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The pricing of products has the ability to make or break a business.  This causes many business owners to panic and set prices at a level to which they believe customers will best respond, instead of considering the various factors that are important to pricing, such as covering costs, turning a profit, and generating enough revenue to allow expansion.
You want your product to be reasonable enough to be popular, and thus generate a large base of satisfied customers in order to make your product known in the market, and yet make it expensive enough that it becomes synonymous with quality.
Still, by considering the cost price of your product and the profits you ideally intend to make and then weighing these against your competitors’ prices and the prices your customers are comfortable paying, you can price your products well enough to see consistent revenue and the potential for growth. This article was contributed by Shirish Agarwal from Flow20, who offer web design, SEO and other digital marketing solutions. At the Strategic Growth Intensive you will spend a full day with Shweta learning and actually creating a plan for growth in YOUR business over next quarter. The design, color, and size of your artwork should create harmony with the elements of the room. Your traditional artworks should have vertical and horizontal lines with gentle carves in peach and tan mid-range tones and golden accents.

It is about us reeducating you with the tools and frameworks that turn good businesses into great businesses. For example, the neutral colored artworks will create a calming feel, while the vibrant colors will bring excitement to the room. The artworks in this room can be white or ivory painted pieces of wood, seaside colored mosaic glass, and seashell mirrors.
The artworks with simple textures, organic shapes, metal finishes, and clean lines will be perfect with your contemporary style home. The vintage styled home will need unique antiques, vintage finished picture frames, and silhouette artworks.
If you have artistic talents, you can paint the room a sponged blue sky and beach looking drawings.
You can use such artworks with a neutralcolored room accentuated with bright and bold colors.

In the vintage home, you should use just one or two artworks that will affect the overall look of the room. If the room is decorated with American country style, you will need artworks with a modern look and refurbished touch.
You may need to use large quilts with barn stars and country look in such an American home.

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