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To find videos in the catalogue use the search box on the library home page or go to the library catalogue. To find online videos in the catalogue use the search box on the library home page or go to the library catalogue. When you find the video that you want to watch, click on the title for more information or click the link that says "Click here to watch video".
Many students never stop and ask themselves: What is it that I want to get out of my time at college? Students, as you start your college search, take time to start figuring out what you really want from your college experience.
On my college graduation day, what do I want to happen between now and then for me to be able to look at my college career and be happy with what I’ve experienced? Would you like me to go through your current college plan and outline what you need to do so that you can help your student get into first-rate colleges and get five or six-figured scholarships to help you pay for it? In one hour, you’ll discover if your current plan will 1) get your kid into the colleges they’ve chosen and 2) get you the maximum possible financial aid. And if I can help you get more college acceptances and more scholarship monies that you would on your own, I’ll let you know. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInWhen you are a student, you may think that finding a job after college and starting your career should be easy. If you are wondering how to find a job after college, you will need to create a step-by-step plan that leverages your degree, skills, and network to get you ahead of the competition. One of the most difficult aspects of finding a job after college is that the labor market is saturated with applicants – students like you who just graduated. Additionally, your school’s alumni association and career center should be able to help you widen your network and provide an additional job site to check out for open positions. When you are looking through listings, you may have a dream job, industry, city, title or company you want. If you are not getting called back on your job applications, you may need help with your resume. If you are interested in getting a second-opinion on your resume, visit the career center at your university. When you cannot find a job after graduating from college, it affects all aspects of your life. You should move back in with your parents if you are having a really difficult time finding a job after college. Fortunately, most student loans come with a 6 month grace period; otherwise, you should contact your student loan provider or servicer to put your loans into deferment until you find a job. You will need to reduce your spending and cut back on daily living expenses so that you don’t run up a lot of debt on your credit cards.
If you don’t have any strong job leads within the first month, then you need to consider growing your work experience, qualifications, and skills.
One reason you can’t find a job after college may be that you do not have any related work experience. Volunteer work is one option that can help you gain additional work experience, especially if the company you are interested in is offering internship opportunities. Going back to school may not be your first choice if you’ve been looking forward to starting your career. On the other hand, a graduate degree is a costly undertaking in terms of money, time and energy. The video recording icon is highlighted to let you know that these items are video recordings.

Do I want to learn about a lot of subjects before focusing on a particular major or career path? You may have been dreaming about college for a while or maybe you’re just starting to think about it.
The advice about specific colleges, how to narrow the search and make informed decisions was outstanding. After all, you just successfully finished your degree and you’re ambitious, hard-working, and ready to make money. Below, you will learn how to manage if you can’t find a job after college, strategies to improve your marketability, and ways to expand your job search. While you were in college, you may have joined a fraternity or sorority, which can be one way to extend your personal relationships into professional ones. Be sure to attend networking events, functions, conferences, seminars, and career fairs on campus or in your city.
Make sure that you have created a LinkedIn page with a professional photo and an updated resume. This is a great thing to put on your resume because it shows that you are invested in the industry and your career. You might even have unrealistic salary expectations that prevent you from applying to certain positions. When you go to the career fair, be ready with resumes and cover letters to leave with the representatives or human resource coordinators you interact with. The number of recent graduates with jobs after graduation reflects on the college, so each university has a vested interest in helping you find a position as soon as possible. This preparation can make a huge difference in landing a good job when there is stiff competition from other candidates with similar qualifications. You must have a plan in place so that you can continue to survive and get by until you land your first job.
This can take some of the financial pressure off of you, especially since rent is likely your biggest monthly expense.
Take advantage of your graduation money and gifts to avoid credit card debt for the next few months.
You can even test your entrepreneurial spirit by starting a low-cost, low-capital business online.
If you currently have a part-time job, you should keep it and try to get one in your field of interest. You can volunteer in your community or for organizations such as the AmeriCorps, Peace Corps or Teach For America. Nevertheless, if a graduate degree has always been a consideration down the line, it might make sense to complete your degree and graduate into a stronger economy. Do not make this decision lightly or out of frustration just to do something and spare your ego. You may be able to offer a skill that you learned while you were in school, or you may turn something you love into a business. You’re being asked to make decisions that will have an impact on your life for four years. Unfortunately, many college graduates don’t have jobs lined up for them and it often takes months of writing resumes and cover letters, filling out applications, and going on stressful interviews to find an opportunity. Looking for a job and not getting any immediate results may be frustrating and depressing, so it is important that you stay positive throughout the search and develop an efficient system. Connect with friends to see where they are working now and who they may know in your field of interest.

Finally, reach out to older alumni who may be more established in their careers to learn about jobs available at their companies. You can connect it to your other social media sites and keep up with everyone’s careers as well as social lives.
Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded and experienced people in your industry to build relationships. When you widen your search to include all the different types of jobs that your degree qualifies you for, including locations, fields, and types of companies, you will increase your chances of finding jobs.
Try to develop a meaningful relationship with one or two employees because a job in your field may open up within that company in the next few months, and you will have created a contact for it. First, you should research resume samples online to give you ideas on what good resumes look like. The career center may offer one-on-one counseling that can teach you how to improve your resume or offer classes on how to write it correctly.
You should put this plan into place as soon as you graduate to avoid depleting your savings.
Additionally, you will be in a positive and supportive environment during this challenging time in your life, and it will help you maintain a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle. A budget will help you limit your spending and manage the little money that you do have while you are still looking for work.
There are several programs that will even pay you and a portion of your student loans while you volunteer, but they usually require a longer time commitment. In addition to better credentials and a stronger resume, your starting salary will be higher, too.
Service-oriented businesses like consulting, interior design or freelance writing may make sense because they require little start-up capital.
This way, when you are looking for a job, you can reach out to people via LinkedIn or Facebook, and ask them for suggestions on finding a job. These same individuals can help make introductions when you are looking for your first job or in the future, when you are looking for a promotion or raise. For entry-level positions, you should be open to taking the best opportunity available, regardless of geography. Be sure to pay attention to formatting, styling and phrasing – always use professional language such as resume power words and industry terminology. If you majored in computer science, starting your own web design and development company could be a great opportunity. If you know someone that works at a company you applied to, you can reach out and make a contact. If you are unsure how to describe your past work experience or internships, look at similar job listings and use their language. And don’t forget to pitch in around the house as a “thank you” for your parents’ financial assistance. Am I motivated enough to take advantage of a lot of flexibility when it comes to majors and courses?

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