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According to Heat magazine, via Mirror, everyone in the cast knew that Lawrence and Hemsworth are perfect for each other.
Insiders claim that Hemsworth has always been open about taking his friendship with Lawrence to the next level.
In an interview with Nylon magazine, Lawrence gushed about how lucky she is to have Hemsworth as her best friend. Lawrence added that Hemsworth has taught her a lot of things, including learning how to "negotiate" and stand up for herself. The glass sightseeing platform in Shilinxia scenic spot in Pinggu District of Beijing spans a length of 32.8 meters and covers an area of 415 square meters.
Front-running presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is prayed over by a supporter during a news conference shortly after voting.
Malacanang on Tuesday said it is ready to work with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who has yet to be proclaimed president. Earlier in the day, Malacanang issued a statement accepting and expressing respect for the “verdict” of the people as unofficial and partial tallies show Duterte leading by at least five million votes. The administration’s candidate, former secretary Mar Roxas, is tailing behind with around 23 percent of votes as opposed to Duterte’s 38 percent. Coloma also said the incoming administration will benefit from their work on good governance.
He said people should not generalize and pointed out that all candidates vowed to continue the conditional cash transfer program, which is the centerpiece anti-poverty program of the Aquino administration.
Asked if President Benigno Aquino III will congratulate Duterte, Coloma said they will have to wait. He said Aquino’s election message showed that the President was open to the decision of the people and that he only has good wishes for the next administration.
Hours after giving a heartfelt speech before his supporters, campaign staff and the media, Roxas decided to take a break and satisfy his craving in a burger joint along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City. While at the burger place, students in the restaurant approached Roxas and offered to pray over him. His political ally Yacap Rep.
It has been a gloomy day for his supporters, campaign staff and family as Roxas announced on Tuesday that he has conceded defeat to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Scottish officials had no choice but to apprehended a man on Monday, after teaching and filming his girlfriend’s pug to respond to Nazi slogans as a ‘prank’.
Markus Meechan, a native of  Lanarkshire, Scotland, was guilty of uploading a video of the dog named Buddah, who was raising its paw in an imitation Nazi salute, popularised by the dreaded German dictator and Nazi Party leader, Adolf Hitler. In an almost two-and-a-half minute Youtube clip entitled “M8 Yer Dugs A Nazi”, Meechan revealed his motives behind his insensitive joke. Shortly after his arrest, Meechan denied being racist, and insisted he’d made the video solely to annoy his girlfriend. Despite the severity of his prank gone bad, authorities had trouble discerning Meechan’s charges.
He was subsequently released pending further investigations and has since declined to comment any further.
A spokesperson for the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCJC), meanwhile, did not accept Meechan’s apologies and went on to condemn his actions. Meanwhile, one of the arresting officers at the scene, Detective Inspector David Cockburn, advised the public about taking their jokes too far. Vice Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos in Manila Polo Club together with son Ferdinand Araneta Marcos and Mother Imelda Marcos.
The senator earlier accused the administration of creating a plan that would make Robredo appear to be leading in surveys to justify her win. Marcos said this alleged plan of the Liberal Party was leaked to him by an insider of the government camp.
The senator also said that some of the results have not yet been transmitted because of protests at the local level but for the others, he saw no reason why their transmission should be stopped. Marcos said this could be the reason why his one million vote-lead started to go down before 12 a.m.
Marcos said he will continue to gather more evidence in preparation for the filing of a case. Behind his tough image and the expletives is a very sincere man, his friend and counsel Atty. He said their journey was hard because they are pitted against candidates with money, big organization, and machinery. He added that up to the last minute, they even had problems with poll watchers because they were only able to field poll watchers to 30 percent of the polling precincts.
The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) on Tuesday rejected vice presidential aspirant Sen. The camp of the late dictator’s son and namesake on Tuesday appealed to the PPRCV and the Commission on Elections to terminate its unofficial count supposedly to avoid confusion from the official tally.
PPCRV is doing a quick count  in its command center at Pope Pius XII Catholic Center in Manila.
Front-running presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte gestures during a news conference shortly after voting in a polling precinct at Daniel R. The camp of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said on Tuesday they were  able to field election watchers in only 30 percent of  polling precincts.
He said that after Duterte started to go up in the surveys weeks before the elections, the number of volunteers  increased but it is still not enough compared to the money, organization and machinery of the other candidates.
Aguirre, Duterte’s counsel since 2009 and also his classmate and fraternity brother at San Beda College of Law, said their fraternity has launched the “Brotherhood for Duterte” to convince the mayor to run for president and to support his bid.
He appealed to the public to look behind the tough image of the gutter language-speaking mayor. An election watchdog on Tuesday urged the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to hold Smartmatic accountable for delays in the electoral process due to a breakdown of vote-counting machines (VCM).
The Legal Network for Truthful Elections (Lente) claimed incidents of malfunctioning VCMs had affected voters across the country, forcing them to endure long lines on a hot election day.
In some polling centers, voting was extended until  evening due to VCM breakdowns or  late arrival of their replacement. In the next elections, Comelec should strive to issue its resolutions early to avoid confusion during implementation on the ground, Lente executive director Ona Caritos said. Belated dissemination of election resolutions on contingency measures, ballot replacement, voting procedures for persons with disabilities and senior citizens led to delay and confusion in the voting process, she said.
