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2) At the end of the email, give us your initials and tell us where you are from. Rippling muscles, the perfectly tanned body, eyes that make your drown in their depths, a cute crooked smile, magnetism that draws you to him even from a distance – this just might be the man of your dreams. Or, you might prefer the silent type – the geeky, quiet, simple guy, who generally stays away from woman, but who appeals to you most basic feminine instincts of exploring the seemingly unattainable.
There are many ideas that have been propounded by different people as to how to attract a man. Many women tend to become artificial imitations of their counterparts, who they believe are more successful.
If he gets attracted to an illusion, then your man will walk out the door once he realizes that you are not what you seemed to be.
You would not want to portray yourself as a man in women’s clothes, nor would you want to seem like a spineless person.
If you break into giggles at everything he says, there is absolutely no way that you will be able to attract the man of your dreams.
This article is the type most men don’t like women to know much about because it bring out or disclose men weaknesses and thus leave them defenceless.Guys are already murmuring and some of them thought I’m a lady, sorry! No matter what is your idea of the perfect guy, you would definitely wish to know how to attract a man and have a meaningful relationship with him.
However, not all of these really work, since many people focus on just getting a man and not keeping him. These could be movie stars, supermodels or just anyone who claims to be successful in life. Avoid the temptation to layer on loads of makeup and wear skimpy clothing when being around him. Or, if he works out a lot, trying to get a membership in the same gym could go a long way in attracting him. Therefore, strike a balance and just be self-confident, not just when you are around him, but at all times. Flirting might get him to notice you, but there is no guarantee that it will make him want you. Remember that the purpose behind attracting a man is to have a meaningful relationship with him. This will ensure that apart from just attracting the attention of the man of your dreams, you will also get to build a relationship with him that will last a lifetime.
All I can do is either find a woman who is willing to look past it or find a woman who thinks shaved heads are sexy!
If you are going catch a particular type of fish, you need to know very well about the fish, and only then will you know what bait to use.

While the eyes of the man of your dreams might focus on you, his heart definitely will not.
A smile should be like clothing – not too much, not too little, perfect for the occasion and comfortable.
However, maintaining your dignity, and drawing a clear line as to how far you are willing to go without commitment, will bring out the hunting instincts in a man. Flirting will encourage him to flirt with you in return, but it lowers your value in his eyes and the chances of him considering a relationship with you are practically non-existent if you flirt with him. On the other hand, some will be happy seeing this article and they will want to celebrate me, because most men want to be seduced.The principle of seduction is the same whether you want to seduce your man or you want to seduce any man. Follow these rules for sure success in attracting a man and to build a lasting relationship with him. Just be yourself.  He needs to be attracted to who you really are, and not just what you seem to be. You get a chance to get in shape, and you also get a chance to work out in the presence of the man you love.
If you wear a mask of confidence, the mask is sure to slip away in a while and he will walk away from you. It is a huge turn on for a fitness-loving guy to see a woman working out in his presence, especially if you choose the right workout clothes.
Keep in mind, though, that there is a world of difference between having a smiling face and being a giggler.
Yes, confident women will attract confident men, but shy ones should be appreciated for being that way, just like bald men should be appreciated for being bald.
If there aren’t much to share then talk on how your interest does not match with his.
Sometimes it is not even related to physical build-up of the men, it can be a word, an image in his head, an expectation. The way you speak, the way you introduce your self speaks a lot about the how you can attract the man. The Power of ScentThe scent is one of the most powerful subconscious influences that affect our judgments.
In a survey 89 % of the men revealed that the scent can enhance the attractiveness of a women. 55 % of those polled men went a little further and admitted that they would get amorous with a women just because of her appealing scent. A woman can enhance her natural pheromones by using aromatherapy oils like sandalwood, rose, ylang ylang, jasmine and patchouli.
Even that hopelessly that he gave his life for her.Use a perfume that you like but be careful not to overdo it.

Use it sparingly and apply it to your body’s so called pulse points: wrists, behind your ears, in the bend of your elbow, behind your knees and on the inside of your ankles. A private dinner with the appropriate romantic ambiance on the other hand will give you the best chances.Choose places where you can minimize distractions (and ideally competition). Don’t Reveal it All; Show A Little, But Hide A Little MoreThere is a certain way how to dress that drives men crazy. But be aware: there is also a thin red line, if you overdo it, you will most likely look arrogant instead of confident.
You can start with renewing yourself, get a complete fresh-up: a new haircut, clothes, start loosing weight. Also watch your posture: keep a straight back and your shoulders backwards, expose your chest.
Send Signs of InterestNow it’s time to spread a little hope that the man have actually a chance on you. Now something starts what can be described as playful innocence (someone once said to me that the French girls invented that): The moment he looks back you instantly lower your eyes and put on an embarrassed smile.
You can even emphasize that some moments later by looking again, this time longer and then again lower your eyes.This is flirting without talking (we can learn a lot from the French, when it comes to lovemaking). Also touch him briefly during the conversation to make a point or when he just made an interesting remark about something.The secret is being playful with casually touches now and then. And more importantly: it subconsciously communicates that you’re not interested in “only being friends”. The Power of Erotic DancingThis one is short and simple: learn how to dance in an erotic way and look for an opportunity for him to see. Use the before mentioned signs of interest, then suddenly show disinterest, ignore him for two minutes. The Secret IngredientNow, there is a final ingredient to a successful seduction of a man: He must not feel seduced. Though studied Biochemistry but love writing and sharing his knowledge on matters of the heart. For me the key is to show small evidences of our interest combined with moments of total indiference.

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