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For Beacon Foundation to be able to financially assist those who need it, we're calling for your help. AREEVO (Originally NAREEVO) was established in 1991 as a MN based community out reach network. In 2011, NAREEVO was expanded to include ALL retired airline employees, and changed its name to AREEVO: Airline Retiree Ex-Employee Volunteer Organization.
Did you know an estimated 43,140 Americans were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2010 and 36,800 will pass away from the disease? A three-year review of data just published in the scientific journal PeerJ challenges the conventional assumption that the iconic and famously elusive spotted cats are thriving in the wild. It finds leopards have almost disappeared from vast ranges in Southeast Asia and the Arabian peninsula while African leopards confront mounting challenges in the north and west. The big cats are threatened by spreading farmlands, declining prey, conflict with livestock owners, trophy hunting and illegal trade in their skins and teeth.
Their rangelands have shrunk from 35 million square kilometers in 1750 - before the colonization of Africa and the spread of firearms - to about 8.5 million square kilometers now, the study estimates.
It will be used to update the endangered species list curated by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, among several groups that conducted the study. It is "the single most authoritative and exhaustive review of this kind," said Guillaume Chapron, associate professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science. Conserving wildlife and preventing conflict with livestock holders is complex and countries take different approaches, said Stuart Pimm, chair of conservation at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. An ancient Spanish town that voted to change its name because it was deemed anti-Semitic has come under attack from extremist groups who have daubed the town's signposts and buildings with offensive right-wing symbols and messages protesting the change. Castrillo Mota de Judios ("Jews' Hill Camp") town Mayor Lorenzo Rodriguez Perez said that after the latest attack the town had decided to file a complaint with police. The north-central village of some 50 inhabitants voted in 2014 to change its name from Castrillo Matajudios ("Camp Kill Jews") to its current form. He said the graffiti and vandalism by groups came from outside and would not change the town's push to honor its Jewish origins.
The town hall plans to visit Israel in July for a twinning ceremony with the village of Kfar Vradim.
In the latest attack, the old town name was sprayed onto new road signs and as well as the extremist symbol of a circle with a cross. Documents show the original name was "Jews' Hill Camp" and that the "Kill Jews" name dates from 1627, after a 1492 Spanish edict ordering Jews to convert to Catholicism or flee the country. Researchers believe the village got its previous name from Jewish residents who converted to Catholicism and wanted to convince Spanish authorities of their loyalty.
No Jews live in the village now but many residents have Jewish roots and the town's official shield includes the Star of David. Australia's prime minister on Sunday officially called a July 2 election and put economic management at the forefront of his campaign to win a second three-year term for his conservative coalition during an era of extraordinary volatility in the country's politics. Kicking off a two-month election campaign, Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull said a center-left Labor Party win would prevent the Australian economy diversifying from a mining industry that had been hit hard by the Chinese slowdown and the associated falls in the prices of iron ore and coal, Australia's most lucrative exports. Climate change, gay marriage, climbing house prices, company tax rates and union corruption in the national building industry are also shaping into key issues. Turnbull and Shorten recently outlined their conflicting economic policies on how Australia should rein in mounting debt without slowing an already sluggish economy.
Neither man has ever led his party into an election campaign before and the eight-week campaign is the longest in decades. Turnbull replaced his unpopular predecessor, Tony Abbott, in a leadership ballot of lawmakers in the Liberal Party in September, only two years after the coalition government was elected.
The change of prime ministers immediately boosted the government's standing in opinion polls, but recent polls suggest the government is now running neck-and-neck with Labor. The government has released its budget plans for the next fiscal year, which begins on the eve of the election, calling for stimulus measures including income tax cuts for middle- and high-income earners and a gradual reduction of the company tax rate over a decade from 30 to 25 percent. Labor opposes most of the tax cuts and would spend the money saved on hospitals and schools. Shorten said the government's budget was crafted for "Malcolm's millionaires" and offered nothing for the poor. The government accuses Shorten, a 48-year-old former union boss, of inciting divisive and outdated class warfare. A crucial election issue for many Australians is the policy differences on the Australian housing industry, which is a major strength of the economy. Many analysts agree that housing is overpriced in major cities including Sydney, and that the proportion of Australians who can afford to buy their own homes is shrinking. Australia for the first time has a prime minister and opposition leader who both argue that gay marriage should be legally recognized. Turnbull's government would ask the Australian public to vote on the issue in a plebiscite. Elections are a traditionally volatile time in a nation infamous for lax gun laws and a violent political culture, and they have been inflamed again this year by allegations of massive corruption from the local village to presidential level.
Such small gifts are an effective, if illegal, way for politicians to win support in a nation where roughly one quarter of its 100 million people live below the poverty line. To try to check vote buying, the election commission has banned mobile phones in polling places. At the national level, presidential and vice presidential rivals are also accusing each other of trying to rig the elections. President Benigno Aquino, who is limited by the constitution to a single term of six years, has warned the favorite to succeed him, Rodrigo Duterte, is a dictator in the making and will bring terror to the nation. Duterte, mayor of the southern city of Davao, has in turn accused Aquino's administration of planning "massive cheating" to ensure that his preferred successor, former interior secretary Mar Roxas, wins. Followers of Duterte, who has admitted links to vigilante death squads in Davao that rights groups say have killed more than 1,000 people, have warned of a "revolution" if he loses. Meanwhile, at least 15 people have died in election-related violence, according to national police statistics. In the latest suspected case, a grenade blast killed a nine-year-old girl behind the house of a powerful political warlord in the strife-torn province of Maguindanao late on Saturday, said Chief Inspector Jonathan del Rosario. The girl's death has not yet been included in the tally, although it likely will be, according to del Rosario, spokesman for a police election-monitoring task force in Manila.
Del Rosario said 90 percent of the nation's police force, or about 135,000 officers, were already on election-related duty and had been authorized to carry their assault rifles. Armed with laptops and smartphones, some 500 members of the Nahdlatul Ulama - one of the world's biggest Muslim organizations - are seeking to counter the Islamic State group's extremist messages. They are trying to hit back at IS's sophisticated Internet operations, which have been credited with attracting huge numbers from around the world to their cause. Internet propaganda is believed to have played a key role in drawing some 500 Indonesians to the Middle East to join IS, particularly among those living in cities where it is easier to get online.
The dangers of the growing IS influence in Indonesia were starkly illustrated in January when militants linked to the jihadists launched a gun and suicide bombing attack in Jakarta, leaving four assailants and four civilians dead. It was the first major attack in Indonesia for seven years, following a string of Islamic militant bombings in the early 2000s that killed hundreds. As well as firing off tweets, the NU members have sought to dominate cyberspace by establishing websites promoting the group's moderate views, an Android app and web-based TV channels, whose broadcasts include sermons by moderate preachers. The initiative has been building momentum for a while but started to pick up pace a few months ago. But it will be an uphill battle and the NU, which has been promoting moderate Islam for decades, conceded they have previously struggled to take on IS's hate-filled messages. The online drive comes as the NU is set to take its campaign to promote their tolerant form of Islam onto the international stage this week, with a two-day meeting from Monday of moderate religious leaders from around the world. They aim to showcase their particular brand of the Muslim faith, known as "Islam Nusantara", to counter the IS jihadists' radical interpretation of Islam.
Meaning "Islam of the Archipelago" - Indonesia is the world's biggest archipelago, comprising over 17,000 islands - it is accepting of diversity and stresses nonviolence. It grew up organically in Indonesia, as the religion entered the country gradually and had to mix with existing traditional beliefs such as praying at tombs, making it a naturally tolerant form of Islam. Nowadays, most of the approximately 225 million Muslims in Indonesia practice a moderate form of Islam. The NU wants to persuade Muslims from around the world to look for inspiration to Indonesia, where religious minorities and a multitude of ethnic groups mostly coexist harmoniously, rather than to harsher forms of Islam from the Middle East. Mohammad Shahidullah, 65, had been missing since leaving home on Friday morning before villagers last night found his body in a pool of blood in a mango grove in Rajshahi. It comes amid a troubling rise in violence against religious minorities, liberal activists and foreigners in Bangladesh, with six murders since the start of last month alone.