Caritos also called on the Comelec to make election violators accountable and end impunity during the conduct of polls. De Lima earlier said the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) had a witness, a former DDS member, to link Duterte to the extra-judicial killings in Davao City.
Duterte and De Lima had a verbal spat on the issue last year with the mayor calling the Justice Secretary stupid. Aguirre said if the justice department had evidence or a vital witness, a case should have been filed against Duterte.
Still, Caparas said they took the issue seriously since it was brought to the department’s attention last year.
She admitted that her daughters and their supporters were feeling depressed throughout the night as Marcos increased his lead over her. At the press conference, Robredo addressed two pieces of false news “whose aim is to drive a wedge between me and [Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte],” who appeared headed for a landslide victory in the presidential race. She noted that her running mate, former Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, at a press conference earlier in the day, conceded the race to the  Davao mayor. She said it was highly unfair of Marcos to accuse her of cheating when he had no evidence to substantiate it.
She said she felt “unworthy” of comparison to the late former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino, another yellow-clad widow who ascended to power, noting that  Cory Aquino  faced much tougher challenges, including the assassination of a husband. The economy grew at an enviable 6.2 percent a year during the term of President Aquino—the highest in four decades.
For big business in general, the ideal scenario is a victory for the administration party as it will enhance continuity especially of good governance reforms that have resulted in better government finances that, in turn, led to the current stable economic conditions.
However, the Aquino administration is not without its failings, including the persistently high poverty level of a little more than 20 percent of the population.
But the bigger picture is that the Aquino administration has done much to stabilize and grow the economy.
The new leader must also acknowledge the need to fight the corruption that persists in the government, expand the Aquino administration’s economic reform agenda to make the gains of progress trickle down to the middle class and the poor, review constitutional limits on foreign ownership to dismantle inefficient monopolies and duopolies that burden ordinary consumers, address the political patronage that has kept the rural areas in the grip of poverty, and put more focus on the neglected farm sector, which accounts for more than a third of the population. But first, the most critical issue: The electoral process should be credible, honest and clean.
Is support for presidential frontrunner Rodrigo Duterte a protest vote, against the Aquino administration?
If the plan is to show disapproval of or outrage at the way the administration has mismanaged the MRT system in Metro Manila, or misjudged the immediate response to Supertyphoon “Yolanda” in Tacloban, or mishandled a secret operation that led to the death of 44 Special Action Force troopers in Mamasapano, the candidacy of Vice President Jejomar Binay would have served as an appropriate or adequate vehicle. When Binay finally resigned from the Cabinet after failing to win President Aquino’s endorsement, he declared himself, in unmistakable terms, the leader of the opposition. But, one might argue, Binay was not only running in opposition; he was also proposing to turn the rest of the Philippines into Makati City, the central business district he has governed as mayor for two decades.
Duterte himself is a maverick (indeed, dangerous) politician, but he is an attractive candidate: approachable and down-to-earth, entertaining and in fact an excellent mimic, with undeniable stage presence (which he used to great effect in the three official debates) and a gift for people-pleasing or outright populist rhetoric.
He also ran an unorthodox campaign that caught both his rivals and the mainstream media off-guard; like Donald Trump, he rode a wave of so-called free media, simply because he organized his belated campaign in such a way that people continued talking about him even after it was time to move on—remember the “Duterteserye”? On the other hand, President Aquino’s chosen candidate, I’m sorry to say, proved to be a hard sell. In that sense, the shortcomings of a slow-moving, self-regarding administration, and especially its failure to prepare for the 2016 elections early enough (see previous paragraph), are truly part of the explanation. When we got home, television reports showed vastly different scenes elsewhere, with throngs crowding the areas outside school buildings and voters queuing up under the searing heat of the sun. But with air-conditioning or suffocating heat, kilometers-long lines or convenient arrangements, orderly processing or hitches galore—Filipinos came out, to use a cliche, in droves to vote and show our faith in our hard-fought-for democracy. Social media played a large part in the fevered campaigning, projecting on the public mind what I suspect would have remained private, discreet, and personal if technology had not made such widespread dissemination possible. Anonymity also played a part, with so-called trolls hiding their true identities feeling free to vent the worst and the most foul language against detractors.
Also on the receiving end of what some netizens have called “Dutertards” has been Carlos Celdran, an outspoken blogger and social commentator who gives as good as he gets. It would all be amusing and entertaining if we weren’t in the middle of a political exercise that has put the country literally in the crossroads of history.
In the next few days, we will find out soon enough if it is serenity or courage that we need, or wisdom to discern what will serve our own and the country’s best interests. But lucky are those moms who have children who acknowledge and have not forgotten what their mothers sacrificed for them.
A woman must marry a man less good-looking than she so that when this happens, he would not have a reason to leave her. A mother’s pain is not over after childbirth, and the joy experienced in cradling an adorable child in one’s arms is short-lived.
Well, offspring will not forget a mother’s sacrifices, and during birthdays, Christmases and Mothers Days, they are there to take her out to lunch, never mind if they don’t come around again after that to see to her financial or emotional needs until the next obligatory lunch. Mothers Days, birthdays and Christmases are also times of longing and sadness for many mothers.
