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Pacific Magazines owned Girlfriend Magazine has relaunched with a bigger push towards social media.
The new look magazine heavily utilises the Netpage app that the magazine has been using since October last year, as well as calling on readers to interact with the magazine by using hashtags that could see their photos gracing the pages of the magazine. Girlfriend Magazine has a combined following of just below 200,000 on social sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Because of this Tarca explained it would be silly not to listen to her audience and not embrace social media as much as they have. Sign up to the AdNews newsletter, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for breaking stories and campaigns throughout the day.
Reading the October issue (yes, I know, just scraping this review in in time) of Girlfriend, I found myself checking the front cover to make sure I’d picked up Girlfriend and not Dolly. So now we have Girlfriend and Dolly – who took out first and second prize in the inaugural Federal Government body image awards this year – both pitting young girls against each other in a competitive appearance-based model search. If you’re looking for a diversity of body shapes and sizes in Girlfriend’s line up, you’d be wasting your time. Teenagers tell me they often scan the pages of magazines to check out the women and girls featured and then compare themselves to those images. The entrants are asked who they would ‘Snog, Marry and Avoid’: Prince Harry, Harry Potter and Harry Styles. If Girlfriend is pitching to even young girls, then some parents and child advocates might be concerned that the content of Girlfriend’s advice section doesn’t appear to reflect this.
A section on ‘What we wish we’d known about sex’ has helpful personal accounts, though there is a gap between the ages they are having first sex and Girlfriend’s state-by-state run down of age-of-consent laws. There’s an important piece by Emily Maguire “Show us your…It’s time to Hollerback” about street harassment, a growing problem encountered by women and girls but one rarely reported.
In other positives, there’s some excellent financial planning advice, a nice counterpoint to the pages and pages of fashion, beauty and stuff to buy.

This entry was posted in Mental Health & Wellbeing, New Media and tagged age, body image, dolly magazine, Girlfriend Magazine, Teenagers, young girls, young mind. Generation Next is an exciting new initiative featuring a national seminar series and supporting resources aimed at protecting and enhancing the wellbeing of our children and teenagers. Related posts:*Good Friends Are Like Stars*Ladies Tend to Hibernate When Fall Starts Do you Wear Makeup Everyday? Whether you're new to the Portland area, like myself, or just hoping to make new connections with other genuine, like-minded women, Girlfriend Connection of Portland is the group for you! A top line of of the industry's smartest thinkers will debate the biggest topics in media, advertising, marketing and creativity. If a 13-year-old wins Girlfriend’s competition, will she be modelling adult women’s clothing?
Styles, in case you didn’t know, is the One Direction idol who at 17 has been outed for an alleged “all night sex session” with a 33-year-old (married) DJ. There may be differences of opinion as to whether this is age-appropriate or not – but does the 12-year-old reader (perhaps an 11-year-old will feature next?) still in primary school, need advice about whether she should swallow her boyfriend’s ejaculate? A 14-year-old tells of her disappointment with first-time sex and how she only did it to “please my boyfriend”. Defined as anything from leering to actually groping, street harassment makes girls feel anxious and defensive. In ‘Money 101’ readers are offered advice about tax file numbers, interest, superannuation and tax returns. Women can make a profile with their interests, location and hobbies and then match up with other women in their local area. This group is for women in their mid-twenties to forties who are interesting in meeting new people, having a great time, and making lasting friendships.
Girlfriend is “like the teenage-girl handbook” (even for girls who aren’t yet, apparently).

If Dolly and Girlfriend – recipients of a significant Government award – care about this, then shouldn’t they select a diverse range of shapes and sizes to reflect what real readers look like?
And a first person account of U.S HIV and AIDS educator Paige, 18, who is HIV positive as a result of her (now deceased) father passing the illness on to her mother when pregnant. I believe the best way of getting to know someone is by conversation, so some of the activities you can expect with this group will allow for that. Under the heading ‘I wanna be a supermodel’ is Georgana, 13, Sharnee, 13, Jade, 15, Jessica, 14, Elizabeth, 14, Molly Grace, 15, and the comparatively older Stephanie, 17.
It’s one thing to have a self-esteem campaign, it’s another to address the external factors that make girls feel bad in the first place. Given that typing ‘Prince Harry scandal’ into google yields 5,980,000 results, that Harry Potter isn’t real and that there was no option for ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’, perhaps they felt they had little choice. While this will reduce his sensation a little, it will also mean he can ejaculate while his penis is in your mouth but you won’t have to come in contact with it”).
The ages of their sexual partners are not revealed, but if they were two years older its possible crimes were committed. Words shouted from a passing car are not complimentary, but as this article points out, scary.
We will get to know each they over happy hour cocktails, go to brunch, visit wineries and have wine tastings, head outside for hike or visit a farmer's market - the possibilities are really endless! Hannah, 17, had sex with her best friend’s brother because “all our friends were doing it”.

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