The police officer said the killing of the self-proclaimed Sufi master was "similar" to other recent hacking deaths of religious minorities carried out by attackers with machetes or cleavers.
Sufi Islam is a mystical form of Islam popular in rural Bangladesh but considered deviant by many of the country's majority Sunni Muslims. They include the Saudi Arabia-inspired Salafis and Wahhabis, who are gaining strength in the country.
Suspected Islamists have been blamed for or claimed dozens of murders of atheist bloggers, liberal voices and religious minorities in recent years including Sufi, Shiite and Ahmadi Muslims, Hindus, Christians and foreigners.
In the past five weeks, two gay activists, a liberal professor, an atheist activist and a Hindu tailor who allegedly made derogatory remarks about the Prophet Muhammad were hacked to death. The Islamic State group and a Bangladeshi branch of Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for several of the killings.
However the secular government in Dhaka denies that IS and Al-Qaeda are behind the attacks, saying they have no known presence in Bangladesh, and blames the killings on homegrown militants. The fire, which started at 6 pm eastern (2200 GMT) last Sunday near the town of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta, spread so quickly that the town's 88,000 inhabitants barely had time to leave. Officials said that, even though the fire had largely pushed through Fort McMurray and was heading quickly northeast through dry boreal forests, the town was still too dangerous to enter.
Thousands of evacuees are camped out in nearby towns but stand little chance of returning soon. Some residents are complaining about the lack of news from the town, fire chief Darby Allen said in a video posted online late on Saturday. An Alberta government statement issued on Saturday night said the fire had consumed 200,000 hectares - an area the size of Mexico City - and would continue to grow. More than 500 firefighters are in and around Fort McMurray, along with 15 helicopters, 14 air tankers and 88 other pieces of equipment, officials said.
An evacuee from the Fort McMurray wildfires sits on a bed at an evacuation center in Lac la Biche, Alberta, Canada, on Saturday. With a growing number of prominent Republicans refusing to fall in line, Donald Trump is standing firm in his assertion that the Republican Party doesn't have to be unified because he will gain Democratic votes to win in the fall. Trump played down his problems unifying the GOP as he continued to assail Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, whom he's dubbed "Crooked Hillary". Trump is once again raising former president Bill Clinton's marital infidelities, a preview of how the billionaire businessman is likely to respond to general-election attacks from Hillary Clinton and her allies about his treatment of women. Trump appeared to be responding to news that Priorities USA, the lead super PAC backing Clinton, has already reserved $91 million in television advertising that will start next month. Medecins Sans Frontii??i??res (MSF) called on the government to reconsider its drastic decision and continue providing humanitarian assistance to more than 600,000 refugees in the East African nation.
Kibicho said the government would close the Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps "within the shortest possible time" because of national security concerns.
He said Kenya had hosted more than 600,000 refugees for over a quarter of a century and had shouldered a 'very heavy economic, security and environmental burden' and asked for the support of the international community to expedite the process.
However, human rights organizations have said despite the government's frequent statements that Somali refugees in Kenya are responsible for insecurity, officials have not provided credible evidence linking Somali refugees to any terrorist attacks in Kenya. Aelbrecht said the closure of Dadaab, the world's largest refugee camp complex, would risk some 330,000 Somali lives and have extreme humanitarian consequences, forcing people to return to a war-torn country with minimal access to vital medical and humanitarian assistance.
Somali refugees gathered around a water point at Hagardhere refugee camp in Daadab, northern Kenya.
Khan celebrated his landslide election victory Saturday in a multi-denominational ceremony at an Anglican cathedral accompanied by London's police chief, Christian and Jewish leaders, and stars of stage and screen. They gave Khan a standing ovation as he pledged to be an approachable Everyman for his city of 8.2 million - including more than a million residents who, like him, happen to be Muslim. Khan's Labour Party candidacy to lead London triumphed in the face of a Conservative campaign seeking to tar him as sympathetic to Islamic extremists. Leading Muslim activists in the Conservative Party expressed shame and anger over their own candidate Zac Goldsmith's attacks on Khan, saying they had recklessly stoked racism and intolerance. Many criticized Goldsmith's final published appeal in a right-wing Sunday newspaper warning that London stood "on the brink of a catastrophe" if it elected Khan.
Mohammed Amin, chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum, said he had been disgusted by the Goldsmith campaign tactics. Amin said he voted for Goldsmith because he opposes Labour policies, but could not stomach campaigning actively for him - and instead took pride in seeing Londoners vote so strongly for a fellow Muslim of Pakistani background. Leading Conservatives defended their campaign tactics, even as they expressed surprise at losing a post locked down for the past eight years by the eccentrically popular Conservative, Boris Johnson.
Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, who previously accused Khan of sharing a platform with a London imam sympathetic to the Islamic State extremist group, repeated those since-discredited claims Saturday and insisted such charges represented "the rough and tumble of politics". He also declined, when pressed several times on the matter, to withdraw his campaign claim that London's security would be jeopardized by Khan. Leading Russian musicians staged a classical concert on Thursday in the ancient theater of Syria's ravaged Palmyra in a show to herald Russia's successes against terrorists in the war-torn country.
Famed conductor Valery Gergiev led Saint Petersburg's celebrated Mariinsky orchestra through pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, Sergei Prokofiev and Rodion Shchedrin in front of a crowd of Russian soldiers, government ministers and journalists.
Cellist Sergei Roldugin played a solo against the backdrop of the Roman amphitheater where jihadists from the Islamic State group staged mass executions less than a year ago.
Syrian troops recaptured the UNESCO world heritage site from Islamic State group fighters in March. Russian army sappers said last month they had demined the ancient site - known as the "Pearl of the Desert" - where jihadist fighters blew up ancient temples and looted relics. The Kremlin shipped foreign journalists to the concert as it basked in the retaking of Palmyra, one of the most significant achievements since it launched a bombing campaign in September.
Putin said that he saw the concert as a sign "of hope not just for the rebirth of Palmyra as a cultural asset for the whole of humanity, but for seeing modern civilization rid itself of this terrible scourge of international terrorism". Mikhail Pyotrovsky, the director of Russia's Hermitage Museum, told journalists at the scene that "Palmyra is injured but she has not been killed" and pledged help in restoring it. Sitting in the audience, Syrian tour guide Anwar Al-Omar told AFP that while he thought only Russia could help rebuild the ancient town he was downbeat about its prospects in the long-term. Gergiev is one of the world's best known conductors but has faced backlash in the West for his strongly pro-Kremlin views, with his tours sometimes interrupted by protesters.
Gergiev also conducted a charity concert in Tokyo for victims of the Fukushima tragedy in 2012 and led a charity concert tour to raise funds for victims of Russia's Beslan school massacre in 2004. A live web broadcast showed the first-stage booster touching down vertically in the pre-dawn darkness atop a barge in the Atlantic, just off the Florida coast.
Because of the high altitude needed for this mission, SpaceX did not expect a successful landing. Musk said this was a three-engine burn for the booster's return, "so triple deceleration from the last flight". Musk contends rocket reusability is key to shaving launch costs and making space more accessible. Already in the delivery business for NASA, SpaceX hopes to start transporting US astronauts to the International Space Station by the end of next year in the company's next-generation Dragon capsules.