A son, without any sense of shame, loudly declared his wish, saying: “Why doesn’t she just drop dead!” One son asked his mother for money to fix his motorcycle even as she lay dying. Woe unto the mothers who cannot imagine that this tiny, helpless bundle of joy can turn out to be the monster who will be the death of her when he grows up.
It is so lamentable that while our Asean neighbors and the rest of the world are steadily climbing up the economic ladder and benefiting from growing political maturity, we in the Philippines have again to go through a hotly contested, divisive political exercise that seems to have brought out the worst in us and set us back as a people. Despite our having gone through many national and local elections, our voters, sad to say, still exercise their right to suffrage ostensibly for the wrong reasons.
And for every winning candidate, many more will refuse to accept defeat—a fact that never fails to attend our defective multiparty system. For the ruling coalition, the “yellow diehards” and those who find him irreverent, foul-mouthed, an ally of the Left, the possible (based on latest surveys) presidency of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will be hard to accept.
We had hoped that the thieves in government, masquerading as experienced, kindhearted politicians, get rejected despite their “sharing” millions of their loot with the poor.
Indeed, the elections this year have not been without the usual insincere, incompetent and opportunistic politicians or their ilk making their dominant, if dynastic, presence felt in past elections. And we have seen the widespread frustration among Filipinos with the continuing government neglect of and indifference and insensitivity to the plight of the vast majority of Filipinos even after the Marcos dictatorship. Against this backdrop, it is imperative for our people to bear in mind that nation-building is a long, ever-ascending climb to a better existence and future. In a society where ang magnakaw ng tinapay ay nakukulong, ngunit ang magnanakaw ng milyon o bilyon na pera ay nakakalusot (one who steals bread gets jailed, but a plunderer of millions or billions of pesos goes scot-free), we once again challenge the new leaders to stand true to their promised reforms. Edsa and remain God-centered, hopeful and vigilant for our liberties and the cause of justice and truth. The other week, we had Sharon Salzberg, a beloved American Buddhist teacher, giving the lecture.
One interesting topic Sharon discussed was the concept of the “good-enough mother,” which came from the work of D.W. The good-enough mother, therefore, is one who can withstand and hold her child’s rage as well as her own feeling of hatred, without retaliating against or abandoning the little one.  Psychotherapists use this concept when they “reparent” their patients.
It is this ability to reparent ourselves that allows people, even those with severe childhood traumas, to thrive later in life.
And you must be thinking at this point: Well, I did not need an 80-year study to get to that conclusion.
I gather from Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School alumnus and currently a professor there, that many of his classmates’ verses turned out, without them initially setting out to do so, to be all about those that did not matter most. In his book “How Will You Measure Your Life,” written after he overcame cancer that earlier killed his father, Christensen talks about the resource allocation problem—a business theory, as applied to our personal lives.  He says that high achievers end up allocating their resources in a way that seriously undermines their intended strategy, stemming from the fact that getting a bonus or a promotion provides more instant and tangible gratification than their relationships.
Many believe that this presidential election is unprecedented in how it has divided us Filipinos, and in how it has brought out the strongest emotions we have seen in an electoral campaign. Chito, who I put in charge of Neda regional offices (NROs) that are technical secretariats to the regional development councils nationwide, effectively rallied them to be the recognized and respected vanguards of development in the countryside. FVR instilled in his Cabinet and all officials the standard of “completed staff work,” such that all decisions, orders and actions that properly fell on him were grounded on proper coordination and solid analysis. For his part, Chito exercised a nurturing leadership that spurred the NROs that he led to excellence, enabling and training by sheer example all who he worked with on sound development management. First, that you be vastly rich—not in money, but in the desirable qualities a leader must possess to deserve the highest position in our country. That you be firm and as calm as the clear and diversified waters around the islands you aspire to govern, even if some of these islands are being lashed by troubled waters.
Second, that you be a terminator that would stamp out the ailments long plaguing our country and deterring our chances for development, innovation and economic growth.
Third, that you be clothed elegantly so that you can proudly represent my country with the image we want the world to see—firm stance, bright smile, chin proudly up. I sold my vote—not for petty cash or sacks of rice, but for a brighter future for our country.
John Earl Trinidad Cuadrasal, 19, is a mass communication student of Saint Paul University Surigao. Many Filipinos see the 2016 elections as an opportunity for change, to rectify the errors and mistakes of the past.
I’m inclined to believe that significant changes can happen in the political sense, but not in a fundamental and substantial way.

A campaign is revolutionary if and when it can introduce radical ideas and make these happen with massive support from a broad coalition of movements aiming for a unified goal, reclaiming Philippine democracy.
Of course, the enormousness of this task should not stop us from supporting progressive-minded candidates who will truly represent us in the government. But after the elections, our passion in defending our own fallible candidates should translate to broader fervor in fighting for our right to seek accountability. In this way, we will realize the political revolution, not as an elusive construct, but as a practical solution to our rotten system.
We deserve a government that represents the people’s interests and not the interests of the wealthy and powerful. Alejandro Ibanez, 25, is a graduate student of sociology at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Due to the nature of my work, I drive around Metro Manila and obediently slow down to stop at intersections when the lights turn yellow. Aren’t they at all afraid that the CCTV cameras might cause them denial of renewal of their vehicle registration the following year?
