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To first unlock a Juggernaut Soldier, players must reach the second highest rank for the country they plan to use the Juggernaut for. To first unlock a Juggernaut Soldier, one must reach the second highest rank for the country they plan to use the Juggernaut for. Light Juggernaut - Armed with a Pistol, with the ability to Sprint as fast as standard Infantry.
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NO, i tried that with a action man once its not the sort of plastic you can do that with, the hard plastic will melt and blob, the soft kind will melt and distort and theres nothing you can do to straighten them out. I forgot i had a heat gun, so i took the hand off, and heated it up, and bent the finger inward, to make it look like a partially closed fist, like the other one. That was going to be my next suggestion, for some reason an oven doesnt do the job but a heat gun does, dont know why!!!. Nice job there Brian, have you tried putting the hand in boiling water that may do the job and a lot less fierce than a heat gun??

They must enter a battle, which must last more than 15 minutes and include an active Aircraft with the Juggernaut Supply Drop Ability. The Aircraft must then use the Ability, dropping the Armour which may then be collected by the player (the crate has four explosives which detonate one by one to protect from people who may want to steal it, but after these expire anybody may take it).

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