In a groundbreaking announcement last week, Musk said his company will attempt to send a Red Dragon to Mars in 2018i??i??and actually land on the red planet. Brazil's Supreme Court on Thursday suspended a powerful lawmaker at the center of efforts to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, on grounds he tried to obstruct a probe into his alleged corruption. Eduardo Cunha, the speaker of Brazil's lower house of Congress, is the architect of the impeachment drive that is expected to force Rousseff to step aside from office on Wednesday.
He said his suspension, the latest in a whirlpool of corruption scandals, was retaliation for his campaign against Rousseff.
Her supporters argued it was grounds for the impeachment drive now to be dropped, though it was not expected to spare her now that her case is in the hands of the Senate. Despite facing criminal charges including bribery and hiding money in Swiss bank accounts, Cunha has survived months of attempts by prosecutors and a congressional ethics committee to see him brought to justice. A master backroom political operator, he is widely seen as the key figure in getting the impeachment proceedings greenlighted by the lower house in April. But the man Brazilians refer to as a real-life Frank Underwood - the corrupt US politician in the hit Netflix series House of Cards - appeared finally to have been brought down by the high court.
Justice Teori Zavaski slapped the suspension on Cunha on Thursday morning, and the full court ratified it later in the day. Zavaski said that Cunha had obstructed justice "to prevent the success of investigations against him". With Rousseff likely to be suspended and replaced by her vice-president, Michel Temer, next week, Cunha would have moved up to first on the presidential succession list. The government's top lawyer Jose Eduardo Cardozo said the suspension "shows that Mr Cunha abused his office". Rousseff is accused of manipulating government budget accounts with illegal loans, a charge which she describes as technical and not worthy of impeachment.
Cunha is accused of taking bribes as part of the corruption scheme centered on Petrobras, the huge state oil company. He is also being investigated by the congressional ethics committee over allegedly lying to Congress about possessing secret Swiss bank accounts. Justin Anderson, a local resident, packs his three children and dog into his truck as he prepares to leave the Christina Lake Lodge campground in Conklin, Alberta, on Thursday. A convoy of evacuees began the long drive out of work camps north of the fire-ravaged Fort McMurray area on Friday morning.
Meanwhile, a mass airlift of evacuees was expected to resume, a day after 8,000 people were flown out. In all, more than 80,000 people have left Fort McMurray, in the heart of Canada's oil sands, and officials say no deaths or injuries related to the fire have been reported. Crews battling the fire got a little help with temperatures forecast to fall overnight to 16 C from 30 C. The Alberta provincial government, which declared a state of emergency, said more than 1,100 firefighters, 145 helicopters, 138 pieces of heavy equipment and 22 air tankers were fighting the fire, but Chad Morrison, Alberta's manager of wildfire prevention, said rain is needed.
About 25,000 evacuees moved north in the hours after Tuesday's mandatory evacuation, where oil sands work camps were converted to house people. Officials said a helicopter would lead the evacuation convoy on Friday morning to make sure the highway is safe.
Fort McMurray is surrounded by wilderness, and there are essentially only two ways out via road. Aided by high winds, scorching heat and low humidity, the fire grew from 75 square kilometers on Tuesday to 100 square km on Wednesday, but by Thursday it was almost nine times that - at 850 square km.
Unseasonably hot temperatures combined with dry conditions have transformed the boreal forest in much of Alberta into a tinder box. The region has the third-largest reserves of oil in the world behind Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. The wildfire was expected to incur the largest insured property losses from a single disaster in Canadian history.
Capital Markets analyst Tom MacKinnon said in a report on Wednesday that the insurance losses was estimated between $2 billion and $3.6 billion. Australian police have charged a 21-year-old woman with fraud after she allegedly spent $3.4 million that her bank mistakenly gave her, with much of the money reportedly lavished on handbags.
The woman, named in Sydney media as Malaysian chemical engineering student Christine Jiaxin Lee, reportedly splashed out on luxury apartment rentals, designer bags and other high-end items after her Australian bank gave her an unlimited overdraft on her savings account. Police arrested the woman as she attempted to board a flight to Malaysia on Wednesday night. They said she had been charged with dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage by deception and knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime. Reports said that Lee, who has been released on bail, allegedly spent the money between July 2014 and April 2015, and that some $2.4 million had not been recovered. Stapleton questioned whether the cash could be considered a "proceed of crime", saying "it's money we all dream about". NSW state police detective inspector Sean Heaney told the ABC on Thursday that if members of the public find money in their accounts that should not be there, or they have an ability to overdraw on an account that they should not have, they should not spend the money. The Food and Drug Administration's action brought regulation of e-cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco and hookah tobacco in line with existing rules for cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and roll-your-own tobacco.

The rules promise to have a major impact on the $3.4 billion e-cigarette industry that has flourished in the absence of federal regulation, making the nicotine-delivery devices the most commonly used tobacco products among US youngsters.
The FDA said it will require companies to submit e-cigarettes and other newer tobacco products for government approval, provide it with a list of their ingredients and place health warnings on packages and in advertisements. The FDA will require age verification by photo identification, ban sales from vending machines except in adults-only locations and stop the distribution of free product samples. The new regulations had been highly anticipated after the agency issued a proposed rule two years ago on how to oversee the e-cigarette industry and the other products. Burwell said health officials still do not have the scientific evidence showing e-cigarettes can help smokers quit, as the industry asserts, and avoid the known ills of tobacco.
E-cigarettes are handheld electronic devices that vaporize a fluid typically including nicotine and a flavor component. The e-cigarette vapor industry, which includes e-cigarettes, vapors, personal vaporizers and tanks, is expected to have about $4.1 billion in sales in 2016, Wells Fargo estimated. Three million US middle and high school students reported using e-cigarettes in 2015, compared with 2.46 million in 2014, according to the most recent federal data.
A University of Southern California study of high school students last year found that those who used e-cigarettes were more than twice as likely to also smoke traditional cigarettes. The Workers' Party of Korea, the ruling party of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, opened its 7th Congress on Friday. It is the first WPK congress in 36 years and the first under the leadership of Kim Jong-un. Analysts say the congress may focus on further consolidating the policy of simultaneously developing nuclear weapons and the national economy, and might emphasize the DPRK's status as a nuclear state. An estimated 3,000 party representatives will attend the meeting, which presumably will last three days.
Yoon Hae-ryoong, a senior majoring in mechanics at Kim Il Sung University, told Xinhua that he sees the congress as a historical watershed in the revolutionary cause of the DPRK. He said the concurrent development of nuclear weapons and the national economy is a long-term strategic approach to dealing with "US imperialists". In Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said that China hopes the DPRK can "achieve national development" and "heed the calls of the international community and work with us to maintain peace and stability in Northeast Asia". Pyongyang had announced in late October that the 7th WPK congress would be convened in early May. Cannabis may join the herb and spice rack in California kitchens as the most populous US state prepares for the possible legalization of recreational marijuana in November. Chef Chris Sayegh is leading the way by taking haute cuisine to a higher place with his cannabis-infused menus in private homes for as much as $500 a head, or in "pop-up" banquets around Los Angeles for $20 to $200 a person. Sayegh, 23, who cut his teeth in the kitchens of top restaurants in New York and California, said incorporating cannabis into his recipes creates an entirely new consciousness for diners that goes beyond the effects of a fine wine. Edible marijuana products are nothing new, and the market for them has evolved into a multimillion-dollar industry. Marijuana has been legally permitted in California for medical purposes since 1996, and voters are widely expected to pass a measure on the upcoming November election ballot to legalize pot as a recreational drug for adults statewide. Sayegh said he began experimenting with cannabis cuisine after growing tired of pot-baked brownies and other snacks. In the kitchen, Sayegh uses oil containing an extract of tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component of cannabis, and a "vaporizer" to infuse ingredients with THC. The livestreamed Cats Meok Bang show is a twist on an online trend of young South Korean men and women tucking into feasts in real time, while viewers send messages and sometimes virtual cash.