Tokyo led Asian markets higher Tuesday as exporters were lifted by a weakening yen, while tighter Chinese inflation data also provided some cheer. However, gains were tempered by losses in energy firms after a slump in crude prices as the wildfires sweeping Canada’s oil-sands region abated. Japanese stocks advanced for a second day as the dollar made up more ground against the yen after Friday’s US jobs report provided hope for the economy but was weak enough to suggest any Federal Reserve interest rate hike would be gradual.
Japanese officials continued to try to talk down the currency, with finance minister Taro Aso repeating warnings about possible intervention. Shanghai reversed early losses to end marginally higher after inflation came in above two percent again last month while the fall in prices paid at factory gates also eased. The figures provided some small hope for the world’s number two economy after weekend data showed another fall in exports and imports. The 71-year-old stormed to victory with a landslide in Monday’s election after an incendiary campaign dominated by his profanity-laced vows to kill criminals. Philippine shares had fallen more than five percent over the past six weeks as Duterte looked set for victory, with traders concerned about his economic plans.
Hopes that European leaders will agree to a deal to release fresh bailout cash to Greece also provided some cheer after Greece’s parliament voted for more pension cuts and tax hikes. Oil prices bounced back in the afternoon, having plunged Monday as the biggest threat to Canada’s reserves seemed to be over with rain and cooler temperatures slowing fires that have raged for more than a week. The 2013 Labor Force Survey of the Philippine Commission on Women estimates that 14.8 million Filipino women are part of the country’s labor force.
For a lot of working Filipino women, the need to provide for the family is their top priority. However, having businesses on the side oftentimes turn into monetary drains instead of supplementing the family budget.
Despite her background selling homemade yema during her youth and inventory management training in her career, there were still a handful of obstacles in running her store.
In 2011, Coca-Cola Philippines rolled out the STAR Program in partnership with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). Coca-Cola Philippines also established the STAR Center for Excellence facility at the TESDA Women’s Center as the center for innovation to continuously find ways on how to enhance and scale the STAR Program. Marking the fifth year of the 5by20 STAR Program, the program is being expanded to include women OFWs like Felicio.
While there is economic benefit from women OFWs, it comes with a very high social cost – the separation of family as a unit, which often led to estrangement, alienation or worse, disintegration. This public-private partnership is a combination of several program components, the Coca-Cola Philippines STAR (Sari-Sari Store Training and Access to Resources) and DOLE’s Assist WELL (Welfare, Employment, Legal and Livelihood) programs that can readily accommodate women OFWs as they return to the country.
On its first run, 34 women have been enrolled, including 29 OFWs and five others who are immediate family of OFWs. The first quarter of this year also marked a significant milestone with Emperador taking over 286-year old Bodegas Fundador from Beam Suntory.
Emperador president Winston Co said: “We have an unprecedented and compelling ownership of vineyards, bottling facilities and distilleries. Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has maintained a wide lead in preliminary election results with almost all votes accounted for, and the business community is lining up behind him.
What comes next, its members said, are his economic policies, which they hope will turn more specific in the weeks before President Benigno Aquino III steps down by the end of June this year.
For Isidro Consunji, president of DMCI Holdings Inc., Duterte’s victory pointed to shortcomings a good number of voters had with the current administration. In this April 17, 2008, file photo, a customer picks up doughnuts at the drive through at a Krispy Kreme store in Matthews, N.C. NEW YORK — Krispy Kreme shareholders got a caffeine boost after coffee giant JAB Beech said Monday it is acquiring the doughnut chain.
The deal comes after an affiliate of JAB Holdings recently added to its coffee empire with the acquisition of Keurig, which makes single-cup coffee machines that sit on countertops. Outside of coffee, JAB Holdings has stakes in bagel shop operator Einstein Noah, beauty products maker Coty and high-end shoe seller Jimmy Choo. The companies said Krispy Kreme will continue to be independently operated from its headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. For its fiscal 2017, Krispy Kreme had said in March that it planned to open about 120 to 140 new international locations, in addition to about 30 new shops domestically.
Peter Harf, a senior partner at JAB, said the acquisition is part of the firm’s strategy of investing in brands with significant growth prospects.
Krispy Kreme’s board unanimously approved the transaction, which is targeted to close in the third quarter.
THE PHILIPPINES moved up to third place on a list of countries where so-called “crony sectors” accounted for a big chunk of the gross domestic product (GDP), even as the share of rent-seeking tycoons’ wealth slightly slid amid a growing economy. Data released by The Economist showed that in the Philippines, 11.3 percent of the GDP was comprised of the wealth of billionaires in crony sectors, citing data from various sources, including Forbes magazine and multilateral lender International Monetary Fund. When the wealth of billionaires in non-crony sectors is included, their share in the GDP is 14.2 percent. The Economist’s crony-capitalism index for 2016 placed the Philippines just behind Russia, where billionaire wealth as a percentage of GDP in crony sectors stood at 18 percent, and Malaysia’s 13.3 percent.
Among the 22 countries covered by the 2016 index, also in the top 10 were Singapore, Ukraine, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, India and Taiwan. In the 2014 index, the Philippines was in fifth position with crony sector wealth at a slightly higher 11.9 percent of GDP, behind Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine and Singapore. Total billionaire wealth as a share of Philippine GDP was also slighter higher at 14.7 percent in 2014.
