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He had his a€?Winona Forevera€™ tattoo converted to a€?Wino Forevera€™ when it transpired that his relationship with Winona Ryder wasna€™t, after all, going to be for ever. When the flames of her passion with Billy Bob Thornton went out, so did the dragon guarding his name (left). And the third, said to be his initials, has apparently also been removed.A Then therea€™s Peter Andre, who didna€™t really want ex-wife Katie Pricea€™s name lingering on his ring finger. He spent a while covering it up with a plaster before having a series of laser treatments at a clinic in Brighton to zap it for good.A Unfortunately, this proved one stubborn tattoo, so a few months later he visited an Australian clinic to try to get rid of the last remaining vestiges of it.
Britney Spears went through a similar painful parting with the Hebrew tattoo on her neck when she realised that Kabbalah was not, after all, the way, the truth and the light.A Removal using a laser takes, on average, eight to ten treatments, four to six weeks apart, at a cost of A?50 upwards a session. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Angelina covered ex-husband Billy Bob Thorntona€™s name with geographical coordinates of her childrena€™s birthplaces.

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards must have thought it so romantic to have each othera€™s names inked on their bodies.
It depicts two huge entwined red roses and takes up most of her lower back a€” covering a butterfly tattoo that shea€™d had inked there previously.Perhaps ita€™s not surprising that shea€™s gone for such a large-scale piece of body decoration.
She once confessed that she found tattoos a€?addictivea€™, adding: a€?If it was up to me a€” and I could be brave for one day a€” I would have my whole back done. Friends say, a€?Cheryl, please a€¦ you might regret ita€? a€” but to me, ita€™s art.a€™Her friends might well have a point. It hurts real bad.a€™Amanda Elbourn, a laser specialist from Court House Clinics in London, has seen a steep rise in demand for tattoo removal over the past few years and has some, ahem, interesting tales to tell.
Ia€™m not interested in following in those footsteps.a€™A Clearly, shaking off Marilyn has been a long and pretty arduous process. In January, at the Golden Globes, a faint outline of Marilyna€™s face still remained, suggesting more treatments will be necessary.

And even if she doesna€™t, can you imagine what those roses are going to look like when shea€™s 60?
But then maybe Cheryl feels she cana€™t make a bigger mistake than when she had the words a€?Mrs Ca€™ inscribed on her neck.
After her divorce from footballer Ashley Cole, she said she was going to keep it, saying: a€?Ia€™m not ashamed of anything.

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