a parade celebrating gay pride that's a statement and it's not a statement I agree with.
TED CRUZ, on Republican Tom Leppert marching in Dallas' gay pride parade, Texas Public Radio coverage of 2012 Texas Senate debate, Feb. We're nearing the edge of a cliff and our window to turn things around, my friends — I don't think think it is long.
We need a much better understanding of the climate before making policy choices that would impose substantial economic costs on our Nation. If you look at the last 40 years, the clearest pattern that emerges is when Republicans nominate a strong conservative as a presidential candidate, Republicans win. I understand a great many people want to focus on the politics of 3½ years from now. Let me say this, if US foreign policy is so bungled that it makes Putin seem like the good guy and an advocate for peace, we have done something very, very wrong. Our collection of most popular funny images, memes, funny quotes, comics and other funny pictures is updated daily.

And those are the two categories that every conservative gets put in by Democrats and the media. Now what is the conclusion of all the political consultants in Washington, looking at those last 40 years? Also you can be a part of our website - just upload or browse images and share them with your friends. And what I tell my staff is, if we do the right thing, the politics will take care of itself. I suppose I feel mildly complimented in that they have recently invented a third category, which is crazy. And now crazy is the third one, because it seems inconceivable that there could be Americans who believe in free-market principles and believe in the Constitution and are working to defend them. I think there is an effort to treat that as rhetoric, but there's no doubt that's what it is.

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