While The Economist did not discuss specifics on the Philippines, it noted that in the country supporters of Rodrigo Duterte, the front-runner in the presidential election, hoped he would open up a feudal political system that has allowed cronyism to flourish.
After waking up from an operation, and still hopped up on anesthesia, this kid tells his mom that he and "his boy, Rocco" killed people in Dubai. Officials in Jackson, Mississippi, finally took action after residents threw a birthday party for a big pothole.
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The actress said that she never thought she would have someone as good looking as him to be one of her closest friends. Ang iyong tagumpay ay tagumpay ng ating sambayanan at ng ating bansa,” Roxas said as the people around him, most of them tearing up, cheered for him.
If she is elected vice president, impeachment proceedings will be carried out against Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who is poised to become the country’s next President.
This was allegedly planned as administration standard-bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas II was not seen to win the presidency. Meron pang mga boto galing sa Isabela, galing sa Pangasinan, galing sa ibang bahagi ng Norte at hanggang ngayon hindi pa nabibilang,” Marcos said.
Aguinaldo National High School, Matina district, his hometown in Davao city in southern Philippines Monday, May 9, 2016. She was then the head of the Commission on Human Rights, which came under pressure from international human rights groups to act on the reported summary executions of petty criminals in Davao City by the DDS.
Leonor “Leni” Robredo faced the press on Tuesday, refusing to claim victory but thanking her supporters for putting the vice presidency within her grasp. Whatever the outcome, let’s just respect it,” she told a phalanx of local and international journalists at Microtel Hotel in Eastwood City. It’s clear Mayor Duterte will be President, and he asks us to support him so we can achieve our collective goals,” Robredo said. Local and foreign economists forecast this to continue through the medium term, except for one caveat: It will depend on the conduct and results of the May 9 elections.
These include historic low inflation and interest rates that translated to reduced costs of borrowing, strong foreign exchange reserves, and prudent monetary and fiscal policies, which led the country to survive volatilities in global markets. But its conditional cash transfer program has eased the plight of this sector aside from making sure that the children of the program beneficiaries are going to school. What is critical now is whether the next president will build on this administration’s positive economic gains and address its shortcomings, which basically involved inaction in areas like infrastructure and public transport. In fact, he used the SAF 44 as literal backdrop, and called out the administration (correctly, in my view) for its many blunders.
Leni Robredo started as a candidate for vice president with 1-percent support nationwide; going into Election Day, she was in a virtual tie with Sen.
Take a look at her posters and other campaign paraphernalia; the phrase is there, part of the appeal. If the protest-voters merely wanted a vehicle for their frustrations, Binay’s candidacy would have sufficed.
Mar Roxas is a good man, of that I have no doubt, but he was unable to overcome the way many people had come to define him, as damaged goods. We had arrived with our son and our niece, but as we were leaving, we found them still in the middle of the queue of voters. The voting for the last three elections, as far as I can remember, had been moved to the village clubhouse which this year had the additional and much welcome convenience of air-conditioning. Scenes at the polling places may not have had the dramatic impact of elections past, which had been marked by fear and intimidation, violence and fraud.
Quite apart from the “election-related” killings in the days before the voting, this preelection period has become one of the most hotly-fought in recent memory. An online blogger, Renee Karunungan, has filed a complaint with the National Bureau of Investigation regarding the flood of threats of killing, rape and mayhem directed at her and her family in the wake of her posts against a certain presidential candidate. Alan Robles, one of those managing a website called “Never Again” in reference to the vice-presidential run of Sen. Our choices yesterday will determine whether we will enjoy the continued prosperity that a system of honest government and enlightened policies has made possible; or whether, in the clamor for “change” and a new direction, we dismantle what the last six years have built and take a U-turn that could possibly bring us to the nadir of strongman rule.
Much more than putting one over one’s critics, putting down those who dare disagree and challenge us, or make a cutting remark to shame those of contrary opinion. Because a vote may be private but it has implications for the nation as a whole, and for the future beyond, way beyond, the next six years. And there will be those who might sulk for a bit or even remain in a black funk for months or years afterward. Elections give us a chance to make over things as they are, to try to shape the future, and to express our deepest longings and beliefs.
These enabled me to accomplish, hassle-free and in the least amount of time, this task that would daunt a senior citizen. I told the tricycle driver to drop me off at a famous pizza restaurant beside which our gate is located, but an unseen hand decided to take charge: The driver, who was a bit talkative, dropped me off at a burger place instead.
She still has to go through the mental and physical stress of seeing that child, say a son, through the years of babyhood, boyhood and manhood, and then when she needs him the most, he finds another woman to replace her. Some sons are so full of greed that they demand papers to be signed even as the mother lies on her hospital bed recovering from a mild stroke.
Another revolution, peaceful or violent, is bruited about as a necessary evil or as a possible offshoot of the heated collision of views and interests engendered by this year’s elections. So, patronage politics, political dynasties, deception and, oh yes, guns, goons and gold might yet determine the election results. And the losers will most likely metamorphose into the noisy and uncooperative opposition until the next elections. His popularity and dramatic rise in surveys are described as a protest vote against the many shortfalls and failures not only of the Aquino presidency but also of all post-Edsa 1986 administrations.
