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This is as good a place as any to say huge thanks to the members of the wonderful No Homers Club forum, who helped naming the last few people I didn't know - particularly Jamie, Cash Kerouac, Mr Johannson, and headintheclouds87. Blinky: Three-eyed fish, mutated by toxic waste from Springfield Nuclear Power Plant; and with a taste that can't be beat!
DC ONLINE CINEMATIC TRAILER HD Comdc-universe-online check your email for the full cinematic trailer. By the time they finish sucking all the freshness away, the Court of Owls will be a Pint of Pigeons.
When will they just call the Court of Owls an easier to understand version of Morrison's Black Hand? My primary complaint about Bryne's entry into DC was the way in which it was approached.
Which is all cool, except for the fact that a quiet, dependable, dedicated man named Curt Swan had been drawing the character for some 35 years.
But like a lot of industries, I think comics have proven over the years they don't care one once about the creators, just the sales. Busiek' SUPERMAN pastiche was trying to have a normal life, but the selfless nature of the character never gave him a moment to breathe as we went off on crisis after crisis.
It won't be like the real Superman most likely but Diggle was doing really well on Daredevil before Shadowland was forced onto him from literally years of writing Daredevil into a corner. They hire a director who makes good looking movies and has a certain amount of artistic cred whether it's deserved or not.
Superman and Wonder Woman are these wonderful rich characters that really embody DC but the problem is that the guys at the top want to be Marvel. I mean Geoff Johns wrote at Marvel for a while even on the Avengers where he did sub-Authority type stories with some good artists until Marvel dropped him for I think Austen and then Bendis.
Q: How do Santa Claus and Christmas magic mix with superhero settings, where actual magic and superpowers exist? As for how Santa Claus himself can fit into a superhero setting, I actually think he’s one of the easiest characters from literature or folklore to just slide right into a world of crimefighters and arch-villains. As much as I love Christmas comics, I will never understand why so many of them are reluctant to just throw Santa Claus in there as a known quantity.
Even when he actually shows up in the story, there’s still this idea of disbelief from people who really ought to be a little more openminded about the whole thing. Incidentally, this is part of the same problem that I have when vampires or werewolves show up in superhero comics and no one believes that they are actually dealing with vampires or werewolves until they are presented with irrefutable evidence.
To me, it seems like the best way to deal with Santa Claus would be to treat him the same way that superhero comics deal with aliens, where everyone just sort of knows and accepts that they exist.
This, incidentally, definitely makes me feel like there should be a Lois Lane story where she tries to get an interview with Santa Claus to finally one-up Clark Kent for scoring that first interview with Superman, but I should probably save that one for the next time someone asks me about comics that I’ll never actually get to write. The obvious choice, and the one that you see most often, is that he’s only really a going concern at Christmastime, specifically Christmas Eve.
He also says that his sleigh is so sturdy because it carries the hopes and dreams of all the world’s children, which is pretty great.
This was the approach that JRR Tolkien took in his Letters From Father Christmas, a series of letters he wrote to his children over the course of a few decades that, because they were written by JRR Tolkien, went from simple missives about getting the kids’ wish-lists to sprawling epics about how the North Pole was constantly under attack from goblins and had to be defended by snow golems and the North Polar Bear. I say this every year, but those letters are literally the best story Tolkien ever wrote, and should be made into a major film trilogy immediately, if not sooner.
Anyway, the advantage to this version is that it gives Santa Claus a purpose beyond gift-giving that fits in with the kind of struggles that define a superhero story.
There is, however, a third option for how Santa should work in a superhero universe, and unlike the others, it doesn’t require going back and changing things that have already happened.
100 X-Men: How Do Lockheed, Angel Salvadore, Beast, Magik & Artie Rate As Great X-Men?
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. They gotta keep going back to that well and keep piling on until the concept is weighted down and mundane. I just think it's funny to call out Talon on nothing but Azrael but not call out the Court of Owls too.
It can change the hearts of miserly ducks, open up a portal to to the mystical realm of Eternia so that kids can learn all about how Skeletor loves fights, and it can even cause dangerous levels of interference with the Morphin Grid. Like, Batman has been on the Justice League for 55 years now, a team that includes two space aliens and a merman.
The second option, then, is that he’s spending January through November dealing with problems that only he can solve. If he actually is fighting against evil for the rest of the year, then it makes sense that he would only be free to head out to the wider world would be when he’s at his strongest.
Currently the characters are not listed in any sensible order (actually it's the order I drew the hotspots on the image map), but you can have fun trying to match them all - I'll get round to ordering them eventually! As you probably know this wave of figures are exclusive to Walmart and in the five weeks since sightings first started I have been (Like many others, I am sure.) searching every Walmart within a hundred mile radius.
