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Appearing completely normal, they would arrive at a town and live amongst the people often even marrying and fathering children. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
But at night they would wander the countryside in search of blood.These types of vampires could be destroyed with a stake through the heart. One account maintains that a vampire was the soul of an outlaw who died in the mountains or forest or along a country road, and whose corpse is eaten by crows, wolves, or some other such scavengers. Because such a soul is not permitted to enter heaven or hell it remains on earth haunting the place where he was killed strangling and drinking the blood of anyone who comes by.Another account states a person who died a violent, unnatural death or whose corpse was jumped over by a cat before burial, can become a vampire. In such cases during the first 40 days after burial, the bones turn to gelatin and the vampire performs mischief at nightA  - releasing animals from their pens, scattering house hold items, and suffocating people.

During the first forty days it can be destroyed by a Vampiridzhija - a professional vampire hunter capable of seeing them - or alternatively devoured by a wolf. However if not destroyed in this time period the Vampire would develop a skeleton and becomes even more fierce. In other areas, the unexplained deaths of cattle or other livestock were often taken as proof that a type of vampire known as an Ustrel was at large. These were believed to be the spirits of children born on a Saturday but who died before receiving baptism. On the ninth day after its burial, a Ustrel would climb out of the ground and attack cattle or sheep by draining their blood before returning to its grave before dawn. To kill an Ustrel, a village would have to go through a ritual known as lighting of a needfire.
This involved extinguishing all the village household fires on a Saturday morning before rounding up all the cattle and sheep in an open space.

From there the animals were marched to a nearby crossroads where two bonfires, lit by a new fire created by rubbing sticks together, had been set up.
By guiding the animals between the fires the vampire would become stranded at the crossroads where wolves devoured it. Before the bonfires burned out, someone took a flame and used it to relight all the household fires in the village.

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