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A While the movie a??Xanadua?? was universally panned by critics, it did spawn several hit songs.
A Overcoming the many obstacles of successfully launching a Broadway show are mind-boggling, from securing the rights and using the songs to casting, securing a theater, dealing with the various unions, and, of course a?? funding. Rob knew the many challenges with this particular production, including getting the rights from five different rights-holders, not just the a?˜usuala?? one, which resulted in years of negotiation.A Also, A securing investors to back this business was a big part of the job.
Now why, might you ask, would someone go through all of this to start a theater production company?
A Because, if a business idea is important to you, and is coupled with the desire to express yourself creatively, building a business can make absolute sense.

A Being a serial entrepreneur and spending time with entrepreneurs for most of my life, I can attest to how important it is to pursue your passion, especially when ita??s this strong. If youa??ve got that burning desire to turn your idea into a business- whatever the idea- now is the time make a move and start thinking about the steps you need to take. Bryan Janeczko is the founder of Wicked Start, an online suite of tools and personalized resources that helps aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dreams of starting a business.
Check Box T-shirt ~ Ok, only a certain type of guy could pull this one off, but I thought it was so hysterical I couldn't resist showing it to you.
Cupcakes ~ Simply have any bakery add a few letters on some cupcakes and you're in business.

However, many of us entrepreneurs realize that ita??s not just about the paycheck, ita??s about expression.

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