While the stars of those programs seek a rapport with their fans, cat TV has gained viewers despite its uneventfulness. Cats Meok Bang, a mash-up of the Korean words for broadcasting and eating, began by accident.
Four months on, 110,000 South Koreans a month on average watch the show and more than 10,000 of them have bookmarked the show. During the slow hours after patients leave his office, Yoo Young-hoon, 49, a physician in Seoul, said he always plays the cat TV on the screen next to the medical chart. Unlike dogs that are considered loyal to their owners, cats do not have a positive image in South Korea. But viewers of the online cat show said they began paying attention to those animals roaming around the street with affection.
Stray cats approach foods prepared by Koo Eunje, the 35yearold host of an online cat show in JeollaNamdo, South Korea.
Alberta declared a state of emergency on Wednesday as crews frantically held back wind-whipped wildfires that have already torched 1,600 homes and other buildings in Canada's main oil sands city of Fort McMurray, forcing more than 80,000 residents to flee. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said fire had destroyed or damaged an estimated 1,600 structures. Danielle Larivee, Alberta's minister of municipal affairs, said the fire is actively burning in residential areas. Fatalities have been reported from a collision on a nearby highway but she was unaware if it was related to the evacuation or fire.
There were haunting images of scorched trucks, charred homes and telephone poles, burned out from the bottom up, hanging in the wires like little wooden crosses. Some residents were evacuated for a second time late on Wednesday when they were told to leave their emergency accommodations in the nearby hamlet of Anzac.
The blaze effectively cut Fort McMurray in two late on Tuesday, forcing about 10,000 north to the safety of oil sands work camps. The other 70,000 or so were sent streaming south in a bumper-to-bumper snake line of cars and trucks that stretched beyond the horizon down Highway 63. Firefighters were working to protect critical infrastructure, including the only bridge across the Athabasca River and Highway 63, the only major route to the city in or out. Labour's Sadiq Khan, the son of a bus driver from Pakistan, voted early in his multiethnic constituency of Tooting in south London.
His main rival, environmentalist Zac Goldsmith, cast his ballot in the posh Richmond neighborhood west of the city center. The vote is seen as the first major electoral test for opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, whose party has been rived by infighting over allegations of anti-Semitism. The results of the regional elections that are also being held in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will likely set the tone for the final seven weeks of campaigning ahead of Britain's June 23 EU membership referendum. In the Scottish Parliament, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's pro-independence party is looking to tighten its hold on power as it seeks to build support for a second vote on seceding from the UK following a failed referendum on the issue in 2014. If Britain as a whole votes to leave the European Union but Scotland votes to stay in, Sturgeon says that would be a pretext for her Scottish National Party to demand another independence referendum. In London, polls show the city facing a straight choice between Labour candidate Khan and his Conservative rival Goldsmith. The campaign has been dominated by negative campaigning, with Goldsmith seeking to establish links between Khan and Muslim extremists, which Khan has consistently dismissed as "desperate stuff".
Khan, 45, is the son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver who became a human rights lawyer and government minister, while ecologist Goldsmith, 41, is a son of the late tycoon financier James Goldsmith, a scion of one of Britain's wealthiest families.
Despite the surface-level rancor, both candidates accept that the sky-high cost of homes and the city's creaking transport system are the dominant issues for voters. Of the 12 candidates, second preference votes for the top two are added on to determine the winner. London's Evening Standard newspaper endorsed Goldsmith on Wednesday, as he spent the last day of campaigning on a 24-hour tour of the city. During a visit to a street market in south London on Wednesday, Khan told AFP his rival had run a "negative, divisive and increasingly desperate campaign". The new mayor replaces the eccentric Conservative Boris Johnson, whose eight-year term in office included the London 2012 Olympics and the launch of a cycle hire scheme dubbed "Boris Bikes".
Out of London's City Hall, the fiercely-ambitious Johnson - a leading figure in the EU referendum's "Leave" campaign - is the bookmakers' favorite to become Britain's next prime minister. Sadiq Khan, Britain's Labour Party candidate for mayor of London, and his wife Saadiya pose for photographers after casting their votes for mayor in South London on Wednesday. The leader of Bangladesh's top Islamist party Jamaat-e-Islami is set to hang within days after the Supreme Court on Thursday upheld his death sentence for war crimes.
Motiur Rahman Nizami was convicted of murder, rape and orchestrating the killing of intellectuals during the country's 1971 independence struggle. A defense lawyer for the 73-year-old said he would not seek clemency and Alam said jail authorities would begin preparing for the execution once they received a copy of the verdict.
Security has been stepped up in Dhaka, already tense after a string of killings of secular and liberal activists and religious minorities by suspected Islamist militants. Hundreds of people who had campaigned for the Islamist leaders to be tried for their roles in the 1971 war burst into impromptu celebrations at a square in central Dhaka and in the port city of Chittagong. Three senior Jamaat officials and a key leader of Bangladesh Nationalist Party, the main opposition party, have been executed since December 2013 for war crimes despite global criticism of their trials by a controversial tribunal.
Jamaat said the charges against Nizami were false and aimed at eliminating the leadership of the party, a key ally of the opposition BNP. Nizami took over as party leader in 2000 and was a minister in the Islamist-allied government of 2001-2006.
Prosecutors said he was responsible for setting up the Al-Badr pro-Pakistani militia, which killed top writers, doctors and journalists in the most gruesome chapter of the 1971 conflict.
Their bodies were found blindfolded with their hands tied and dumped in a marsh on the outskirts of the capital. Prosecutors said Nizami ordered the killings, designed to "intellectually cripple" the fledgling nation.
The 1971 conflict, one of the bloodiest in world history, led to the creation of an independent Bangladesh from what was then East Pakistan.
Nizami was convicted in October 2014 by the International Crimes Tribunal, which was established in 2010 by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government and has sentenced more than a dozen opposition leaders for war crimes. Rodrigo Duterte has a commanding lead in opinion polls ahead of the May 9 election, much to the dismay of business chiefs, investors and diplomats who see him as a clown with no clear economic policies and a possible liability for the country.
Brash and openly scathing of the political establishment on the campaign trail, he has been likened to US presidential candidate Donald Trump. And yet, Duterte's supporters point to his past to argue that as president, he would not be the disaster that critics fear. As mayor of Davao city in the south of the country, they say, the 71-year-old former prosecutor waged war on drugs, crushed crime rates, lifted investment levels, improved health and education, and delegated policy issues to technocrats. Eurasia Group, a global risk research firm, said in a report this week that the Philippines is likely to continue on the pro-growth and reform-oriented path set by outgoing President Benigno Aquino, regardless of who wins the election.
It said that while Grace Poe, a senator who was at one stage the front-runner in opinion polls, appears more engaged and knowledgeable on economic policy, Duterte defers to capable advisers and is likely to pursue infrastructure development, administrative streamlining and openness to foreign investment.
Last week, members of the country's leading business club were stunned when Duterte addressed them in his usual style, threatening to kill criminals and making risque comments about Viagra use and his sex life, but shedding little light on the economic policies he would pursue if he became president.
Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte (center) listens as Senate candidates Dionisio Santiago, right, and Sandra Camtalk to him while campaigning inManila. A senator selected as a fact-finder by a special Senate commission considering the impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff recommended on Wednesday that she be put on trial for possible removal from office. The Israeli military launched airstrikes early on Thursday on four Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in response to mortar rounds fired at Israel, the military said. A bleeding pregnant woman dropped dead at the gates of Haiti's largest public hospital after failing to get help on Wednesday amid a weeks-old strike by resident doctors, nurses and other staff.
A woman has been found alive after six days in a collapsed building and rescuers were working to free her, a Kenyan government official said on Thursday. Rescuers were creating room to release the woman who was speaking to medics waiting to treat her, said Pius Masai, the head of the National Disaster Management Unit.
