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Chris Brown is struggling coming to terms with the fact that his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, 27, no longer wants to be with him, months after it was revealed the singer had fathered his one-year-old daughter, Royalty, which Tran reportedly never knew anything about.
Sources say that, ever since the 26-year-old embarked on his North American tour earlier this year, he has been missing his ex-girlfriend more than ever — particularly because she would always tag along and show her man support. Sources for the outlet claim that both singers have spoken a couple of times one the phone in the past, but it has not been anything serious.
It was also added by the source that Brown recently made a $2,000 purchase for a brand new pair of Louboutin heels that were sent to Tran’s home in Los Angeles.
With Tran’s recent comments, affirming that she is happy with where she is at in life, the socialite has given plenty of signs that signify she has moved on from her ex-boyfriend for good.
The 26-year-old is currently headlining his One Hell Of A Nite Tour, alongside Omarion, Teyana Taylor, Fetty Wap, and Kind Ink. In the night of the hit and run, Imogen goes searching for her bestie, Amber who has taken off in her car. When Joshua finds out from Mason about the vision Robbo has of Amber, he wants to shut down Robbo at any cost to protect his girl.
Distraught that Robbo has lied about taking responsibility for the Lassiters robbery, Amber takes off in Imogen’s car on the night Robbo is run down. Paul agrees to help Mason sort out Robbo and employs a dubious acquaintance, Marty Kranic (Darius Perkins) to do his dirty work. After a rocky start training with Joshua, the champion swimmer is now loved up with Chris Pappas. Britain's Got Talent winner Jai McDowall wants to focus on his singing career before looking for a girlfriend, he has said.
Ronan, 12, from Norwich, hit the headlines after an anonymous internet blogger alleged Simon Cowell had been grooming him for stardom for the past two years. The Fifty Shades of Grey actor was spotted in London today, lunching with his lovely wife, Amelia Warner. He wouldn’t admit to it, but Avery was really nervous during his first day of school and it was luck that he was paired with Alina Mikaelson for an ice breaker game.
Not being up-to-date with current trends didn’t mean that Avery was oblivious to politics and world news.
The world's tallest teenage girl walks hands in hands with her boyfriend, the picture of young love despite a staggering 1ft 4in height difference.

The relationship fizzled soon after the news came out about Brown’s love child, and the R&B singer is still trying everything he can, hoping the supposed love of his life will forgive him.
But those things have changed now that Tran has openly stressed that, while she wishes her ex-beau nothing but the best, she cannot see herself reuniting with somebody who had a child with another woman during their four-year relationship.
While Brown has been trying his luck to reunite with Tran in recent weeks, he is also alleged to have been texting Rihanna again, exactly two years after the couple decided to part ways.
At least not to the point where they would want to see each other again — not yet, for that matter.
The 26-year-old added a note to the box, stressing how much the shoes had reminded him of her, and that he hopes she still sees a future with him, despite not having been honest about his secret affair with Nia Guzman — the baby’s mother. Fans, who are aware of the supposed fact that Brown and Rihanna are communicating again, are confused as to why the Virginia-native is so desperate to make things work with Tran when he is already committed to being on good terms with Rih-Rih again. The singer is also said to be finishing up his forthcoming studio album that he has named after his daughter, Royalty.
Imogen, who has crossed paths with Robbo and dislikes him immensely, is concerned about Amber’s mental state and is desperate to find her before she does something to Robbo she will regret. When Robbo blackmails Mason for cash and threatens to release compromising vision of he and Amber together, Mason’s loyalty to his sister takes over. When he finds out that Robbo is demanding money from Mason to destroy the vision of Amber, and can see the stress it’s causing everyone, he borrows it from his wealthy parents. To be honest, at this point in time I need to focus on what is going to happen next and where my career is going to take me. I've just been focused on trying to get my performances right and pretty much living in my own little world.
He has seemingly never-ending patience and has created a somewhat mysterious reputation due to his quiet, observant nature. So it only made sense that he recognized his classmate, Evelyn Kennedy, as the daughter of current presidential candidate Lawrence Kennedy.
Elisany da Cruz Silva, 17, measures an unbelievable 6ft 8in tall and has to bend down to plant a kiss on her 5ft 4in lover Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho, 22.The youngster, from Salinopolis in Brazil, has a form of gigantism because of a tumor on her pituitary gland, which regulates growth. The twosome reunited after the Loyal hitmaker ended his romance to Tran in 2012, only to then get with Rihanna, and later on break up with her to reconcile with his ex.
One fan suggested that Brown is eager to get the love triangle going, but it seems Tran is not falling for it this time around.

Using marked cards, Robbo stages a win for Lucas which he knows will ignite his addiction and lure him back. While I am a huge of fan of Jamie in his grey suit attire, I also kind of like him in a casual red shirt. Mary's Knights, the three time state champion football team and their equally accomplished cheer squad.
Despite their one year difference, they are very close and Avery likes to think that, if he had a brother, he’d be something like Jeffrey.
She looked ill when he asked if they were related and Avery immediately realized it wasn’t something to bring up again. I mean, obviously Orlando Bloom will always be at the top, but Jamie is pretty close behind. Recent successes has caused the school's athletic department and clubs grow and it has just been named one of the top ten schools in the country. They were a hit and his parents loved that they could earn a living doing what they loved without having to sacrifice their passions for corporate careers.
Nevertheless, he became friends with Evelyn and likes asking for her opinion on things since it seems so rare that someone listens to what she has to say. Here, students have a chance to live a life full of challenges, think critically, and act responsibly in a global society. He’s intrigued that someone with so much potential to make a difference is too shy to do so and hopes he can convince her to step out of her shell a little bit. We expect only the best from our students, and welcome all of our students to the 2012-2013 Academic Year.
Avery grew up with a library card instead of a TV set, an old bike as a means of transportation, and clothes that usually were handed down from cousins. He figures he’ll take it slow and take his time figuring things out while hopefully making a few friends along the way. Nevertheless, he enjoys he company and enjoys the simple understanding they have together when it comes to spending time together.

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