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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. When IE11 preview is installed on Windows 7, it comes with old-fashioned F12 tool which allows to change browser modes. However, if you go to "Tools" menu and select "F12" developers tool, it gets replaced with new developer tools, and "Browser mode" is no longer available.
The original question, and the answer below applied specifically to the IE11 preview releases.
Having said that, the advice I've given here (and elsewhere) to avoid using compatibility modes for testing is still valid: If you want to test your site for compatibility with older IE versions, you should always do your testing in a real copy of those IE version. There are not many reasons why people would be switching modes in the dev tools, but one of the main reasons is because they want to test their site in old IE versions.
The IE devs have recognised this and are deliberately making it harder for devs to make this mistake. The various compatiblity modes are still available inside IE11, but can only be accessed if a site explicitly states that it wants to run in compat mode.
And the Document Mode drop-box is still available, but will only ever offer the options of "Edge" (that is, the best mode available to the current IE version, so IE11 mode in IE11) or the mode that the page is running in.
So if you go to a page that is loaded in compat mode, you will have the option to switch between the specific compat mode that the page was loaded in or IE11 "Edge" mode.
And if you go to a page that loads in IE11 mode, then you will only be offered the 'edge' mode and nothing else. This means that it does still allow you to test how a compat mode page reacts to being updated to work in Edge mode, which is about the only really legitimate use-case for the document mode drop-box anyway.
The IE11 Document Mode drop box has an i icon next to it which takes you to the website. While testing using the free VMs provided by MS is absolutely better it is also more time-consuming. I understand why they think it's a good idea to deprecate the Compatibility mode dropdown, but I think it is also a slap in the face to any dev who actually spends time making sure their site works in IE. While using virtual machines is the best way of testing old IEs, it is possible to bring back old-fashioned F12 tools by editing registry as IE11 overwrites this value when new F12 tool is activated. I don't know whether to be impressed that someone managed to find a way to hack IE11 to get the old dev tools back, or depressed that they were willing to sacrifice all the amazing new stuff in the IE11 dev tools just for the sake of being able to switch the browser mode.
That has everything to do with Microsoft's legacy of producing non-W3C standard compliant browsers.
The trick here is interesting, but obviously not supported by Microsoft and could have side-effect that are unintended. Just a courteous FYI, try to include the details of the resolution, rather than simply providing a link. You can work around this by setting the X-UA-Compatible meta header for the specific version of IE you are debugging with. In order for the Browser Mode to update on the Developer Tools, you must close [the Developer Tools] and reopen again.
Switching from a minor version to a greater version will work just fine by refreshing, but if you want to switch back from a greater version to a minor version, such as from 9 to 7, you would need to open a new tab and load the page again. I have the full version of Expression partially installed as well due to Visual Studio Ultimate being on the same computer, so I'd appreciate someone confirming in a comment that my free installation isn't automatically upgrading. Update: Looks like the online service was discontinued, but local browsers are still supported. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged cross-browser ie-developer-tools internet-explorer-11 or ask your own question. Seeing through Windows offers insightful, clear-eyed commentary about Microsoft and all its technologies, from Windows to mobile to Office and beyond. The Windows 8 Desktop did away with the very useful Quick Launch toolbar available in previous versions of Windows. A Happy Daycare - Summer Program    Summer Program 2013Get ready to explore your worldthis summer at A Happy Daycare.This Summer at A Happy Daycare we will pretend to ride along with the Magic School Bus into a world of adventure. But there is a catch: it is next to useless, because it does not emulate conditional comments.
Microsoft never responded to this, so it looks like they introduced this bug on purpose to steer people into buying BrowserStack subscriptions. Probably it is because I always have F12 tool present in IE10, so it somehow migrated this setting. Unfortunately, the various compatibility modes that IE supplies have never really been fully compatible with old versions of IE, and testing using compat mode is simply not a good enough substitute for testing in real copies of IE8, IE9, etc. The point of this is to encourage you to download the VMs that MS are supplying for us to test our sites using real copies of each version of IE. I have to fire up the VM, I have to switch between several different VMs and I have to reinstall the little buggers every time the activation timer runs out as they didn't provide any activation keys. My workflow when testing IE is to first use the F12 compat mode and flesh out any problems I find and THEN I go through the trouble of firing up a VM. Whilst this is what pixel-perfect web designers want, its not what devs want - we want to interact with pages, debug js and CSS and manipulate the DOM, and that's where the IE developer tools come in.
For example, if you use them to enable HTML5 support in legacy IEs, you will no longer be able to debug your site in IE11.
This will give you a much more accurate testing experience, and is strongly enouraged as a much better practice than testing by switching the mode in dev tools.
Still, I guess we should be thankful they actually took the trouble of setting these VMs up. You could catch a lot of gotchas with the old F12 compat modes and then verify once using the VMs. Since it is impossible to install them alongside modern IE in, Windows 8, good emulation tool is needed. In the Windows 8 Desktop, launch Windows Explorer, click the View tab on the toolbar, and check the box next to "Hidden items." That will display folders and files that are normally hidden from view. We will join the magic school bus on a few of it’s many adventures as it journeys to the bottom of the sea, goes back into the time of the dinosaurs, and explores the hidden world of bugs.