My nerdom is generally the object of ridicule inside the gleaming boardrooms and general boredom that is Business-to-Business Communications. Bryne then handled the Superman titles for a year or two until he got tired of it, then went somewhere else. Like seriously, stop trying to find your Spiderman when you got something equally good, a different flavor, or in my opinion way better. Like, say, by reading it in an issue of Action Comics that came out in friggin’ July.
Superman, a bulletproof alien who sometimes goes to visit his friends who live in the 30th Century by flying through time under his own power, and who is good friends with a woman who got her powers from Actual Zeus.
He’s been to other dimensions, knows at least two people who have been alive for several hundred years, and has met actual ghosts before. So if he does exist, and he is in a world that’s being beset by arch-villains on a pretty constant basis, how come he’s not using his considerable power to fight crime alongside the other heroes? Except for brief pockets of time each year, co-workers line up outside my office to get the deep dive into whatever comic property has jumped into other mediums. Maybe cause it was actually pretty dark unlike say Justice League Dark which is dark in title only. There are no circumstances whatsoever in which that dude should be surprised to find out that Santa Claus is real.
I would love to share with you some of my horror stories about a few of my more interesting experiences at Walmart this last five weeks, but let’s save that and talk about the figures instead. I will say that the Walmart that I found my remaining figures at today was one that is very close to my home and we shop there most often.
The TV show has already deviated from the comic in many regards, and in case you forgot what they all are, there’s a nice handy dandy check list in WDM. Several weeks ago, I talked with a clerk that works in the toy department about the empty DC Universe pegs and explained to her that they were very popular and would appreciate if she could look into getting some ordered. It also looks like from the spoilers inside, those deviations will become even greater as the show progresses. She was very nice and explained she would have to talk to her manager because she could not order products. The next weekend when I spoke to her again, she told me that her manager had ordered forty and to expect them in 2 to 6 weeks.

As we’ve learned time and again from TV, though, children age fast and look different from week to week. If you can find someone to help you at Walmart, be polite, thank them and let them know how much you appreciate their help.
Now, on to the figures…The Batman (Black costume), Power Girl and Joker figures are two of each per case. I do like how they used a more glossy black for the gloves and boots and the bat shaped computer is a pretty cool new accessory. Also the pack in eagle accessory which is also reused from the Wonder Twins Two Pack will definitely need to have its wings heated and reshaped. Readers of the original graphic novel need no further backstory for these characters; everything we needed to know was laid down in those twelve issues.
I just wish they would get away from the in package action poses because Foragers legs were also warped.
He uses the previously released Gentleman Ghost buck and comes with some great accessories. One problem is the lack of waist movement that plagued Gentleman Ghost is also present here. The same issue that saw Magneto ripped to pieces ala Day Of The Dead also featured Spider-Man refusing to ever take off his mask again, because he could never look himself in the eyes after consuming MJ and Aunt May. But since that original story, the brand has been subject to countless reinventions and arcs, all of which just seem to diminish the effect.
Thanks to the Four Horsemen and thanks to Mattel for working this one in sooner than later.
The ingenuity of having Hulk consume too much people and having his stomach burst when he returns to Bruce Banner was gone, replaced with the same jokes over and over (I do still love MARVEL ZOMBIES VS.
ARMY OF DARKNESS, if only because if confirms that a version of Ash does in fact exist in the Marvel universe). This is also a straight repaint of the DCSH white and clear versions and also somehow seems to stand much better as well. It got to the point where the original story finally concluded in MARVEL ZOMBIES RETURN, and I thought we’d finally seen the end of the franchise, only for five more times. The boy, learning counting by using a calendar, is intrigued by Halloween and gets his mother to celebrate it with him. But when the boy gets lost in the local city at night, he finds himself on the run from zombified superheroes.
It makes for a more enjoyable read than the series has done previously, for once feeling like there are stakes present. Seeing the zombies through the eyes of a child gives them a real sense of danger, something that’s been lacking.
As is the case with many horror stories that involve a child in peril, you almost want to see the boy devoured for the sheer stupidity of going outside alone at night. The mother and her son have a bright color palate and exceptionally expressive models, which lends well to both the calm and terror in the comic. The zombies, on the other hand, are done with a sinister edge, decomposed enough to be frightening but still easily recognizable. The art takes a serious step up once the second villain is revealed, and it all looks marvelous. I love her optimism and her character so much, and it’s difficult to see that transferred into a unremarkable zombie. After talking with a lot of writers, I’ve come to find out that in order to get into the heads and develop the voices of their characters, they cast their stories with real life people. Here, Alan Robert has gone a step further and lets us know right off the bat who these people are he’s based his story characters on in KILLOGY, a new limited series to be released this October from IDW. Here it’s handled with ambiguity, which adds to the horrific nature of the conundrum the three characters find themselves in, and while they are safe yet starving in the cell for the time being, they have nothing to do but tell each other the story of they ended up there. I could almost hear Frank mutter the clichéd but hilarious Italian colloquialisms I used to enjoy every week on THE SOPRANOS.