The New Day newspaper is shutting down after only nine weeks after its circulation failed to meet expectations. Relative calm prevailed on Thursday in the Syrian city of Aleppo following a US-Russian agreement to extend a cessation of hostilities that had crumbled after nearly two weeks of violence between rebels and government forces that killed dozens.
Syrian state media said the army would abide by a "regime of calm" in the city that came into effect at 1:00 am for 48 hours. But the army again blamed Islamist insurgents for violating the agreement overnight by what it called indiscriminate shelling of some government-held residential areas of the divided city. President Bashar Assad said on Thursday his country would not accept less than an outright victory against rebels in the northern city of Aleppo and across Syria, state media reported. In a telegram sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Assad said the army would not accept less than "attaining final victory" in its fight against the rebels. Witnesses said at least one person was killed in rebel shelling overnight of the Midan neighborhood on the government side of the city. A resident contacted in the rebel-held eastern part of the city said although warplanes were flying overnight, there were none of the intense raids seen during more than 10 days of aerial bombing.
People in several districts ventured out onto the streets where more shops than normal had opened, the resident of al Shaar neighborhood said. The only intense fighting reported was in the southern Aleppo countryside where Syria's al-Qaida offshoot Nusra Front is dug in close to where militias maintain a stronghold.
The surge in bloodshed in Aleppo wrecked the first major "cessation of hostilities" agreement of the war, sponsored by Washington and Moscow, which had held since February.
Meanwhile, around 64,000 Syrians are stranded at the border with Jordan after intensified violence around Aleppo, Jordanian border guards said on Thursday. Jordan, which is already home to more than 630,000 Syrian refugees, said it must screen newcomers to ensure they are genuine refugees and not jihadists seeking to infiltrate the country. A Syrian refugee woman, who is stuck between the Jordanian and Syrian borders, holds her child as she crosses into Jordan after a group of refugees had crossed into Jordanian territory on Wednesday.
Davutoglu, who had fallen out with President Recept Tayyip Erdogan, announced he was stepping aside following a meeting with executives of the ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP, which has dominated Turkish politics since 2002. Davutoglu indicated he did not plan to resign from the party, saying he would "continue the struggle" as a ruling party legislator. The shake-up is seen as the outcome of irreconcilable differences between Erdogan, who would like to see the country transition to a presidential system, and his once-trusted adviser. But the adviser to Erdogan tried to act independently on a range issues and often proved to be a more moderating force to Erdogan.
Crisis talks between the former political allies dragged out for nearly two hours on Wednesday but clearly failed to resolve their differences. Divisions between the Erdogan and Davutoglu camps first spilled into the open over the conflict with Kurdish militants. Erdogan took issue with Davutoglu after he spoke of the possibility of resuming peace talks with the PKK if it withdraws its armed fighters from Turkish territory.
Volunteers in opposition-held areas of Syria are forced to improvise as they carry out one of the world's most dangerous tasks: dismantling cluster munitions, land mines and explosive booby-traps as they work to make battle-torn areas safe for civilians to return. Booby-traps laid by the Islamic State group in the Kurdish-held town of Kobani, in northern Syria, have killed more than 20 volunteer sappers in 15 months, according to a senior regional official.
The sappers were all regular fighters in the main Syrian Kurdish militia, the YPG, who volunteered to take a munitions-clearance course based on Internet videos and shared experience. Still, the amateur demining effort continues in other parts of Syria, often with minimal training and no specialized equipment. An estimated 5.1 million Syrians live in what the UN's demining coordination body, UNMAS, calls "contaminated" areas, where unexploded ordnance poses a threat to life and limb. Defusing or otherwise neutralizing unexploded ordnance is a perilous task for even the best-trained technicians, to say nothing of volunteers. The weapons have been used extensively by the Syrian government, the Russian Air Force, and the Islamic State group in civilian areas throughout much of the war, according to evidence gathered by Human Rights Watch and other watchdog agencies.
The Syrian government has been able to rely on Russian military technicians to secure areas under their control, such as the ancient city of Palmyra, which pro-government forces retook from IS in March.
Speed participated in test runs here during the weekend of the United States Grand Prix in June. Fellow GP2 series driver Neel Jani of Switzerland also will drive on the Formula One circuit for Red Bull next year.
Behind the scenes at the Chinese GPA Behind the scenes at the Chinese GPIt was a long night in Shanghai after the final grand prix of the season, with several teams hosting end of year parties, although without wishing to blow our own trumpet, ita€™s fair to say that ours was the hot ticket of the night, with some very important F1 movers and shakers almost groveling for invites on race day in the paddock. No one who turned up would have been disappointed as it was one of those perfect nights when the weather was just right, there was the right crowd and no crowding and the drink never ran out. An army of locals had been employed to erect an authentic-looking Chinese bamboo village on the banks of the river that slices through the heart of the city of Shanghai.
Several F1 drivers were present, but their year-round alcohol abstinence program meant that one glass of champagne and negotiating the steps up onto stage proved a touch beyond their capabilities.
A straw pole among F1 people agreed that the other great party of the weekend was the one staged by Minardi, who said farewell to the paddock with an Aussie-style barbecue on Saturday night. If Bourdais and Servia have their way, the 15th running of the Lexmark Indy 300 will have its 15th different winner as neither driver has won here.A  In the 14 previous races here, NHR has earned four wins (Junqueira 2004, Da Matta 2001, Tracy 1995, Mansell 1993), six poles (Bourdais 2003, Da Matta 2002, Mi. Renault president Patrick Faure admits that a French driver at the wheel would 'be a bonus', but pointed to a current dearth of home grown talent.A  Renault has let French F1 test driver Franck Montagny leave. The bankruptcy of automotive parts supplier Delphi Corp., billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian's growing stake in General Motors Corp.
Shear, who was placed on probation April 16, has been suspended from NASCAR events until Oct. DirecTV has signed a multi-year deal to become the official satellite provider of NASCAR, according to SportsBusiness Journala€™s Scott Warfield in a special to THE DAILY. Marshall and his teammates a€“ fellow Queenslander Will Power and Canadian Alex Tagliani a€“ enjoyed a horse ride on Main Beach, Southport, early today before launching full-scale preparations for Indy 300, which starts on Thursday.
Of the three drivers, only Tagliani is an experienced campaigner in Champ Cars, having driven them for the past five years.A  Marshall, 26, is close to completing his rookie season while Power has never before driven in the series.
Gold Coast businessmen Craig Gore and John Fish - joint owners of the fledgling Team Australia - have been encouraging a wave of parochialism towards their drivers in the lead-up to this week's event.
Marshall said he was pleased to have such a high level of support from fans, but he added they should not expect miracles from a team still in its infancy.A  "There's got to be a little bit of patience there from the public," Marshall, who won the Silverstone race in the British Formula 3 Championship last year, said. The test days at the 2.3-mile South Florida road circuit will be open to all teams competing in the Rolex Series Daytona Prototype and GT classes, and will likely be the first showcase for new teams, drivers and race cars for the 2006 season. Typical engine life increased from a maximum of 350km (pre-2004) to 650km (2004) to 1300km maximum (2005). The rate of engine performance development continued to increase despite the demanding increases to engine life. The TJ2005 Series 12 engines raced in Shanghai last weekend were run to an optimized 'single event' duty cycle to give maximum performance over their one event life. Cosworth made no unscheduled engine changes with Red Bull Racing throughout the 2005 race season. Minardi introduced the TJ2005 Series 10 powered PS05 chassis at the San Marino Grand Prix (22nd-24th April) & enjoyed the same levels of engine reliability as Red Bull Racing. Ferrari won't let Rubens go earlyA Ferrari won't let Rubens go early"We leave each other with affection: he contributed in marking an important era in our history," Ferrari team boss Jean Todt was quoted as saying in Gazzetta dello Sport. When asked whether he would allow Barrichello to test for BAR before January, Todt said: "No.