But when it finally manifested in a peaceful revolution in February 1986, the world took notice of us, of our principled fight to change a government that had become irrelevant after two decades of betrayal, abuse of power, plunder and tyranny that had made a mockery of justice, freedom and democracy.
And we look forward to days when the law is no longer manipulated to defend criminals and crooks in government.
We have seen their wanton disregard of human rights, their plundering of public resources, their manipulative governance. The irony is, this is the same frustration that many politicians are exploiting to hoodwink the people as they advance their selfish interests. Serrano served as former assistant general manager for the airport development and corporate affairs unit of the Manila International Airport Authority.
She talked of how her suffering got her into exploring Buddhism in India and Southeast Asia back in the 1970s, which allowed her eventually to “reparent” herself and heal her traumas as a child. Those who practice mindfulness and compassion also talk of reparenting themselves, essentially self-healing, as a way to live life more fully. Full stop.” It is a person’s human connections—or relations with other people—that is the main determinant for human flourishing.
One of his classmates was Jeff Skilling, the Enron “villain” now serving a 24-year prison sentence, who, he says, was a good and decent person. It seems like your old friends will always be around, the children will always find new ways of misbehaving, and the spouse will always be there waiting when you come home. Perhaps these emotions have simply been more manifest because the wide accessibility of internet-based social media has made it much easier for personal sentiments to be widely disseminated. Subsidiarity—making decisions and taking action at lower levels whenever and wherever appropriate—is a key principle of good governance both FVR and Chito espoused. Any submission he considered half-baked was promptly returned with “CSW” prominently written with his trademark red felt-tipped pen—a silent reprimand that we in his Cabinet learned to take great pains to avoid. His well-appreciated kind of mentoring supervision once led my own chief of staff to request to be detailed to him even for a limited period, just to learn more effective management by working under him.
That you have the largest heart, the longest patience, and the widest thinking capacity for us to be assured that the next six years of our lives will not be jeopardized by a temperamental and indecisive leader. That you use your might and bravery in ousting the parasitic officials who have corrupted the system, and have fallen prey to their thirst for power and wealth. That you reflect inner strength, resilience and perseverance—traits we Filipinos are known for, showing that we are indomitable in times of natural and manmade disasters. A servant leader who would make our land fertile, preserve our seas, pave our roads, protect our natural resources, and make possible laws for the improvement of the lives of your constituents. That you possess an abundance of desirable qualities, the guts to confront and defeat evil, the aura of elegance and purity, and the willingness to serve more than 100 million Filipinos. Yesterday’s electoral exercise is seen as an attempt to introduce a new set of national priorities and a new vision for the country, a new path of development for the next six years. By next month a new administration will be installed, a new president will occupy Malacanang.
The system is intact—the institutional functionality of bureaucratic processes, patronage politics, influence of traditional politicians and political dynasties, and ingrained corruption.

To redefine this system is to have an electoral insurgency where a campaign is not about electing a president but about a movement that will radically change the status quo.
Let us campaign for political groups that will advocate and fight for the dispossessed and marginalized sectors. Our vigilance must be more intensified in demanding accomplishments from even our own candidates.
In our small steps toward becoming a progressive country, in our own significant ways, we can rise up and fight against special interests, rigged elections, and big money from politics. With our collective movement, we can ignite the people’s consciousness into something larger than ourselves.
Many private car drivers do the same.  But, lo and behold, jeepney drivers simply pay no heed to the yellow lights! And that’s just about the full extent of their fear of the law—when recklessness means imminent collision!
Women overseas Filipino workers and the relatives of other women OFWs spend Fridays at the STAR Center for Excellence facility at the TESDA Women’s Center to learn about entrepreneurship and the various skills needed to help them successfully manage their micro-enterprises like sari-sari stores and carinderias. To earn an extra keep, these women often resort to having a second career, doing “sidelines”, and for some, putting up a sari-sari store in their homes.
Dabbling in various jobs since her return to the country, Felicio continued to face challenges in providing for the family. Designed for women micro-entrepreneurs who own and manage sari-sari stores or carinderias, the Program hopes to address the barriers these women face by helping them achieve business success.
The center also serves as a venue for the training and accreditation of facilitators to be deployed throughout the country. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and Coca-Cola Philippines have agreed to provide enabling mechanisms that can potentially help women OFWs explore possible economic opportunities when they come home. It is targeted towards our returning women OFWs, especially our domestic workers and caregivers.
According to the Institute of Labor Studies of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the continuing feminization of migration has the most detrimental impact to the family and children, especially when the mother is the one who goes to abroad for work because along with her also goes the caregiving and nurturing responsibilities. They are expected to graduate from the training program by the middle of June this year. ADVT.
Combined, Emperador and Fundador brandy production facilities make Emperador the largest brandy entity in the world.
The acquisition of Fundador brandy sealed the deal making our company truly global with access to 100 countries. Atencio III, president and CEO of listed mass housing giant 8990 Holdings, also welcomed Duterte’s likely victory. Meaning, that a country with little crime, corruption, drugs and more discipline will enable the economy to grow further,” he added. JAB Holdings, which is predominantly owned by the Reimann family in Europe, also has stakes in Jacobs Douwe Egberts, the company behind Gevalia, Tassio and other brands.