Robert gets the voice perfectly.Robert also did the art of this book and adopted a completely different style from the photoshopped and digitalized stylizations from his previous series CRAWL TO ME and WIRE HANGERS. Mark has just announced his new comic book miniseries GRIMM FAIRY TALES PRESENTS THE JUNGLE BOOK from Zenescope Entertainment to be released March-September 2012. It’s a big bald blue guy with horns and a trident with a slick costume and he looks cool! Would it be the fun-loving stuntman trapped in his own creation or the azure-hued demon from hell?Turns out that this new Blue Devil is more in tune with the original character concept, at least at the basest level. Foreshadowing a more hellish origin for the character rather than the original science-and-magic mixture, perhaps?But even though the origins are similar, I can’t get excited about this new Blue Devil, and it comes down to the character design. The graphic, Kirby-esque design of the original Blue Devil costume has been replaced by hooflike feet, an annoyingly asymmetrical trident design and a leather-and-chain combo that looks like a mishmash of Ghost Rider, Hellraiser and Spawn. The overall design lacks polish, and winds up feeling like an amalgamation rather than a clear concept. Plus, that element of FUN that made the original character endearing looks to be absent here, especially since this issue closes with (SPOILER ALERT!) Daniel’s uncle dying in his arms.
This heated exchange between Scott and Logan is quite gripping and feels a lot more substantial than most of the events depicted during the entire AVENGERS VS. X-MEN tale.Kieron Gillen delivers a story that is emotionally rich and, dare I say, crucial for the events in AVENGERS VS. While this issue may not be big on POW, WHAM and BOFF moments, it certainly makes up for it by engaging the reader with more depth and humanity. Snyder is a tits writer and Tynion has a flair for both action and quieter moments of reflection. Yes, we all bemoaned this many titles in September of 2011, but it actually was a pull back from the stable prior to FLASHPOINT. Sure, if you have infinite dollars and infinite time, there’s a nugget of goodness and at least one moment of enjoyment to be found in any DC book including TALON. However, if you’re an actual human being, you must be cautious of dollars and life really sucks up a ton of comics reading time. When I picked up a book with one central protagonist in the COURT OF OWLS, yes I was fully expecting a resurrection of a character thought dead. In both cases, DC’s goal was make their universe simpler and easier to understand for new readers. While Superman had evolved over the years, there was never a Golden Age to Silver Age break in the character like the Flash or Green Lantern, so this was a big deal for Superman. There was a new SUPERMAN #1 on the stands, but it was a brand new series as the original Superman comic was retitled THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN.
The new Superman comic lasted until 2006, at which point THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN went back to its original title: SUPERMAN. In 2011, DC had no worries about renumbering the classic series and both SUPERMAN and ACTION were restarted with a true #1 issue.So who were these brave, foolish people who sought to rewrite the most successful superhero in the history of the world? In 1986 it was John Byrne, perhaps the biggest name in comics at that time (although George Perez was a close second).
Byrne helped turn the UNCANNY X-MEN into a mammoth hit with writer Chris Claremont, and furthered his fame writing and drawing FANTASTIC FOUR and creating his own superhero team: ALPHA FLIGHT. The reboot was also worked on by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Jerry Ordway, who produced sister comic THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN.

In 2011, the now sister comic, SUPERMAN, was produced by George Perez (writing) and Jesus Merino (drawing). Grant Morrison is one of the industry’s top writers, who could either wow with the likes of JLA and WE3, or confuse with the likes of SEAGUY and FINAL CRISIS.
Rags Morales became a highly respected artist after drawing the controversial miniseries IDENTITY CRISIS. You see, DC kicked off their Superman reboot with a six issue, bi-monthly mini-series by Byrne, MAN OF STEEL. John Byrne then continued writing and drawing two comics a month, producing both ACTION COMICS and SUPERMAN.
Meanwhile, in 2011, DC just had Grant Morrison produce twelve issues of ACTION COMICS (Rags Morales drew nine of them).
So that’s twelve issues of ACTION COMICS (#1-12 monthly) for Grant Morrison and six issues of MAN OF STEEL (#1-6, bi-monthly) and nine issues of SUPERMAN (#1-9 monthly) for John Byrne.