Quote from Al Speyer, Executive Director, Bridgestone Motorsport: "Surfers Paradise is one of the most enjoyable racing locales for any series, anywhere, and we're glad to be coming back Down Under. Mark Webber, Nick Heidfeld and Antonio Pizzonia had no real chance of becoming a factor in the battles for the Driversa€™ and Constructorsa€™ Championships. In Monaco, he shared the podium with his second-placed team-mate, thus making for the BMW WilliamsF1 Teama€™s best result in the event which represents the highlight of the Formula One season. An injury forced Nick to miss the five final rounds of the season, and he was replaced by the teama€™s test and reserve driver, Antonio Pizzonia.
With its primary goal complete, the Driver Search will not continue to operate in its current format for 2006. Since its inception in 2002, the Red Bull Driver Search has offered an unparalleled opportunity to thousands of aspiring, American racecar drivers, providing many with the experience of a lifetime and helping several others to advance their racing careers. The History of the Red Bull Driver SearchIn the inaugural year 2002, an elite class of 13 drivers competed for four coveted seats on the Red Bull Junior Team. Additional qualifying centers were added in 2004, further broadening the reach of the Program.
The Red Bull Driver Search has put American drivers back on the map in the top tiers of European open-wheel racing, and most importantly, the Program has achieved the significant feat of placing an American in the leading category of world motorsport, Formula 1.
The Monterrey, Mexico, native, is looking forward to compete in the high competitive Formula BMW Championship withA  Eurointernational. Arturo Gonzales, who isA studying at the high school Bachillerato Anahuac of Monterrey, already hasA 8 years in karting, winning in 1998 and 1999 the Bixstraton Regional Championship, while in 2000 was the Yamaha sportsman Regional Champion and the Yamaha Heavy Class Champion in 2003. This time, the IndyCar Series champion and newly crowned Menards Infiniti Pro Series champion Wade Cunningham a€“ along with other drivers, teams and manufacturers a€“ were recognized during the Indy Racing League Championship Celebration at Paramount Pictures Studio. IRL founder and CEO Tony George presented Wheldon a $1 million championship bonus check and a replica of the IndyCar Series championship trophy. Danica Patrick of Rahal Letterman Racing accepted the $50,000 Bombardier Rookie of the Year Award, while Andretti Green Racinga€™s Dario Franchitti received $25,000 for winning the Argent Mortgage Fastest Lap Award. Carpentier received his award, which honors the late Tony Renna, from IRL President and COO Brian Barnhart and Debbie Savini. Cunningham accepted the Firestone Firehawk Cup along with a $5,000 award from Lincoln Electric Co. Danica Patrick allegedly slapped Jaques Lazier as the two drivers rode in an ambulance to the infield care center after their cars crashed on the 186th lap of the Toyota Indy 400 at California Speedway. Seconds after the crash, Chip Ganassi, owner of Lazier's car, accused Patrick on live TV of causing the crash. Attendance on the final day at Shanghai was 130,000, according to circuit management, down from last year's inaugural event's full house of 150,000.
That was in line with reports from hotels and travel agencies, who said an aggressive sales push in the final weeks before Sunday's race hadn't succeeded in taking up the slack from the loss of the race's novelty value. Zhou Weihong, vice-manager of Shanghai Spring travel agency, said ticket sales were down about 20 per cent but Formula One fans still provided a substantial market. Xu Wen, public relations manager at Shanghai's Grand Hyatt Hotel, said most four and five star hotels in the city had been booked solid months ahead of the race. Fen Xiafang, PR manager at the upmarket Garden Hotel, said price rises of up to 50 per cent on rooms at the hotel didn't seem to deter customers.
Wu Derong, who handles Formula One packages at Shanghai China Youth Travel Service Co., said demand was also growing from Chinese fans wanting to travel abroad to see races. A massive logistical and organizational undertaking will all be put to the test on Friday morning, when cars from the Champ Car World Series take to the track for their first practice session of the weekend.
Since the decision to tender for the control methanol race fuel supplier role, a lot has been organized and put in place well ahead of this weekends racing.

During the course of the race weekend, the Champ Car field will use over 23,000 liters of Elfa€™s premium quality methanol race fuel.
The event is an important part of Elf Race Fuels Australiaa€™s involvement in Australian motorsport, which also includes the roles of control fuel suppliers to championships such as the Globalstar Australian Rally Championship and the Kumho Tires Australian Formula 3 Championship.
F1 powers to a partyA F1 powers to a party'F1 2005' partied to a conclusion in the wee hours of Sunday evening in and around Shanghai.
At midnight, 1500 party-goers representing all ten teams watched the 'Formula Una Awards' -- a prize going to the prettiest Red Bull pit girl.
Earlier, while still in the paddock, Jordan showed it had not completely lost its sense of humor when the team - to become 'Midland' for 2006 - posed for an end of year photo. Just as the much-criticized team boss Colin Kolles had in Australia, every team member wore a Burberry cap for the snap.
At the Minardi barbeque, Paul Stoddart laid on plenty of beer and hamburgers -- and a tasty looking shark as a table centerpiece.
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We actually set up a little a€?Ode To Amandaa€? for everyone to come and see her pictures.a€? Our main portrait is just unbelievable!! Although we may not be able to end sexual exploitation during our lifetime, it is our continued hope that drives us to do the work that we do so that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will never experience the horrors of being sex trafficked during their lifetime.
We continue to be blessed by the generosity of our loyal supporters and funders throughout the local community and nation. While we have made great progress, we realize there is still a great deal of work to be done.
The evening is to premiere the Breaking Free from the Life documentary and celebrate the release of its companion book featuring the stories and art of sex trafficking survivors. Through the collaborative efforts of nine retiree groups from Northwest Airlines, NAREEVO has impacted more than 50 organizations through volunteering and community service.
Join me in support of Pancreatic Cancer Action Network's effort to advance research, support patients and create hope.
Their skins are sometimes worn as a symbol of power by African chiefs, including South Africa's President Jacob Zuma. Others include the National Geographic Society's Big Cats Initiative, the wild cat conservation organization Panthera and the Zoological Society of London. He pointed to Kenya, which bans all hunting, and neighboring Tanzania, which devotes more land to hunting than preservation.
Rodriguez said that since then there have been six vandalism incidents as well as protests whenever Jewish or Israeli representatives visited. He accuses Turnbull, a 61-year-old self-made multimillionaire, of being out of touch with ordinary folks. Labor wants to reduce tax breaks on real estate to make it a less attractive investment for landlords. A Shorten government would put legislation to allow same-sex marriage to the Parliament within its first 100 days in power. The vote would not be legally binding and some conservative lawmakers have said they would vote down a gay marriage bill even if most Australians supported marriage equality. This is so people cannot photograph their ballots to prove to vote-buyers that they cast their ballots for the right candidates. A handful of cyber warriors operate from a small office in Jakarta, while the rest work remotely, and the group mostly communicate with one another over the web. A squad of about 500 Muslims from the world’s biggest Muslim organization has begun its crusade to fight IS and its propaganda on social media to counter its influence on young Muslims. But there could be a possibility that he was killed by Islamist militants," said Rajshahi district police chief Nisharul Arif. Provincial officials said displaced people would be better off driving to cities like Calgary, 655 km to the south, where health and social services are better. About half of the crude output from the sands, or one million barrels per day, had been taken offline as of Friday, according to a Reuters estimate. Much of the negative advertising against Trump is expected to focus on belittling statements he's made about women in the past. Eng Karanja Kibicho announced on Friday that the government would no longer host refugees and was disbanding its Department of Refugee Affairs, which processes refugee registration.