Krispy Kreme, which was founded in 1937, has more than 1,100 shops around the world, with about 300 of those in the U.S. The company said it will postpone its annual shareholders meeting, which was originally set for June 14. The Arizona student, who attended Red Mountain High School, exposed his genitals in his high schoola€™s varsity football team photo after being dared to do so by a teammate. Following her break up with Nicholas Hoult, sources close to the star held that the actress was not ready to start dating seriously. Ang sistemang ginagawa nila ay iniipit yung boto ko para hindi lumabas sa PPCRV tapos yung boto ni Robredo inuuna na,” he said. Aguirre said there were a few donations, but at the last minute when Duterte started going up the surveys.
The worry is that an electoral exercise that is not clean and peaceful—where the next leader is without a clear mandate, or the results are far from credible—could cause political instability and a leadership crisis that might wipe out the broad economic gains of the past six years.
In short, President Aquino’s successor must address what Makati Business Club chair Ramon del Rosario Jr. Otherwise, results are likely to be contested, triggering a protracted legal process or, worse, mass protests. The idea that one single factor explains the surge of the controversial mayor of Davao City in the last six to eight weeks of the campaign period—a surge that as of this writing looks powerful enough to bring Duterte all the way to the Pasig River and into Malacanang—is (to borrow the language that critics of Duterte supporters like to use) lazy, even self-indulgent. Aquino and his “Daang Matuwid,” why does he remain the most popular president of the last 20 years—that is, since surveys became a regular feature of the political scene and could track public satisfaction and popular approval with increasing precision? Surely, if the Duterte surge is only a protest vote, and the underlying resentment is there waiting to be tapped, Robredo’s candidacy would have foundered well before the day of reckoning. Serge Osmena’s analysis-endorsement, tendered even before the 90-day campaign began.) Wouldn’t this saleability thing undercut the clear cochampion interpretation? That of Duterte, however, promised not merely to convey their frustrations, but to do it with swagger and laughter, lots of it. His weakness as a candidate, then, must be considered part of the Duterte surge; if Duterte had run against someone stronger—a well-prepared Gov. We had gone to another line where a few chairs waited for seniors, the disabled and the pregnant (or with a young child) and waited just a brief while before being called to start voting. There was also very little congestion, even if it was already midmorning, and the procedures went smoothly.
And though reports of killings and ambushes continue to be received, the 2016 polls, halfway through the day of voting, is proving to be largely peaceful and orderly. Bongbong Marcos, regularly posts the outrageous (and grammatically atrocious) comments he gets from Marcos trolls, and his highly amusing ripostes. Pundits tell us that “you are who you vote,” that your political choice also tells a lot about your own values, beliefs, ideals and desires for this country. Others have even vowed to file impeachment charges should their disfavored candidate win and once Congress buckles down to work. But they should never stand in the way of our getting together once more, as one people, as we move on from the dissension of the last few months and strive to create the nation we imagine and treasure. Some senior citizens were directed to a room on the third floor, but I appreciate the thoughtfulness of this forced exercise.
The temptation was too great to ignore, so I found myself having breakfast and reading my favorite newspaper, the Inquirer. I said yes, the prices of commodities were higher by a few pesos more, the number of street dwellers has tripled, and criminals have become more daring. The “mom’s lunch” was free if there were four diners, so, in effect, these sons and daughters were really treating themselves.
Another son has constant fights with his mother because he wants his share of her wealth like it was really an entitlement for him. And to think we have not elected a majority president in recent years; it’s about time we reinstituted the two-party system or introduced runoff elections to make sure we get a majority president. According to psychologists, the best parents are attuned to their children’s needs only 30 percent of the time.
Kennedy) who went to college in the late 1930s up to the present, when only a few participants remain alive, to understand what makes people’s lives flourish.
While being unloved as a child is a big handicap, some manage to develop this capacity in spite of everything.
The researchers arrived at this conclusion through a test they called the “Decathlon of Flourishing”—10 facets of late life constituting what most people consider as success. In our relentless pursuit of external success, measured by wealth and power, we forget about love, we forget about beauty and poetry and romance, the things “that we stay alive for,” according to “Dead Poets Society,” my all-time favorite film.
I wish, for your sake and those you love, that whatever it is you finally decide on, you will not regret when the day of reckoning comes. In any case, with the ballots cast and as we await what everyone hopes to be a credible and definitive outcome, I am led to ponder on the kind of leadership that our flawed and fractured nation needs at this time. But what I write below are based on my personal observations, from having worked with and witnessed good and bad leaders alike. FVR had Philippines 2000, a national vision hinged on the twin goals of global competitiveness and people empowerment, defined with his five Ds of democratization, devolution, decentralization, deregulation and sustainable development. That you bring about socioeconomic equality so that, under your administration, we Filipinos will feel the sincerity of your promises and the compassion you exuded during the campaign.
A  servant leader who would not expect vast wealth in return, but the gratitude and appreciation of your people.