Make sense?Concept wise, Supes ‘86 was all about simplifying Superman and making him more unique. Gone was the Phantom Zone, Kandor City, Supergirl, multicolored kryptonite and crazier elements like Beppo the Super Monkey. The Phantom Zone, Kandor City, Supergirl, and multicolored kryptonite all came back (still waiting on Beppo), as did Superman’s knowledge of being an alien as a young boy. Supes ‘86 was no longer capable of pushing planets out of orbit or flying so fast that he could break the time barrier. The aura came in handy since he also lost his invincible costume (originally made from Kryptonian blankets).
This aura extended over his normal Earth costume, making it invincible too--but not his cape, which got shredded often.
In Supes ’11 his invincible skin returned and his cape became an invincible Kryptonian cloak, so now his t-shirt and jeans (and shoes) got shredded often--that is, until he acquired an indestructible suit of Kryptonian armor for his costume.
In both 1986 and 2011, Superman’s powers developed slowly, having no superpowers as an infant. This prevented Superman from ever being Superboy in 1986, a tradition still carried on today.
Currently Superman is younger than his 1986 counterpart, so we have yet to see how much more powerful he may become.
No longer the childhood friend of Clark Kent who grew up to be a mad super scientist, Lex Luthor was now the evil CEO of Lex Corp, a company built from his own genius. Luthor maintained a popular public persona, as Lex Corp supposedly directly or indirectly employed most of Metropolis.
He was the biggest man in town until Superman showed up, which was something Luthor wouldn’t have.
Luthor also gained a history with Lois Lane, as they dated sometime before Superman’s arrival in Metropolis.
In Supes ’11 Lex Luthor has yet to be fully described, appearing as a rather moral-free consultant to the military. Lex Luthor now fears alien influences corrupting the human race, which puts Superman in his cross hairs. He once again became a newspaper reporter, now with an investigative angle to expose the corruption in society. Also back in 1986, Ma and Pa Kent were now both still alive and helped Clark create his Superman identity.
In Supes ’11 they were both returned to the grave before he became Superman, as they were Pre-Crisis. Oddly enough, as Clark and Lois got younger, Jim Olsen got older in the New 52, as the three of them are now the same age. Pre-Crisis Jimmy had slowly matured into a young adult; Post-Crisis Jimmy was back to a wannabe cub reporter with a camera. N was recently revealed to be someone from the 5th dimension, like the yet to be seen super-villain Mr.
On the Police side in Supes ’11, there is the possibly corrupt Inspector Blake.So what happen in those first years?
He also covered Superman’s first run in with Lois Lane, Batman, Lex Luthor, and Bizarro.
Superman would also learn of his alien heritage and reconnect with the one woman who knew his secret, Lana Lang. In Grant Morrison’s ACTION COMICS, it started off five years in the past, and after the first story arc it supposedly moved into the present.
The narrative did flash back to show Superman being born properly on Krypton again, and growing up in Smallville, then flashed forward to show Superman hanging out with the Legion of Superheroes.
Also of note was a short story of Lex Luthor, which would illustrate what a bastard he is, as he toyed with a small town waitress (SUPERMAN #9). A common thread through all these issues would be Lex Luthor’s quest to destroy Superman, including the discovery of kryptonite. The Supes ’11 stories were much more dense as Grant Morrison wove a narrative including flashbacks, easter eggs, and hints of future story arcs. A common thread through all these issues is a little evil man seemingly pulling the strings in the background, revealed to be a being from the 5th dimension. Oddly enough, a scrap book would come into play in both series, as Ma Kent kept a Superman and pre-Superman scrap book in 1986 and Lois Lane would keep one in 2011.
In 1986 Superman tried to capture the vigilante and in 2011 he went to Batman for help (as they had met earlier in the Justice League). An appearance by the Legion of Superheroes was also a common element in both books.One of the crazier things that happened in these reboots was, Grant Morrison killed Clark Kent. An assassin discovered Superman was Clark Kent, but before he could move in for the kill, Superman let everyone believe Clark was killed in an explosion. That didn’t last long as a magic wish would make the world forget Clark was ever killed. Grant Morrison tackled this issue as well, having Clark Kent be a small kid with just his cape, and borrowing a Legion flight ring to hang with the Legion.
Morrison also had an alternate Earth story in his first year as well, the Superman of Earth 23 (I’m not sure how to describe this Superman, in a PC manner, as he is neither African nor American!). Newer and passing fans of Superman enjoyed the cleaner, less ridiculous history of Superman while John Byrne’s own star power brought in everyone else. Still, diehard Superman fans were not happy with this weaker, farmer boy Superman, let alone the loss of Superboy and Supergirl.
With the star power of Grant Morrison and Rags Morales, plus the sizzle of the whole New 52, Superman (ACTION COMICS) started with a bang.
But sales slowly dropped to average levels as most fans complained of the confusing narrative. While John Byrne managed to write and draw nearly 45 issues of the various Superman titles, Grant Morrison will be leaving after issue 16.

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