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Guinean women washing their hands at the entrance of the Sino-Guinean hospital where Ebola patinets have been treated. Welcome to Burden of Proof, a regular column in which Julia Belluz (a journalist) and Steven Hoffman (an academic) join forces to tackle the most pressing health issues of our time — especially bugs, drugs, and pseudoscience thugs — and uncover the best science behind them. It's been nearly 40 years since the discovery of Ebola, yet we're dealing with its deadliest outbreak in history and one that is four times larger the first. Since then, we've learned a lot about Ebola: that it's spread through contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person, that we can stop it by using simple precautionary measures and basic hygiene practices. Here's what's surprising and interesting about this state of affairs: it is not caused by a lack of human ingenuity or scientific capacity to come up with Ebola remedies.
Since the first Ebola outbreak, which killed 280 people in 1976, we discovered that the virus is zoonotic, meaning it's transmitted to humans from an animal reservoir. The countries where Ebola has popped up also happen to be some of the poorest on the planet, with the least health spending per capita. Compare that with the US, where more than $8,000 US is spent every year on the health care of each citizen. Ebola can have a death rate of up to 90 percent, but we know that isolating sick patients and applying precautionary measures in healthcare settings — wearing gloves, gowns, and masks — will stop the spread of the disease. In the current outbreak, more than 60 health workers have already died; all were African nationals, not foreign aid workers. Ebola will continue to move through Africa — this time, and again in the future — not only because of the viral reservoirs and broken health systems specific to the continent. Right now, more money goes into fighting baldness and erectile dysfunction than hemorrhagic fevers like dengue or Ebola.
When a virus like Ebola does attract money, it's mainly from department of defense and not traditional disease research structures since Ebola is considered a potential bioterrorism weapon.
The result of this architecture of investments is that most health products that hit the market don't focus on sicknesses of the poor.
As long as we perpetuate this global system of R&D funding, outbreaks of neglected diseases like Ebola will keep happening.
House Democrats won't say they think they have a shot at a majority — is that a huge mistake? If you signed up using a 3rd party account like Facebook or Twitter, please login with it instead.
In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. So much is happening within you and around you during this initial adjustment to your loss. Blood containing the mystery virus was innocently sent in a blue thermos to Belgium, where Flemish scientists figured out they were unwittingly handling a violently lethal pathogen, and named it after a river in what was then Zaire. But every once in a while, these nightmarish outbreaks pop up and capture the international imagination.

It's because this is an African disease, and our global innovation system largely ignores the health problems of the poor. And those animal reservoirs — believed to be certain species of fruit bats — are endemic in Africa. In some cases, less than $100 US per person is invested each year to care for citizens here. Aid workers on the ground in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone — where the current outbreak has killed more than 800 people — report that they don't have access to the basics to protect themselves and their patients.
Reports from the ground suggest that the death toll will rise as health professionals are over-taxed, under-resourced, and abandoning hospitals out of fear and overwork. Of the 850 health products approved by regulators between 2000 and 2011, only 37 focused on neglected diseases. We can't lament the fact that there's no cure or that it's an unstoppable and violent virus when remedies could be expedited; we just don't prioritize them over other, more potentially profitable health problems.
Sadly, it's a cause shared by many more diseases of the poor, some of which affect multiple times more people than the one that's currently making headlines. We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook. Worries about global spread are worsened by the fact that Ebola has no vaccine and no cure.
So that's one reason why all the Ebola outbreaks so far have happened on this one continent.
That's why if the virus ever escaped a containment facility in a country like the US, public-health officials are so confident we could quickly snuff if out it before it ravaged any one, let alone entire communities. Many of their hospitals are dilapidated, there's limited infection control and almost no capacity for contact tracing. Namely, the global institutions we designed to promote health innovation, trade, and investment perpetuate its spread and prevent its resolution.This shouldn't be news.
The content of this section is derived from my experiences with people who have suffered recent and traumatic loss.
To think you will one day no longer feel the grip of pain gives you hope, but also fear that without your grief you will loose your connection to your loved one. When you are 'in shock', you are in a brain state where your brain is taking over your self-care.
Most all of the money for research and development in health comes from the private sector.
These illnesses primarily grip people in developing countries and rely on investment from the public sector, which funds only a small fraction of total health R&D compared to industry. When an animal in a herd in suffering in any way, the herd surrounds the animal and does not leave. Especially if the death of your loved one is traumatic, you may find you need to retell the story over and over.

You may trip and scrape yourself, get poked in the eye by branches and lose a shoe in a mud patch. They naturally have a singular focus — making money — and they do that by selling patent-protected products to many people who can and are willing to pay very high monopoly prices. Not by developing medicines and vaccines for the world's poorest people, like those suffering with Ebola. The effect of the support you receive during this time will have staying power to rely upon when the 'herd' naturally disperses. If you are having trouble feeling, or trouble controlling your emotions months from now, you should get counseling.
One day, you will find yourself emerging from the woods into a clearing; but there will always be those showers and storms. While you are alternating between protest and facing the fact of death, there is also the solid fact that your loved one will always be with you in some way.
When needed, medication does not interfere with the grieving process, it will help you through it.
You may know for certain now what your new relationship is to your loved one in spirit; or you may need time to establish a new relationship.
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