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The wide scope of online identity fraud has goaded the FBI, FTC, and independent businesses to issue warnings on how to avoid online scams and keep yourself protected. Always question e-mails and opportunities that seem too good to be true, because they almost always are. Variations of this scam have been around in snail mail form since the 1920s, but they have only become more advanced as technology has grown. A bubble that unconsciously creates restrictions within us and limits our beliefs, darkening paths that should be and once were visible.How travel changed this lifeTravel Can Change Your LifeFor 6 years I lived inside a bubble, and most of that time was spent within the four walls of my room.
These people will go to great lengths to con a poor, unsuspecting samaritan into giving up their pertinent information, identity, details, or bank account numbers. The first step on this list is always this: Do not respond to unsolicited e-mail, and do not click on any embedded links within those e-mails. You would think everyone would know about this scam in 2014, and that nobody would fall for it, but you’d be wrong. A wealthy Nigerian family or a widowed African woman is trying to get money out of the country. Shipman and his staff were busily studying NFL rosters, trying to find the right fit for their players, keeping tabs on how franchises are using picks and trying to sell teams on his list of undrafted free agents well before the 253rd and final selection was made in Chicago.This is the draft TV viewers don't see, and it is still going on. As long as people are falling for these too-good-to-be-true opportunities, the prevalence of these scams will only increase.
Players with multiple offers can decide where to try out based on signing bonuses, systems that fit their skills, coaches they may know, geography and, most importantly, where they have the best chance to make the final roster of 53 players or a 10-man practice squad. While the Internet and online security become more and more advanced as the years pass, so to do the tactics of these e-scams. Others are just happy to get an invite to a rookie minicamp, and hope it leads to a chance to play."There are teams out there that we're going to hear from today that we've never spoken to," Shipman told The Associated Press as his staff gathered around a table near the TV early Saturday afternoon. Make sure to research a link: A legit, secure URL will redirect to an ‘HTTPS’ address, not just ‘HTTP.’ If you feel that you must open a link, open it manually into your browser, just don’t click any links! Ita€™s only through the stacks of pages filled with the sad stories that I wrote that I can retrace glimpses of the lonely, sad and narrow minded boy I was back then. Just ask yourself this: How many wealthy Nigerians do you know that need your specific help, and why do they need you?

But the truth of the matter is, I am also glad that I spent 6 years between those four walls. Because the day I turned 18 I was impelled by such an intense voice from deep inside me to break away from everything.
That summer, I came down from my room, walked downstairs and told my mom, a€?Mom, I am going to South Africa.a€? I explained to her that I had found this building project where volunteers can go and help build something vital for the local town. She looked at me with wide eyes, not sure how to respond at first, but then she nodded, and said a€?Ia€™ll pay for you to go.a€? I thanked my mom gratefully for that, because she knew just as much as I did, that something had to change. I can honestly say that it wasna€™t because I was particularly interested in seeing what South Africa had to offer, but merely because I wanted to get as far away as possible from my room and from the life that was making me miserable.
I was taken to my host family where I was welcomed with open arms and the next months where filled with beautiful nights with laughter, crackling fires and smiling people all around me.
Lions, Elephants, Buffalos, Rhinosa€¦ all there right in front of me not just grainy images on the TV. I felt excitement coursing through my veins, a feeling I had not felt for a long long time.Want to change your life through travel? See How to Live Your Life to Travel the WorldTravel lets you see beautiful thingsTaking that step, as hard as it was, healed parts within me that I thought where not fixable.
I came back after 2 months as a different person and everyone I knew told me a€?Youa€™ve changed.a€? And I had. That sensation was awakened by the world and that awakening had brought curiosity into my life again. Before I knew it, I was on a plane again, this time leaving on a 3 year journey around the world. While seeing for myself just what a magnificent world we live in, I was also being educated by that world and the people I met along the journey.
Every day, the bubble I had been trapped inside of for 6 years grew weaker and weaker until one day it finally popped.Feeling inspired? How Travel Helped Us Live a Full Lifefeeling hopefulTraveling healed me by simply reopening my view upon the world and myself. No longer did I hate the person who I was, because through my journeys I had to learn to cope and take care of myself, and through those experiences I learned to understand the deeper roots within me.

I saw the world for what it was, a magnificent, stunning, beautiful, awe- inspiring place.Do you want to change your life? Read our Tips to Getting StartedI was stuck for 6 years inside a belief that was created by the place that I lived in: my room.
And what my room had taught me throughout those yeas was this: all there is in life is this tiny room. This is exactly what many of us experience in our lives, it is just that my bedroom is substituted for another space, another bubble, another trap, another prison. It may come in the form of a job, a relationship, the town or city you live in, the friends you have. The restrictions you and your life create, dictate and define the way you behave and ultimately the person you become.Removing yourself from the familiar and opting for the unfamiliar opens up the unknown. Trapped within the beliefs of what my room taught me: that all there was in life was this tiny empty space.
What started as a 2 month journey to South Africa ended in a 3 year journey around the world. They bring us down, imprisoning us within a bubble where we forget what more there is to see in life, and in the world outside that bubble.
By traveling, by going into the unknown, we are faced with new perspectives, new challenges and are forced to ask new questions, which ultimately can free us and create a new reality.Read Next: Are You Living the Life you Want? Share on FB Tweet Share on G+ Pin it Stumble You Might Also Enjoy: Can One Week Change a Life? Reply By sonia chugh May 9, 2016 - 7:35 amHi this is great how travel can change your life through adventure and thrill. Reply Click here to cancel reply.Join the Conversation Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Sign up for weekly updates going directly to your inbox Partner With UsTo discuss ways to advertise, sponsor and partner or to book us for speaking engagements please visit our Media Page for more details.

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