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The termination phase of love is a magnificent hurtle or sticking point for many of the lovers out there. We know some of the story, loss of the hopes, dreams, and connection that was once shared are indeed hard let go, fearing or believing that one will never love again. As a Psychotherapist and Marriage Counselor I have helped clients with accepting, managing, and resolving the grief of lost love.  It is important to note there are two phases to the loss, Termination and Resolution.
Obsessing- The stern face of determination and a destiny manifesto mapping the route back to the lost lover! Drinking- So you are feeling pretty awful or even maybe excited to expand your horizons and you find that you are spending more time with a cocktail glass in your hand. Hear no evil speak no evil-Speaking poorly about your ex-lover is going to make you look like the monster not the ex. If you have any of other thoughts, questions, or words of wisdom please be welcome to share! After looking at a handful of the articles on your website, I seriously like your technique of blogging. About UsPsychotherapy helps you learn how to take control of your life and respond to challenging situations with healthy coping skills.
At the Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh, we believe your emotional health has a profound effect on your overall well being, and we strive to provide comprehensive services for the mind and body. Counselingwellnesspgh 19 hours ago Peace Out Happiness, Why letting go of Happy may make us more healthy! We all want to see our kids succeed and while failing is an important part of growing up, it’s natural for us as parents to hope our kids experience more successes than failures in life.
An important part of being a good sports parents is simply acknowledging these emotions exist and that it’s alright.
Competitiveness is a productive athletic mode, an even-keeled mindset that an athlete can develop early. Competition, particularly in youth sports, often has a negative connotation, but it shouldn’t. Even if all seems hopeless right now, I want anyone wounded in love to recognize that there is abundant likelihood that your heart, mind, and spirit will make a full recovery. False thoughts and stumbling points can turn our mind against itself for a short period of time.
Termination is when there has been a verbal agreement to call it quits, the cognizant thought that “it’s over” and the sting after pulling off the band aid! Convinced to find a way of bringing Timmy or Tara back into your longing arms and with enough self-work, stalking, and or compromising you will again reach land of happy, happy, the end! False thoughts leading the presumption that if you miss someone or feel sad about a breakup that you should call him or her and make a teary eyed plea for the love.
Drinking to excess, too much and too often is a sure way to zap energy and decrease positive emotions. No matter what the conditions of the divorce or breakup one must practice respect for the memory of the relationship and dignity of the self.

However, how we deal with these emotions can ultimately be the make or break moment in our children enjoying their youth sports experience.
What this means is kids in the program will be coached, taught and developed with the big picture in mind. In contrast, winning a game is a fleeting, at times fortuitous, isolated outcome of a variety of factors never entirely under a competitor’s control – sometimes only good fortune or a favorable match-up is the winning determinant.
Help your son embrace competition and measure success by one’s ability to consistently give their best effort in practice and games.
Share this with your son regardless if they went 0-4 and made three errors or played their best game of the year. This does however require one to make use of some specific skill sets, your coping mechanisms.
Breakups, for the mutually agreed upon, or even for both the initiator and receiver of the news that the relationship has become terminal, all should know that there will be challenges in these changes.
This is not true, if there were solid reasons and feelings on one or both ends to terminate then give it up already. This is a cautionary tale and I assure you that during a break up it is a crucial time to embrace structure and healthy coping mechanisms to deal with your grief. Quick solution, fill that void with something or no– fill it with someone, fill it with anyone so you don’t need to feel alone!!!!!
If there is something that you must vent about do so with a close friend or family member or therapist.
The Bombers Baseball program will be teaching the value of teamwork, so having parents that support the entire team will reinforce this to the kids. But I can tell you firsthand from standing in the outfield with the boys during a game, they can truly feel the awkward quietness that comes when they are on the other side of a bad inning. Remember, winning that particular game is not the ultimate goal when it comes to youth baseball. It is in fact coping skills coupled with awareness and integration of new learning which make that full recovery more expedient and probable. This shows little regard or respect for yourself or your departed lover, if the relationship is over you must embrace some dignity for yourself and walk away with head held high.
Feeling sad and or slightly displaced by the big change of not spending time with your former mate is sure to create some inner angst. If you tell everyone you meet about what a jerk and loser Sammy or Sally is, those around you are sure to wonder why you would waste your time and love on someone whom you regard so negatively. Coaches should wait until the player comes off the field and parents should wait until the game is over.
Winning and losing will not be the focus game to game, but competing and giving maximum effort will be a top priority. Unfortunately, though, whenever winning is over-emphasized in youth sports, competitiveness is frequently seen as the culprit. Moving beyond this juncture requires acceptance of the loss and consolidation of the feelings associated with it. Repeated phone calls, Cyber stalking, or showing up at places where you know they will be is going to diminish your image in their eyes and most importantly in your own!

Recognize it and know that this is because you are a fabulous person capable of great love but do not make it a reason to pick up the phone. Relationship junkies take a breather and consider just what you are avoiding by wanting to attach to anyone who passes your gaze. It is always best to simply say that you are both moving on respectfully to those who may inquire. Candidly, unless your son brings it up, the parent bringing up the missed ground ball in the 2nd inning doesn’t do much good. Coaches can set the tone by shaking opposing players’ hands, helping them up if they are injured or telling them that they did something well. Competition itself is not the problem; mistaking it for a win-or-we-failed coaching philosophy is. The problem is, the transition from “nothing” one year to “all” the next can be emotionally shocking for the unprepared young athlete.
Resolution implies successful termination and the process of grieving reaching its timely closure.  Sounds easy but why is this process the focus of so many movies and songs?
What is it that you are seeking to avoid by continually calling, is it loneliness or fear that is beckoning you to desperate measures to seek reunion? It is a good time to expand your social horizon and reach out to your friends, family, and social supports.
Relationships and even flings that are borne from fear of loneliness or the want to make another jealous are ultimately dehumanizing for both parties and do more to erode the self than promote happiness.
If your son struggled in that particular game, what he needs most is your unconditional love. Athletes who are properly taught to compete are better equipped to process both victory and defeat.
Hold out for true healing before putting any of your energy back into a love mate, remember two broken wings don’t fly but two strong and pluming wings shall soar!  Instead enjoy the opportunity to come into your self and rediscover who you are as one no longer a part of a marriage or relationship. Soon, the players on the team will follow suit, giving the team a reputation for good sportsmanship. And over time, they’ll experience their fair share of both and enjoy the competitive process along the way. Breaking up brings up many reactions and is often hardest when they touch upon some of the unresolved emotional issues such as abandonment and fear of being alone, and or self-esteem in need of some strengthening. Like teamwork, winning and losing graciously is a lesson that carries over throughout our lives and can earn us a tremendous amount of respect from our peers.

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