We need a campaign that will not sway people to simply vote for a person, but for people to mobilize and be genuinely involved in the political process. After all, we have our advocacies and future to lose if we let our fears take over our rage and might. We have to elevate our role, not as mere spectators, but as active political actors in the project of nationhood. The STAR Program has three components: access to training, access to resources, and access to peer mentoring. This is the reason why we continue to pursue initiatives that have both social and business impact. To date, the STAR Program has 340 accredited facilitators teaching and training women retailers to become better entrepreneurs.
The Women Entrepreneurs Reintegrated and Economically Active at Home (WOMEN REACH!) program aims to economically empower women OFWs by providing them access to business skills and life training, and access to business enhancement or start-up capital assets.
The program shall equip them with the right support to build their entrepreneurial confidence so they can establish or enhance their own micro-enterprises within their own localities and eliminate the need for them to go abroad again.
And today, our brandy and whisky product portfolio is comprised of standard, premium, super premium, and luxury offerings.
The photo was then published in the schoola€™s yearbook a€” somehow without a single person noticing. Share or message your boyfriend with the best quotes to make him remember you all the time. The Philippines has long suffered from congested airports, dilapidated highways, horrendous traffic jams and a very slow internet service. This reductionist reading tells us more about the analyst than the phenomenon under analysis. Vilma Santos, or a Leni Robredo who had won a seat in the Senate rather than the House in 2013—perhaps the outcome would be different. But that personal choice is also a choice we make in behalf of others—all those who cannot or refuse to vote, and more important, all the children too young to vote today but who will inherit the future we create. Which, to my mind, would mean extending the bitterness of the last campaign and deepening the fissures it created.
Anticipating the worst, I had taken my pill for nerve pain and it must have helped; I got there in one piece. He said the candidates of the last election made many promises yet unfulfilled, and I couldn’t agree more. But even before that fateful birth event when, it’s said, a woman has one foot in the grave, she has already given up her life for her child. I can easily guess that the first thing on his agenda when she turns over her properties to him is to throw her out in the streets.
That children can be nasty is a fact, and parents are allowed a certain degree of hatred, albeit temporarily. Lives change, and things get better, but the people who do not learn early to love pay a high price later in life. Of the 10, the four factors relating to human connections were the most predictive of Decathlon success. You can do much worse than giving prominence, in that verse, to the ones who love you and those you love.
Among others, two individuals I had the privilege of working with in government at close range have prominently shaped, from two differing perspectives, my ideas on good leadership. For both FVR and Chito, decision-making should be more than consultative; it should be participatory.
The president we need is one who will not tolerate paralysis by analysis, decides quickly, and will be firm and unwavering about the decision once reached. Throughout his presidency, FVR preached and practiced “UST”—unity, solidarity and teamwork. That you banish the warts of immorality from our society, like the trade in illegal drugs and sexual abuse and harassment, among others, to pave the way for a better society.
That you be fearless and decisive, but at the same time a person with a heart during crises. A servant leader who also listens to the minority, the underprivileged, and those in the peripheries of society. We need a campaign that will put to the fore the people’s interests for a mass-oriented, nationalist and independent government.
Judging from the miserable failure of the MMDA to discipline jeepney and bus drivers, it’s pretty obvious what has really been going on and why our traffic problems have only gotten worse!
The STAR Program is being implemented in over 47 locations nationwide and has reached more than 52,000 women. The rise of the controversial politician from Mindanao and of the son and namesake of ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos easily raised one question: If the economy has been expanding robustly and outperforming those of our neighbors, and voters necessarily seek continuity of economic progress, doesn’t logic dictate that the administration candidates lead in the run-up to the elections?
This acute lack of necessary infrastructure has affected the economy, with monstrous traffic jams estimated to result in daily economic losses of P3 billion. A lead is a lead; and in two of the three main surveys conducted several days before May 9, Marcos is the leader—that is, there is a higher probability that he will come out the winner. I was afraid to go to the polling place by myself, not knowing exactly where it was, but I decided to be brave for my own sake.
Maybe we should constantly air recordings of the promises these candidates made, so we can hold them to their words.
She lost her calcium supply to the fetus, and after she gives birth she will find that she has lost her hair, her teeth, and her tiny waistline. Sobrepena, was one of my deputies as head of the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) then. FVR formed the Philippine Council for Sustainable Development and the Social Reform Council, both bodies that brought nongovernment representatives to the same table with top government officials to plot a sustainable future for the country. The Senate and the House of Representatives will be opened by new and old legislators, whether they were elected or ran unopposed. It is our bet that the only ones lining up to pay for the traffic citations for having been “caught on camera” will be the private car owners! Through our core business of selling Coca-Cola products, we can address one of the key social issues of our time which is women economic empowerment,” said Diego Granizo, President and General Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines. The brief answer is that the positive side involves the macroeconomy, but if one were to look at the small parts, not all is well especially among the middle class and the CDE income classes. But the race is also tight, and often enough real, substantial shifts take place between the last day the surveys are conducted and the day the voters head to the polls.
In both, I witnessed qualities of effective leadership that achieved positive results, in their distinctive yet similar ways. On this, President Ramos, who was the consummate statesman to both domestic and foreign eyes, was a hard act to follow. Local governments nationwide will still be dominated by the same old families who have held power for decades—possibly new faces but carrying the same names. This is particularly true for residents of Metro Manila, where problems involving traffic and public transportation have gone from bad to worse. That you are here—that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.

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