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The Victorian Era spans from early 1820 to about 1900—roughly the years of Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901). The beginning of Victorian style architecture is difficult to date accurately because the neo-gothic style predates it so closely. The interior of Victorian homes are typically as decorated and ornamental as the outside—reflecting the lavish economic climate at the time. Like most movements, the Victorian style was rejected by architectural critics but was loved by the public consumer.
The Keeshond is a wonderful dog that is known by many names including the Foxdog, Wolfspitz, Dutch Keeshond, Dutch Barge Dog, Chien Loup, Laughing Dutchman and Smiling Dutchman. The Keeshond is believed to have descended from several dogs including the Samoyed, Finnish Spitz, Norwegian Elkhound, Pomeranian, Chow Chow and Siberian Husky.
Keeshonden can go from the home to the breed ring to the obedience in zero to sixty seconds. The main job of the Keeshond is to be the constant, loving and loyal companion of his family. The American Kennel Club says: a€?An affectionate, good-natured companion, the Keeshond is outgoing and friendly with people and dogs, following the lead of their owners when welcoming strangers. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests.
The Victorian Era is known for being an age of innovation and wealth: photography was invented, Darwinism was founded, Neptune was discovered, and woman writers gained public attention.
If you are a Victorian homeowner seeking a sign for your Victorian house then look no further—our Classic Arch Address Plaque is the absolute best matching Victorian sign that we offer. Whatever you prefer to refer to him as, the Keeshond is a simply wonderful companion for many people. The Keeshonda€™s expressive face and markings that give him the appearance of wearing glasses are remarkable.

In the 13th and 14th Centuries, farmers loved the Keeshond because they were assertive watchdogs and guarded the livestock as well as were safe companions for the family.
Dry food helps eliminate plaque and tartar buildup which can cause cavities, gum problems and nasty doggy breath. Although they do have an independent streak, with patience and kindness, the Keeshond can be an incredibly obedient yet still fun-loving companion. They will happily welcome strangers into their homes unless they feel that their families or they are threatened. They are generally healthy animals however; predisposed problems can prove to be detrimental.
Inside of a fenced backyard, coupled with a family member who loves to play fetch will provide the average Keeshond with all the running time he needs to stay healthy, happy and out of trouble. A Keeshond puppy needs to be socialized with people, animals and be introduced to a variety of noises and situations.
Despite being an era of prosperity, living conditions did not necessarily improve universally. Eventually, the Victorian style fell out of favor in part because homeowners sought a more personal and close feel with their families—something Victorian houses cannot offer.
The design is not as lavish as most Victorian homes—but the arch in the middle of the sign is very indicative and reflective of the Victorian style—a perfect match. Later, during the 1800s, Keeshonden were considered multi-purpose dogs as they would guard nearly anything including riverboats and farms. A veterinarian or the doga€™s breeder can help you to choose which food would provide the appropriate nutrition for your Keeshond. Their adorable appearance coupled with their caring nature make them perfect for visiting ailing kids and adults in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and nursing bills. Without appropriate exercise, Keeshonden can become unruly and rip things apart inside of the house.

In 1990, the Keeshond was recognized by the AKC and was accepted into the Non-Sporting Group. Puppy kindergarten classes are a great idea as the pup will learn, you will learn and both of you get to socialize with other pet owners. Keeshonden do not like soiling their sleeping areas so crate training is a good thing for puppies.
Coal mines were at large, the Irish potato famine struck, and the US suffered the Civil War to name a few. Repetitive training sessions that are calm and result in the dog getting some kind of yummy reward are most successful. They will let their families know when anyone is approaching but they are not incessant barkers. Nobody wants their home destroyed so at the very least, a few brisk walks daily will keep your Keeshond content. Culture has adopted and developed many Victorian innovations, like photography and home electricity, but the lasting image of the Victorian era is in its excessive architecture style.
The Keeshond might be on the small side but he will readily defend his family without concern for his own well-being. Other ailment might be problematic but with proper care, medication and treatment, a dog can live a long, fulfilling and comfortable life. Keep in mind that a Keeshond will be ready and raring to hop into the car to go to the park, shop at the home improvement store or select his own toys at the Pet Shop. The illusion of the Keeshond wearing glasses is an essential characteristic of this special breed.

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