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Download wallpaper christmas, new year, girl, woman, lips, kiss, hat, snow, winter for free with resolution 1900x1200 pix. Medics: London Ambulance Service staff treating revellers during New Year's Eve in London as ambulance services experienced a busy nightIn Devon, a 27-year-old builder was hacked to death with an axe after a mass brawl broke out in the village of Tamerton Foliot.
The holiday season is almost over, bringing the year to an end, and what better way to end it than with some tonsil hockey from the dime across the room on New Year's Eve?If you missed the opportunity to snag a kiss using the awesome mistletoe trick, then this is your last chance—don't screw it up. Step 1: Dress the PartIt's time to put down that ugly sweater and whip out the braces (not the ones on your teeth). Step 3: Find Your TargetOnce you get to the party location, you can toss back a couple more drinks. Image via Shutterstock If you are rolling solo, it's all about the conversation and not being too agro. Step 4: Break the IceOnce you have spotted a potential lip lock, you can make your way over or bring a friend to help you out. Step 5: Assess the SituationNow that you are talking in a group, or one on one, you should be able to read the signals. Step 8: Proximity “Mine”T-minus 10 minutes and you are still with the potential tongue-dancing partner. Image via Shutterstock Of course these are just some simple tips that make the process a little more bearable. Chris Brown and girlfriend Karrueche Tran celebrated their New Years in the arms of one another and flaunted it on Instagram for the world to see. From a shocking elimination to a tear-inducing performance, get the scoop on everything that happened during 'Dancing with the Stars' Week 8!

Kristen Stewart is rarely the type to discuss her dating life, something she is pretty aware of. To help you out, we'll give you a quick rundown on how to properly get a New Year's Eve kiss without being super creepy—or downright desperate. New Year's Eve parties are commonly the fanciest of all the holidays parties with men and women wearing crazy themed costumes or fancy suits and dresses. While a lot of folks drink for practically any holiday, New Year's Eve is really the only holiday that doesn't carry any cultural or religious significance.
Proper “lubrication” can help those stiff joints get a little loose and your frequent visits to the bar or bathroom will allow for more than a few chats. You're under an hour and would hate to have wasted your entire "A" game on someone who may not be down. It may not work for everyone, but 40 percent of the time it works all the time, at least for me. Obviously, depending on where you're going, you will want to dress accordingly—to some extent.If you're going to wear a suit, make sure to not blend in with everyone else. Thus, it's the best time to drink without feeling badly about it.Get loose with a few drinks, but remember to pace yourself.
Drop hints to see if they are single or even just ask if they've ever kissed anyone on New Year's Eve. If it's cold you can even lay down some chap stick.Now there are two theories in this final minute.
Having a drink will fend away haters and unwanted questions.During this drinking session, it's time to scan the area for potentials.

Asking the one you are interested in to take a picture of you and your friends is clutch as well. You need to make some type of friendly contact.Placing you hands on the shoulders or back while talking or leading this person around is a decent start.
You can talk about resolutions or get another round of shots, but don't let them out of your sight. Either, you can get close and just lay one on them when the clock strikes 12, hoping it will be reciprocated and appreciated.
Wearing something flashy or funny is a great conversation starter and an easy way to be remembered and spotted when the clock starts ticking.
If you are with a large group and spot another large group of the opposite sex, that should be priority number one.
Alternatively, you can ask if he or she wants drinks and gently grab the hand to bring them to the bar. You've been around for most of the night and they are still with you so, you should be good to go.

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