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It was a very hot day, and as Pete's wife and main carer, I wanted my husband to take a rest so that he could get his breath back.I then noticed that there was only one bench seat, which was occupied by an elderly couple. SO WHAT HAS HAPPENED THE REST OF THE BENCHES FOR OTHERS TO REST ON?There are plenty of people who suffer badly in hot weather, especially the elderly and disabled.

In some cases, where people are particularly sensitive to such things, it can cause toxic shock syndrome, which could, in the worse-case scenario, cause death.Pete has been keeping an eye on this plant locally every decade since 1975, and has reported it in the local newspapers and local television every decade since then, - and yet STILL Stevenage Borough Council have not got on top of the situation. In this, the latest outbreak, the council know who own the land, but will not make their knowledge public.

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