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I’ve noticed for several years now that models are not always really good-looking, so her being hired is not news to me. I do know that looks are far from everything about a person, but that’s pretty much the most important factor in modeling. And you are the typical tough-guy wanting to prove that he is hetero by hitching his barge to a large-breasted, pretty blonde that is popular.
I DO have a shape like hers, including the chest, and that’s why I can be extra-critical about it!
But, as I do with all comments, positvive and negative, I really do thank you for taking the time to do so.
My breasts kind of sprouted out to a D right after high school, but they were higher and firmer than Upton’s. It isn’t that she has no hips, it is that she has a super high pelvic bone, AND no waist at all, this makes her shaped like a box coupled with a chunky belly and saggy chest, They can make honey boo boo look good with makeup and that is ALL that is going on with Kate here.
Remember that this is coming from a straight guy who is a portrait artist and who thinks the average Model is far too thin. I hate when people confuse observations with jealousy, Kate Upton is a pretty girl with a nice rack, which puts her in the Sports Illustrated category, and she has a seemingly kind personality which puts her into the guest role and sitcom category, maybe, but I think the only point the author is trying to make is that she’s not in the runway category.
I thought the same thing, especially after I saw some other pictures of her recently on another site. It is Super long, (super high) and coupled with her chunky mid rift and over all kind of flabby appearance it just makes her look like a kind of rounded edge …Box!
I’ll take Christy Brinkly over her Any day and in fact Janine Garofalo looks a damned sight better than Kate too.
Umm excuse me, r u assuming I’m not way hotter than Kate Upton…and jealous of what, her status? The silver lining of all this is that since breakups have happened since relationships first happened, centuries of victims of said breakups have passed down advice on how to get through them. The Instagram image sees Amber in a skimpy leotard with heart prints sprayed onto her shaved head. As an aspiring journalist and someone who eats, sleeps and breathes entertainment, I decided to take matters into my own hands and establish a showbiz-themed website.
Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Engaged – See the Krazy Kardashian Relationship Tree! Breaking up is tough, and sometimes all we want more than anything is that person who broke our hearts to be back in our lives. In case you need a reminder of why you and your ex broke up in the first place, well, we’re here for you girl.

Okay, I get this, but also, every breakup IS different, and sometimes getting back with your ex can be a good idea.
We’ve been together for almost 7 years,until 1 day he just texted me that he doesnt love me anymore, at 1st i was in denial and couldnt accept the fact that he was the 1 who broke up with we. Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! Now I realize that they don’t anymore, but they at least have to be somewhat “special” in the looks department.
She’s considered curvy, but the only remotely curvy thing about her are the deflated airbags attached to her chest. But I went to highschool with her had 1 class with her, and never thought she was that good looking. From Romantic white men (Tennyson) to cartoon sages (we love you, Charlie Brown), here's some enduring breakup advice to help you, well, endure. Amber has shown Wiz Khalfia what he’s missing by posting a super-sexy snap of herself in a swimsuit. Ever since I can remember, I've been interested in the world of celebrities, have listened to the latest music, and watched the newest movies. No matter what happened with you and your ex, it’s normal to go through a period of time where you miss them and want to get back together with them.
Getting back with your ex is (usually) a step in the wrong direction, and we want you to look forward to the future rather than staying stuck in the past. I dated a guy for a few months, and he broke up with me due to some misunderstandings, which I completely understood and forgave him for, now we are back together, as he admitted that breaking up was a mistake.
My ex suddenly stopped speaking to me and a few weeks later he made an excuse to my friend about his friends being jealous of the amount of time he spent with me, so that’s why he stopped completely. Yes, I’m glad that a heftier female is getting so many modeling gigs, as opposed to the usual string-beans who make clothing look nothing like it does on most people, so I applaud that fact.
Especially if you saw some of those photos this past week-end, from her solo basic shopping trip. I think her looks get overrated because she’s famous, so people of lesser intelligence buy into it and believe it. It isn’t jealousy because I like my body n I find other female celebs hot, like Barabara Palvin or Brooklyn Decker or Sofia Vergara, they are the real deal and they have curves that are actually structural like me. But her family is very rich and had contacts in Hollywood and the industry that’s how she got her start.
They've sucked since the beginning of time, and they'll probably continue to suck until the end of time on December 21st or, if the Mayans happen to be wrong, whenever the world meets its demise.

So read these quotes for a few reasons you shouldn’t get back with that loser who broke your heart, stop looking at his pictures and start realizing how terrific you are! Until such time that my friend told me he was cheating while were still together,wats worst was i caught him with another girl. As someone who has seen a million sets of boobs, I don’t even want to see those sloppy slammers. As far as Sports Illustrated swimsuit models go, I’ll take Christie Brinkley or Kathy Ireland in their prime any day over Upton. Just because you hate yourself doesn’t mean you need to bring everyone else down with you. These days breaking up can be especially terrible, what with the Internet throwing plenty of pictures of your lost love and his or her new significant other in your face, even if you aren't actively stalking your ex online.
I’m just saying, because you should keep in mind that it depends on the person and the situation.
She looks like the “before” in a story of a corn girl going to the big city and getting a make-over!
Instead of dissing or judging her just because she doesn’t look like how models typically look. A lot of fat goes to her torso, but she’s just a D-DD cup at any weight, the large side of avg. I don’t like being judged for getting back together with him, it was a decision we made together. Stop sitting and analyzing how other people look because you feel like shit about yourself.
In fact, I applaud her for having the guts to model on runways and in sports illustrated knowing that she doesn’t look like other models. Insecurity is truly the ugliest trait a person can have, and you have it written all over you.
A person’s cup size is a relation of their torso width to their breast volume, so since her whole upper body has gotten a lot bigger (except her untoned arms where she doesn’t store as much fat, and yes she does get back fat! She would be better balanced body fat % wise and if she got a body volume index reading, if muscle were a factor, but have you seen her on the red carpet and paparazzi pics?
I’m all for new healthy models with muscle and a little filler fat to smooth things out (unlike Gisele Bundchen who looks like a man at this point), but Kate Upton is the opposite.

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