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The end of a meaningful relationship is one of the hardest things to cope with, as it often leaves us exposed to a Pandora’s box of emotions. We all possess unique traits and characteristics, so whilst generic advice will aid the process, every break up will affect each individual in an inimitable way.
The easiest trap to fall into after a break up is to indulge in insalubrious distractions such as excessive drinking or casual sex, in an attempt to regain power, attractiveness and attention.
This female is characterised by her strong personality, substantial confidence and commonsensical way of approaching others. Often expecting the man to initiate and maintain contact, she finds it hard to be tactile, hides behind a cheeky exterior and will often play hard to get. Ruffled by the sudden change, this female will immediately seek solace in the arms of the first admirer who expresses interest, just to fill the void.
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The only person it’s effecting is you, and though it can feed your ego and pride at times, what it’s really doing, is pulling you down. A memory can make you feel sad, then resentful, then angry, and before you know it, your entire day is ruined.
Though it may be tough at the beginning, finding some sense of humor in your situation might be the very antidote you need to heal. Not only do they remind you you’re not alone, they also remind you how much potential there is out there in the world and that love comes in all places – not just from your ex. Newly single, you are forced to cope with the loss of that special person, as well as the shattered hopes and dreams of your previously planned future together. Most of us accept that the majority of relationships end for a reason, but very few of us recognise the subconscious personal transformations we make as individuals, to help us cope with the hurt and heartache.
This individual was once naive, trusting and loyal, but her inability to cope with the enormity of her emotions, exploded into a hurricane of excessive behaviour, poor decisions and a general lack of control.
The very definition to Destiny’s Child’s ‘Independent woman,’ (she provides for herself and depends on no one), but may approach men with scepticism, generalise on past experience and be quick to make judgements.

Sadly, her success at masking her pain and fears may inevitably make her, her own worst enemy and scare of any potential suitors! Shunning the opportunity to reunite with old friends, meet new acquaintances and date others, she is blinded by the subliminal messages that convince her that she cannot be alone. This female has mastered the art of simply using past relationships as learning curbs and stepping stones. Whether you choose to build a fortress around your heart, or allow others to trample on your exposed vulnerabilities, can make a significant impact on your development and the next individual you attract.
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A break up can be one of the most difficult things we go through, especially if you’ve been together for a long time and may have kids to deal with.
If you let your sorrow build, it’s only going to turn into anger, frustration, and self-pity – which can become a habit itself. Advice of how to cope is abundant; from taking the time to invest in yourself and reconnecting with friends, to assessing your options and finding that new lease of life to help fill the void.
She will experiment with her new found freedom, unknowingly hurt others with her blase demeanour and lose sight of boundaries. She enjoys the benefits of the other sex, but her emotional detachment and sometimes unobtainable expectations may make her appear aloof, unapproachable and a little intimidating.
The split may have caused a sudden lack of confidence and self esteem and she is anxious about the future, so she invests in the next human replacement to place her back into her comfort zone. She takes time to focus on herself, skilfully manages unconstructive emotions and refuses to allow negative past experiences to influence, or shape her future relationships. Ideally we may all want to possess the traits of the ‘Survivor,’ however individuality will dictate that most of us won’t.
People are put in our lives for a reason, so instead of curling in a ball underneath your bed sheets, find yourself again.
To filter out that qualities about yourself (and him) that you like and don’t like, then, apply it to future relationships. So, whilst Cheryl Cole chose to inherently focus on her career, other celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Kate Winslett and Kim Kardashian elected to invest in luxurious pampering treats and holidays abroad to help them deal with the heartache.

She may blame the opposite sex for her misfortunes or ineptitudes and will engage in numerous no-strings-attached encounters to fulfil her sexual needs.
Taking a fighting stance when it comes to love, she remains in full control of the emotional wall, (she has subconsciously built), effortlessly brushing off anyone who taps into any of her weaknesses. Not giving herself time to lament over her last relationship, she jumps straight into the deep end, guided only by fear.
The break up was particularly hard, but she allowed herself the recovery time needed to dissect her emotions, scrutinize past faults and make new dreams and objectives.
Remember that very few people leave relationships unscathed, but if you take Christina Aguilera’s advice by unleashing the ‘fighter’ in you and ‘trusting the voice within,’ it might make the process a lot easier! I am trying to pull my stuff together and keep my head up which is so hard to do.'Hamilton joined the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio on 29 pole positions in his Formula One career after setting a blistering lap on Saturday.
Not allowing herself time to heal, she opts for the quick fix and it subconsciously manifests itself into a self destructive pattern of serial dating, unfulfilling nights out and encounters. She may cling onto the past, continuously make comparisons and subconsciously ensure that no one matches up to her idea of her ideal partner.
Fear of solitude, attending functions alone and ultimately scared of being that female that Adele sings about in her song, ‘Someone Like You’!
Content in living for the day; she holds on to the hope of new love, innovative experiences and enthusiastically embraces the quest to find her soul mate.
My dad was always right and I want to be like that.' 'I feel like I moved for all the right reasons.
To the outside world, she is content in living for the day; secretly she is incessantly looking for the next ‘high’ to compensate for the loneliness to her detriment. Positive distractions can open a plethora of opportunities and lift the spirit, but without standards, aspirations or purpose, they can have the converse effect.
Cushioned with the support of her friends and family, she works hard and plays hard, but always has time to make eye contact with that cute man at the bar! This female’s impatience and lack of self-love may make her prey to undesirables, lead to future destructive relationships and leave her unfulfilled when it comes to love!

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