June 24-June 28 Ocean Explorer’s CampCome journey to the bottom of the sea as we explore the wonderful world of oceans and sea animals.Time Traveler’s Camp July 1-19July 1-5 A short stop in 1776 for America’s birthday.
We will make American flags, have a parade, and celebrate America’s birthday with a delicious Apple Pie.
The children will dress up like the Statue of Liberty for our infamous Statue of Liberty photos.
Our Statue of Liberty photos are so good one of the children’s  photos made it all the way to the office of a Supreme court judge.
July 22 - August 5 Science Explorer’s Camp We will enter the fascinating world of insects and go inside the human body. A summer full of fun and imagination.   June 24-28, 2013This week the magic school bus stopped at it’s first destination, under the sea, to explore the ocean’s coral reefs and tidal zones.
We, Ocean Explorers, were along for the ride and what an adventure we had discovering the ocean and it’s many wonders. You can’t be an ocean explorer without an ocean explorer’s guide to identify what you see in the great big blue sea.
Ray’s Ocean Explorers’ Guide to the real animals that live in Nemo’s neighborhood, the Great Barrier Reef. Clownfish live in stinging anemones but the anemone’s tentacles don’t sting them because they are covered in a special slime.
You cut 8 legs in the hot dog and when you place it into a pot of boiling water the tentacles curl all up. It is Movie Friday.  We watched Finding Nemo and made graceful jellyfish out of a colorful mosaic of tissue paper.
Remember: We will be closed Thursday for the Fourth of July    July 8-12, 2013This week the Magic School Bus transported us back to the Prehistoric World of Dinosaurs and Reptiles and next week we will become Paleontologists in search of dinosaur bones and fossils.
I wonder what mine will be?” The children were expectant dinosaur parents during our Hatch A Dinosaur science experiment. They filled the glasses with warm water, placed the colorful egg capsules into the water, and eagerly waited for their dinosaur eggs to hatch.  They decided Catalina was the best Dinosaur Mother because her red egg hatched first and everyone gathered around to help Christopher hatch his blue egg which needed some extra help with the hatching process.
There was a little dino envy when Jaden’s hatched into a big red Iguanodon but they each loved their little hatchlings as only a parent could.  The children are wearing Dinosaur T-Rex hats through out the day for special Dinosaur story times and to practice their own reading skills. The children are continuing to learn to stay in their own seats or on their own letter on the alphabet rug until the school activity is complete. He taught us the signs for the letter D, Dinosaur, the letter V and Volcano.  He even read us the book Harold and the Purple Crayon: Dinosaur Days in Sign language!
Mia, a future teacher herself, shared a special photo book of all their adventures around the world.
Signing Time: A special sign language class with Thomas Cabaluna and a Dinosaur Story time in sign language. New Sign language signs learned include the signs for dinosaur, volcano, and the letter signs D and V Movie Friday and Lunch: Disney’s Dinosaurs and Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. Math: Counting spots on the Triceratops, Skip counting, addition, and patterns with Leapfrog Math to the Moon.
Art: Harold the Purple Crayon Art, Using stencils with paint, How to make a volcano and prehistoric landscape, and Sticker Art. Prehistoric Play Dough Center: We discovered how to make and identify  dinosaur and lizard footprints in play dough.
Pretend Play: We introduced new stegosaurus, and brontosaurus toys to our play and block area. The last two weeks the children have been busy discovering the exciting world of paleontology.
A paleontologist is a scientist who learns about prehistoric animals like dinosaurs by studying their fossils.
Squeezing modeling clay with their hands they picked out  dinosaurs and pressed them as hard as they could into the clay making an imprint fossil.
In this learning unit the children learned what a paleontologist does and the tools they use to discover fossils.
So here at A Happy Daycare the children actually touched a real piece of a dinosaur bone and examined an ammonite shell fossil over 65 million years old. The children were very excited to discover that when you look through a Magnifying glass it make things huge!
The children measured and helped mix up the recipe in a big bucket to use to make treasure stones.
They molded it into a rock shape  and we hid a treasure into each of their stones for them to dig out when the treasure stone harden. On Friday we brought out more tools, brushes, and little shovels for the children to dig out their treasures. We read the book The Dinosaur Stomp and then stepped right on to the dinosaur stilts to see how it feels to stomp around with big dinosaur feet.
The dinosaur feet stilts we used were only a few inches off the ground but when the children stood on them they  thought that they were bigger than life!  Dinosaur had bones and when you look at the shapes of their bones you can tell what kind of dinosaur it is. The children learned how to identify stegosaurus bones, t-rex bones, and long-neck dinosaur bones by using critical thinking and matching skills. We learned that even if you find a dinosaur skeleton you have to put it back together in the right order. We practiced our puzzle skills with mixed up t-rex flash cards and a plastic skeleton mold.
Dinosaurs have bones and so do we.   Next stop on the Magic School Bus Adventure is Inside the Human Body.
