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A collection of Various quotes and sayings on topics including motivational, success, life, leadership, teachers, love, friendship, happiness, success, faith, and nature and more. If a bi-sexual were to turn up missing, would they put his picture on a carton of Half & Half? Check out this water-cycle diagram for elementary school and middle school children from USGS! Keep up to date on the latest information affecting your rivers and find out how you can get involved.
Maybe the animatronics have the same mentality as the Cybermen from Doctor Who- that they're the next evolution of life, and they kill the guards and force them into suits in an attempt to 'upgrade' them?

Speaking of minigames, the arcade game consol seen in teh trailer seems to have FNaF 1 Bonnie's printed on the top.
I think they want to keep the place closed, so that no one, like the Purple Man, harms anymore children in the future.
I think it's just supposed to be Bonnie with the white pupils, though I admit it does look quite a bit like Springtrap. But anyway it pretty much just turned 5 AM and because I was afraid Foxy would jump me, I took my headphones off and didn't hear Mangle's radio and she thus then got on the ceiling and on top of that my flashlight was almost out of power. Someone brightened the image of the West Hall in FNAF 1, and found a drawing of an animatronic that looks like Spring Trap.

Fortunately I knew that Mangle didn't attack very quickly so I could flip up the camera charge the music box a few more times before she attacked and by the edge of my teeth it turned to 6 while I was charging the box.

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