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You might feel like that teenager right now, feeling the tension of opposites that the full moon always brings. He reached the top of that mountain and a ripe old age by practicing self-discipline and discrimination about how he used his resources – the earth, his body, and time.
Compassion, love, and creativity are the water that nourishes what you have imagined into being.
Getting immersed in the routine of running your everyday life feels safe — a way to keep busy, to stave off fears and fantasies about what the future may bring. In order to make his perfect world livable and enjoyable, he needs the teenager to supply the juice — feelings, compassion, creativity, and un-jaded dreaming facility. Reconciling the best of your own opposing sides is the way to create peace in your personal life and peace on earth.

At this Virgo full moon, you have a chance to combine the power of these opposing qualities to manifest your desire.
With less to think about or deal with, focus is achieved and amazing things can come from seemingly nothing.
The teenager without the old man’s direction could well run off into the night, creating a beautiful utopia (or a twisted nightmare) with little staying power.
Feed your dreams by enjoying the process of diligently working towards them and fertilize by positively envisioning the outcome.
Discovering hidden gold at your feet, you could find uses for stuff, skills, and talents previously overlooked. Rest easy in the fact that one day soon your efforts will produce something that can benefit you as well as the earth and others.

With the world in such a state of emergency, the time the Hermit (Virgo) needs to get to the top of the mountain is a luxury.
This is the voice of the anxious teenager who hasn’t completely let go of the childish(?) belief that miracles can happen.

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