Supporters said Khan's own message - that a victory for him would show the world how tolerant and open Britain was - carried far more power. The final round of ballot confirming confirmed early Saturday that Khan received 57 percent of votes, Goldsmith 43 percent.
The article claimed that Khan and Labour considered terrorists their friends and would handicap police efforts to prevent another attack on London, 11 years after 52 Londoners died in suicide blasts on three subway trains and a bus committed by British-born Muslims. Before liftoff from Cape Canaveral, Florida, he put the chances of a successful touchdown at "maybe even" because the rocket was coming in faster and hotter than last time.
The Senate was scheduled to vote Wednesday on whether to open a trial and suspend Rousseff.
It appeared the highway is safe enough on Friday to move thousands more south on the highway.
The convoy will pass through Fort McMurray where the fire has torched 1,600 homes and other buildings. Morrison said the cause of the fire hasn't been determined, but he said it started in a remote forested area and could have been ignited by lightning.
This amount of money would likely to be "by far the largest potential catastrophe loss in Canadian history," he said. Industry officials said the regulations could hurt smaller companies and cripple a their job-creating business due to the expense of the regulatory process. While some researchers believe e-cigarettes pose a lower cancer risk because they do not burn tobacco, other researchers view e-cigarette vapor as potentially harmful because of chemicals released during the burning process.
They were asked instead to stay outside the meeting venue and interview Pyongyang residents.
He said that as a young college student, he was lucky to take part in the parade and torch march before the meeting. Cannabis dining, on the other hand, is a relatively new concept, and Sayegh wants to bring it to the masses.
Carrot confit gnocchi with cannabis-infused pea emulsion was followed by New York strip steak with parsnip puree and a "medicated" red wine reduction. In a country where young adults increasingly live and dine alone, the shows have become so popular, some hosts have made small or big fortunes from the virtual cash sent from viewers.
Some avid fans say they quit watching soap operas, reading online news or playing mobile phone game to watch. While visiting his mother-in-law in a mountainous village, Koo Eun-je, 35, saw a cat outside, wondered how it survived and put out leftover fish for it. Some viewers have sent Koo virtual cash items, which help cover his living expenses and cat food. The show has replaced his time on Facebook and his day is full of newfound cat-related activities although he still does not plan to adopt one. Stray cats are called "thief cats" because they are believed to survive by stealing food from humans. But now once in a while I look down, like beneath a car, to see what kind of cats live near my house," said Park Tae-kyung, a 33-year-old computer graphic designer.
Flames are being kept from the downtown area thanks to the "herculean'" efforts of firefighters, said Scott Long of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. Fort McMurray is surrounded by wilderness in the heart of Canada's oil sands - the third largest reserves of oil in the world behind Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. There had been 2,500 evacuees registered at the local recreation center, although it was not known how many were still there when they were told to get on buses for Edmonton further to the south. Federal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale called it one of the largest fire evacuations in Canadian history, if not the largest.
Now there is no bar to execute him unless he seeks clemency from the president and the president pardons him," said Attorney General Mahbubey Alam after the Supreme Court dismissed Nizami's final appeal. We hope the government will now execute him without wasting any time," said Imran Sarker, a secular blogger.
The Senate's website said Senator Antonio Anastasia made the recommendation for a Senate trial in a 126-page report he presented to the 21-member commission. The military said it hit "terrorist infrastructure sites" belonging to Hamas, the Islamic militant group which rules Gaza.
Hundreds of people gathered around the woman just outside the General Hospital compound in Port-au-Prince's crowded downtown.
The party will hold an emergency convention on May 22 to select a new party leader who would also replace the premier.
It comes a day after Davutoglu's government scored a victory of sorts, with the European Union's executive commission recommending approval of a deal to give Turkish citizens the right to travel to Europe without visas. Davutoglu was expected to play a backseat role as Erdogan pushed ahead with plans to make the largely ceremonial presidency into an all-powerful position. But the death toll in the Kobani area was so high that the campaign there has been suspended, Hisso said. Members of the Civil Defense demining teams in Aleppo province have developed their own methods, including burning explosives in primitive pits and detonating unexploded cluster munitions by shooting at them. A star in Red Bull Racing's talent development program that paves the way for young drivers to get a full-time ride on the Formula One circuit, the 22-year-old Speed will become the first American to compete in a full Grand Prix season since Michael Andretti in 1993.
The party could boast no less a dignitary than FIA President Max Mosley, who was on stage to assist Red Bulla€™s Dietrich Mateschitz in announcing the winner of this yeara€™s Formula Una Award.
Actually, it wasna€™t really a typically Australian outdoor meal, as no one died of alcohol poisoning, no one was dragged into the undergrowth and eaten by dingo dogs, nor did anyone drive a car into a swimming pool! 43 Dodge driven by Aaron Fike in the NASCAR Busch Series, was penalized along with Brad Pickens, crew chief for the No. 14, Pickens was found in violation of 12-4-A and 12-4-Q (unapproved fuel cell installation), which resulted in a $1,000 fine. It will be the first of two preseason tests scheduled for the Rolex Series, as the annual Daytona Test Days are slated for January 4-7, 2006. Race fans interested in attending may do so free of charge, and may view the proceedings from the Club Grandstands along the front straightaway.
Next season will see the introduction of 2.4-litre V8 engines with Cosworth entering a wide-ranging partnership agreement for the provision and development of V8 engines for WilliamsF1's entry in the Formula One World Championship. In 38 race starts Cosworth powered Red Bull Racing to 21 top 10 finishes, 15 points finishes & 4 double points finishes.
While Bridgestone is bringing a new race tire that has never been run a full race weekend before, this specification did receive a sneak peek here last year.
At the NA?rburgring, Nick secured the maiden pole position of his Formula One career and finished runner-up. Next season, 2002 Red Bull Driver Search winner, Scott Speed will take his seat in Formula 1 with one of Red Bulla€™s Formula 1 Teams, Red Bull Racing or Squadra Toro Rosso.
We will not conduct a formal or organized Search, but Red Bull will continue to monitor upcoming American racing talent. Paul Edwards, Scott Speed, Grant Maiman, and Joel Nelson edged out the competition to earn a drive in Europe for the 2003 racing season.A In 2003, the Red Bull Driver Search expanded to the grassroots of motorsports, enabling young aspirants to qualify for selection through a series of nationwide karting qualifiers. John Edwards was selected as the winner, while Speed and Fleming dominated the Formula Renault ranks in Europe during the 2004 racing season. Emmy Award winner Dennis Miller hosted the awards show at the Paramount Theatre, with a dinner and party afterward on the studio grounds. The season has been 17 races and wea€™ve been on every different type of track you could imagine a€“ street course, permanent road course, short ovals, big ovals, the intermediate ones. Franchitti clinched the season-long Argent Mortgage Fastest Lap award with four fastest laps during the 2005 season.
Patrick's engineer, Ray Leto, told a reporter that Patrick slapped Lazier, but a Rahal Letterman Racing publicist said Patrick only tapped Lazier on the forehead and said, "You need to use your head." Neither Patrick nor Lazier was available when news of the incident began to spread following Sunday's race, which was won by Dario Franchitti.
People, equipment and a€“ of course a€“ Elf's premium quality racing methanol, are all among the things which needed to be organized.
On hand to oversee the operations during the weekend will be around a dozen staff representing Elf Australia.
Our interest is motorsport and our primary interest is in supplying a complete, perfect product. The place to be was Red Bull's 'full-on' end of year bash in a purpose-built bamboo village on the Huangpu river.
In tribute to the departing Aussie boss' rows with the FIA president, someone scrawled 'Max' on the shark's side.
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It is with you that we stand up against this injustice and collectively give voice to the millions of lost and voiceless victims still waiting to be rescued from their oppressors.
