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Hormones are all over and you wish you could grab a handbook on ishq-wala-love which explains it all. You can make the first move; you are a 21st century girl Choose between getting rejected and letting a good boy pass you by. You can never force somebody to love you You may be truly, madly and deeply in love but he may not feel the same at all.
If it is you putting in all the effort, he is not the one If he likes you, he will reciprocate your effort.
There is no deadline for the first kiss There are teenage girls who are in a mad rush for their first kiss. If you are in the tiniest of doubts, just say NO If you are not ready, just say it; loud and clear. Sex and love are not the same A boy might tell you a bundle of lies, but having a physical relationship (or not) has nothing to do with love at your age.

Sometimes, you need to pick your gals over the boys Boys will come and go but friendships will last a lifetime. When you have to make a choice between the best buddies and the boy you think you are totally in love with, opt for the former. Let there be enough room for you two to breathe freedom If you want the relationship to grow and turn into something beautiful over the years, remember to give him space. The world does not end with a break up Youa€™d be one of the luckiest few if your teenage love lasts a life time.
There are tens of other things too that you should be concentrating on during this time of life.
It is absolutely cool to stay single and have fun with close friends Dona€™t be in a rush to date.
Mutual respect, fun quotient and chemistry a€“ all these are must-haves for a relationship to work.

You dona€™t always have to go public about a relationship Not all of your batch mates, neighbors and others need to know that you are in love. Also remember that the digital trail is pretty hard to get rid of (should things go wrong). Being emotional and sensitive does not mean that you are weak Any guy who thinks you are inferior because you get emotional needs to grow up. Smoking and drugs is not cool No matter how sexy SRK and Ranveer Singh look with a fag, it is not cool to smoke or light up that joint just because you want to have more fun with your boyfriend.

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