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This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.
We bring you a comprehensive and up to date spoiler service on all the major US TV shows and Movies. The Black Rose Love Magic Grimoire contains all of the same pages us our original Love Grimoire, with a different cover design.
Black Rose Love Magic Grimoire contains 400 acid-free French parchment pages printed on a high quality commercial laser printer. Your magical Book of Shadows or Grimoire will be crafted in accordance with the oldest witchcraft traditions.
Wonderful opportunities are often lost when characters find a grimoire of a vanquished wizard or left long forgotten in a subterranean tomb. The grimoires detailed below are a tool for the Judge to use when he needs to drop in a found grimoire. Description: Fine fur of a rat, dusty brown with flecks of white, cover this grimoire on the front and back cover. The pages within the tome are thin sheets of leather, the writings of magic scrawled across the vellum-like sheets.
History: Master Endgellan, a naive wizard who sought the power of the rat-men from ancient times, previously owned this grimoire. Description: The cover of this grimoire is composed of a fine-grained soft leather, blacker than the black between the stars. The pages have rust-red gilded edges and the paper appears woven with thin strands of metal that glint under any source of light. History: Arcane master Tzekien Carlastra had a deep interest in the manipulation of the elements.
Description: A black lotus upon a white background decorates the cover of this square grimoire. The grimoire’s pages are surprisingly thin and quite fragile in appearance, though only in appearance, as the pages are quite resistant to tearing.

This entry was posted in Dungeon Crawl Classics, RPG and tagged Dungeon Crawl Classics, grimoires, RPG by Jeffrey Tadlock. LaPulia Book of Shadows only uses brand new, pristine and virgin clean materials of the highest quality. All too often the Judge simply says “you find his grimoire, it has, uh… a red cover and some pages in it. A cured rat’s tail acts as a leather thong to clasp the book closed, wrapped around a small brass post on both the front and rear cover. The contents appear to be a mix of half-finished formulas and diagrams amongst what certainly appear to be complete spells. Master Endgellan long-sought the location as proof of this ancient races existence and finally recovered it from the long lost burrows far beneath the Old City. The cover of this pitch-black grimoire appears to absorb the light of an illuminated room, casting it into shadowy light regardless of light source.
The legible writings are a cross between white and silver in color easily viewable even in darkness. Finders are frequently puzzled by this grimoire for its innate ability of the book to seemingly absorb light. Thick iron bands edge the corners of this red leather grimoire and two thick clasps with locks keep the tome shut (Pick Lock DC 18).
His studies were meticulous in nature and he always sought to retain control of his magic and not fall whim to the powers that he called upon. Previously having belonged to one of their high arcanists, the grimoire disappeared shortly after his assassination from within the cult.
The grimoire is quite rough to the touch and has several thin vine-like tethers keeping the tome shut. The tome became ownerless due to an unfortunate accident to neophyte follower involving sudden flames and destruction of the follower’s laboratory.
In addition, before use, all of the materials used to create your book undergo a special cleansing ceremony to remove any negative energy and prepare them for use in production. Each grimoire also has a short history with it, sometimes with the name of the previous owner and others with a vague look at its history.

Within months of discovery Master Endgellan succumbed to disease before unlocking the secrets of this tome. Upon further study over time the owners of this tome are driven to madness and frequently choose to abandon this grimoire of their own accord before unlocking its secrets.
Tzekien managed this delicate balance between knowledge acquisition and self-control for many long years. The tome never surfaced after the assassination and its disappearance a mystery to those of the Cult of the Black Lotus. Of a manageable size the heft of this volume seems added to by the thick bark cover of the grimoire.
The words scrawled across the pages are carved into the pages as opposed to written upon the pages. The grimoire found its home with another world root follower, but was eventually misplaced becoming lost for several years. No need to look any further, because all you need to successfully perform love magic can be found right here: love spells, love magic, love attracting information and rituals and by itself this book is a love talisman.
Lastly, every single Book of Shadows and Grimoire is magically blessed before it is shipped to you. Who eventually created this book after long hours and days of research that finally resulted in a usable spell? Replace with what you feel is more appropriate or perhaps more of the pages are damaged than I thought, rendering some of the spells unusable. A large amount of the notes in the grimoire appear to be diagrams of the stars at various points of the year. His career was ended when an elaborate heist was planned in a raid on his laboratory that resulted in his untimely violent death and the disappearance of his primary grimoire. The history portions should fit in with a multitude of campaigns, but freely adjust to something more appropriate for your campaign or use the details here to start off a new quest.

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