The plan is that investors won't price as many would-be owner-occupiers out of the housing market.
Bush, the only former Republican presidents still living, said they would not back Trump's candidacy.
That was the first successful landing at sea for SpaceX, which expects to start reusing its unmanned Falcon rockets as early as this summer to save money and lower costs. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is escorting 50 vehicles at a time, south through the city itself on Highway 63 at a distance of about 20 kilometers south and then releasing the convoy.
Wall Street analysts expect the regulations to herald a new wave of consolidation led by big tobacco companies. It throws off the whole flavor of the dish," he said, adding that he "micro-doses" his dishes to the desired potency of individual clients. When the stray cats finally come to eat the food left out for them, people watching online sit enraptured by their feline charms.
But it has helped change negative images of stray cats in South Korea, which has traditionally seen them as thieves. An update from the Municipality of Wood Buffalo later in the evening indicated the fire was continuing to claim homes and had destroyed a new school. Rousseff is facing impeachment over allegations her administration violated fiscal laws by shifting around government funds to plug holes in the budget.
The Gaza Health Ministry said three children and a 65-year-old Palestinian suffered light-to-moderate injuries in an airstrike that hit a metal workshop in Gaza City.
They covered her body in a blanket and carried it to a nearby radio station in an impromptu protest, chanting: "Medicine needs to work!" "This woman came here to get help but couldn't find any doctors. The newspaperi??i??the first title to launch in Britain in 30 yearsi??i??had been seen as a counter to the trend of declining newspaper sales in an online world. We went there with the ambition to win the race, and gave ourselves the best possible means to do it. As the series heads to Martinsville Speedway this weekend, Biffle spoke about his recent test session there and how he has tried to improve on the half-mile short track. Shear was cited under sections 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing) and 12-4-Q (unapproved hubs, offset) of the 2005 NASCAR Busch Series Rule Book. He was also fined $1,000 for the infraction, which was found during opening day inspection on Oct. He was penalized an additional $1,000 for violating 12-4-A and 12-4-Q (unapproved usage of two tires) during the race, also on Oct. We allowed each car in 2004 to run one set of this spec during the Friday practice session, using the data gathered from that exercise to confirm the worthiness of this spec. Current Driver Search graduates, Scott Speed, Colin Fleming and John Edwards, will continue to be supported by Red Bull as they pursue their dreams of Formula 1. After the dust settled on the Finals in Estoril, Colin Fleming, Dominique Claessens and Matt Jaskol were selected, joining Scott Speed as members of the 2004 Red Bull Junior Team. To put together a season in which wea€™ve won a lot and been very consistent truly means a lot.
Argent Mortgage, the official mortgage company of the Indy Racing League, awarded $25,000 to Andretti Green Racing for Franchittia€™s accomplishment. Mike Horvath of Andretti Green Racing won the Chief Mechanic of the Year Award and its $25,000 prize. What's indisputable is that series rookie Danica Patrick made some kind of physical contact with fellow Indy Racing League driver Jaques Lazier in the rescue vehicle after they crashed together near the end of the Toyota Indy 400. Representatives from our chemical supply company will be coming onsite to ensure that ita€™s all correct and right. I thought all photography had to be boring.There wasna€™t a photography studio around who would help me plan my outfits so that they reflected my personality. Thank you for taking SO MUCH time to make this time in her life so memorable.a€? Youa€™re the best!! Two former Trump rivals for the nomination, Florida Governor Jeb Bush and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, are among those who have also said they don't plan to back Trump. He said the Conservative campaign sought to frighten non-Muslim voters "about Khan, the alleged Muslim extremist". That's not right," computer technician Jean Michel Tius said as he watched the crowd march away with the body.
Well, would you believe it, the jury found it almost impossible to split the girls and with the Hungarian representative only edging ahead by 0.1%, all 20 girls will be given the winnera€™s prize of a round the world trip!
The contract calls for a team commitment, but the company has yet to make any announcementA THE DAILY. Bridgestone Motorsport shipped a new tire specification for use Down Under this weekend that relies on some old Potenza street-course favorite compounds and constructions. So it was like a mini-tire test session, something rare and quite beneficial for us on a temporary circuit, and the spec passed with flying colors.
XM Satellite Radio was named the leaguea€™s Marketer of the Year, and Infineon Raceway was named the Promoter of the Year. Lazier initially called it a punch, then later allowed Patrick's explanation of a poke to the forehead to stand as the truth.A  "Look, we had a difference of opinion about what happened, and we were both emotional," Lazier said Sunday evening. But, there are a few things that you may not have thought about regarding your senior portrait. Plus, if you put close this window and think, a€?Oh, Ia€™ll call latera€? youa€™ll get busy and distracted and our times will fill up before you get the chance to call again. The first 3 seniors to call will also receive the Movie (like the one at the top of this page) of their session, two FREE tickets to the UA movie theater AND a 50% off frame coupon to Accolade Frames (my frame shop). The woman has been given oxygen and she is trapped in small corner of her room, said Abbas Gullet, head of the Kenya Red Cross. We found some things with front spindles that get the car down on the track that really worked for us. The compound formula is the same as utilized last year at Surfers Paradise, while the tire construction mimics that of the 2003 Australia spec. Two drivers from the class of 2005 were selected to travel to the Red Bull Junior Team test in Europe, but neither was successful in earning a seat on the team. Argent has supported Camp Heartland for three consecutive years and is the organization's largest cumulative donor to date. The facility in Sonoma, Calif., hosted the first permanent road-course event in series history, and the successful August event was a harbinger of growth.
I never thought that I would dislike a photograph of myself so much and have to see it FOREVER.
Ia€™ll be out photographing seniors, so just leave a message and Ia€™ll call you back to talk about clothing and locations. I could get in a rhythm and I think being decent enough on the brakes and running lap after lap.
The real satisfaction is to have surprised our competitors, and to have been stronger than them at the final race.a€?It was suggested that Renault was winning titles without panache.
I think I did about 350-400 laps of practice just trying different things - different corner entry, braking different, looking at the data. She was trying to tell him to use his head next time.A  "So you're telling me that Jaques is saying he got beat up by a girl?" Patrick said through Rahal Letterman Racing's Brent Maurer. What I have a habit of doing is starting to stop too early and not press on the brake pedal hard enough. Bridgestone has two rain-tire specifications at its disposal, a more durable one for the faster road circuits and a softer version for the slower, tighter tracks. Through the summer, we played things defensively, did what we had to, took no unnecessary risks and scored the points we needed. That was our priority, to win the driversa€™ championship then once we had done that, we put all our efforts into the constructorsa€™ title.a€?What can you say about the performance of the E spec RS25 engine?a€?We built the engines to this specification in order to provide the best possible level of performance at this final race. I start slowing down for the stop light too soon and just ease the brakes for a long period of time versus getting closer, stopping, and then getting off of them.
Indeed, we only made partial use of the enginea€™s potential owing the unusual circumstances of the race. It didna€™t show everything it was capable of, but it did plenty enougha€¦a€?Renault pioneered the V10 in Formula One, and it won the final V10 championship.
We go around the track in 20 seconds, so if you spend six of those seconds on the brake pedal, I'm spending eight and it doesn't give you 14 seconds for them to cool back down so you're shortening that cool down time. The fact that this is also the final V10 gives us a feeling of nostalgia, and we celebrated it afterwards in the garage This was the most powerful V10 engine we have ever produced, so it was fitting that it should play a decisive role in winning the championship.a€?You have spent twenty years at Renault a€“ what does this title mean?a€?When we win at the track, our first thoughts are for all of those people who we know are back at the factory, and putting all their energy into making our performances possible. The real difference in having a Renault diamond on the nose of the car, rather than being an engine supplier, is the number of people involved in the victory.

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