Reading and Writing: We are practicing sight words, sounding out three letter words, and recognizing that print is a part of our daily lives. This fall Lindsay will be attending Kindergarten at a school in Prunedale and Jaden will be attending Kindergarten at a school in Monterey. Potato Head as a teaching tool for the children to visualize the body parts that make up the five senses.
The nose knows how to smell and we practiced using our sense of smell to explore the world around us by seeing how many things we could smell. The children even put on silly glasses with big noses to go on a nature walk in the garden to smell the flowers.

We have X-rays hanging up on the windows for the children to explore and discover how an X-ray takes a picture of bones. Potato Head Art, and my five senses chart  August 5-9, 2013Next week the Magic School Bus Science explorers will explore the wonderful world of bugs and butterflies. This week we joined the Magic School Bus as it magically shrank down in size to explore inside the human body! All the children thought it was hilarious that on the Magic School Bus Series the children have a friend named Ralphie in their class too.
When we learned about community helpers and farmers we read about a rooster named Ralphie too. Before we explored inside the human body the children laid on a big roll of paper to trace the shape of their own bodies! Seuss’s Horton Hears A Who is, “A person is a person no matter how small.” And it is true it doesn’t matter how big or how small a person is everyone has their own body with the same amazing bones and body organs inside. Their brain’s job is to think and learn, their heart’s job is to pump, their lung’s job is to breath in air, and their stomachs job is to help digest their food. Now that everyone had made a tracing of their own unique outline the children were ready to paint and add  in  the different bones and organs, during the week, as we learned about them. On Movie Friday we watched a Double Feature with Sid The Science Kid’s episode on the sense of smell and the Magic School Bus’s series Inside Ralphie. Thanks to Irie and her mom for bringing the Movie Friday Snacks last week and this week.  The children’s sense of taste says the snacks are delicious! This week the children explored the life cycle of butterflies with Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We practiced the days of the week and counted fruit right along with that wiggly lovable caterpillar.
The caterpillar even helped us learn about placing in order from biggest to smallest with the wooden caterpillar stacking gameNoodles, noodles, and more noodles. Can you find the noodle type that looks like a curly caterpillar, little eggs, a cocoon and a butterfly taking flight. The hunt was on for the children to match the noodles to each butterfly stage and to find the most eggs.  They even selected special leaves and sticks from the garden for their noodle caterpillars.
We harvested green, yellow, and purple organic beans from our Jack and the Beanstalk beans.
Then we explored volume with water by transferring the water from one container to another. Thanks to Irie’s Mom for the Yummy Chocolate pudding with gummy worms and Gabriel’s Mom for the homemade muffins. Magic School Bus: Ants in his pants and Butterfly BogAugust 19-23, 2013This week we are finishing up the last of our summer program and preparing lesson plans for the new school year. We have so many activities and lessons full of learning planned for the upcoming fall season! Please send your child to school in a yellow or black shirt for a day full of bee and bug themed activities. All summer the children have been exploring how to use a magnifier to enlarge objects and this week we introduced how a microscope works.
We have a special microscope for young children that plugs directly into the TV screen so the entire class can see all at once. We went on a nature hunt in the backyard to discover interesting leaves and bugs to look at under the microscope. Catalina, Cole, and Omari were the helpers who held the buckets full of their finds.  We placed them in a jar and used the microscope to enlarge them. We could see the tiniest  caterpillar eggs on our sunflower leaf.  An ant looked like a monster and we didn’t even know that a roly-poly had that many legs.
Each of the children helped pick out the color pattern of their caterpillar, pressed their painted little toes onto the wooden magnet, and tried not to wiggle their toes too much.   Then we added eyes and antennas. She even included an array of nutritious fruit for us and the cake caterpillar to eat just like in the story. August 26-30, 2013This year we finished up our Summer Program with a Busy Bee Celebration Day. The children came in on Wednesday dressed in yellow and black ready to be busy little bees. We had bobbling bee antennas on our heads to greet the children as they arrived at our “hive”.
Trinity had little bees on her dress, Jonathan had on his striped bumblebee shirt, and Irie even had bee barrettes in her hair.   What would the little bees eat for breakfast? We learned that if you are going to be a bee then you have to build a hive to go home to.  The children worked together to help build a honeybee hive out of our many tunnels and tents.
The “hive” ended up covering their whole play area and they had so much fun crawling in and out of the tunnels buzzing like worker bees. The children dressed up in the bee costumes to fly through the yard and gather pretend nectar from the garden to make their  honey. Pretend play like this gives the children the opportunity to apply the learning and knowledge that they have gained. During Music and Movement Time we danced, jumped and learned how bees communicate to each other where the best flowers are by dancing.
The children put on the headbands they made and we all marched through the garden in a buzzing bee parade.
The children loved every minute of it.  A special thanks to Asher’s family for the delicious bee cupcakes they made.
Thanks to Irie’s family who worked so hard on making a beautiful honeybee hive filled with honeycomb treats to share. Have a great holiday weekend and remember we will be closed Monday September 2 for Labor Day.

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