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The other option for bad hair is a great hat, which is an option I have been using a lot lately! The shape of my face is oblong, which would mean that long hair would not be so great for me, unless I wear it as shown below. I am not talented at giving hair advice but I wanted to tell you that your pictures are adorable!
I’m in for a change, but also know that it is so hard to get a cut that I like and that is easy to style.
I find long hair to be a lot of effort, while a good short hair cut tends to be nearly effortless.
I have to agree with you, I am confident with my wardrobe and style, but I struggle with finding my perfect hairstyle. When I look at all of your pictures, the style that stands out to me as super flattering is the bob with bangs (first set of pictures, last row, second pic from the left). Perhaps that’s why I try to compensate with my clothes ?? Yes, I looked good on that day.
I think your idea of the last style the layered shortish cut with a variety of lowlights and highlights could suit you very well. For inspiration check out Kate Moss, as she too seems to have hair without a lot of body and I like how she doesn’t overly style it.
I have no talent with hair so I can’t provide any advice, but I did want to say how much I enjoy seeing these photos. You have great features and I believe you can go with a cute short pixie style with longer bangs.
That all sad, reading this, I immediately thought of that sassy chestnut deconstructed and super chic bob that Katie Holmes sported, post baby. Yes I”m very tempted to go even shorter for my last haircut and that last style would be great. The crystalline lens is a transparent structure that curves outwardly on its two optical surfaces.
Stage 2: As we age into our 50s and 60s, not only does the lens become less flexible, but it also develops higher-order aberrations (HOAs). Stage 3: By your 70s, PLD enters the final stage where the opacity of the lens becomes so cloudy that it is considered a cataract. Thanks to a new laser treatment introduced by LASIK MD called LensPresbyVision, people won’t have to struggle with their reading glasses any longer.
This innovative procedure is performed using a similar method that is used to treat cataract surgery: The eye’s natural lens is removed and replaced with a multifocal intraocular lens, an artificial lens implant. In Lens PresbyVision, the eye’s natural lens is removed and replaced with an artificial multifocal lens implant.
BrazenWoman Editors share the latest and greatest tips, trends, reviews, contests and giveaways. I had a pixie in my 20’s and other than the frequent cuts to keep it in shape it was super easy to care for. I had dark hair that fell below my waist for many years but cut it to mid-back and had it highlighted when my daughter started middle school (6th grade). I thought it would be fun to show how I aged in life and the various hairstyles I have had. But that is probably also the best picture, had my makeup done, just had keratin treatment etc. Are you tall also – as I think hair to the shoulder and straight looks great on taller women. After so many of you think I should go back to shoulder long hair I think I will just do that.
This is a late comment to add and not sure if you’ll find it, but I think the last photo choice would be darling on you! What happens is this: There is an increasing loss of function of the natural lens inside your eye whereby the lens stiffens and loses its clarity.
While the muscles can still flatten the lens for distance, the lens can no longer snap back into its rounded shape to see clearly up close. While some cataracts can be caused by trauma, the condition is usually associated with aging. This new procedure is designed to correct presbyopia, the eye condition that leads to blurred vision in people typically aged 40 and over. This treatment allows the eye to focus clearly on objects at near, intermediate and far distances.
Avi Wallerstein, co-founder of LASIK MD, is a world expert in refractive surgery, with extensive clinical experience of over 60,000 laser vision correction procedures. I haven’t discussed hairstyles so often on this blog, even though it is an important part of your style. Suffice to say, that I did not cut my hair short for a long time after that, although I can remember doing some of my dance exams with short hair again at age 16.

When you have a bad hair day, you can’t just put it in a quick pony tail, which is what I usually do when my hair has a decent length. I definitely can’t have long hair without doing the brazilian blowout treatment as the frizz is just too much here in Singapore.
Anyway, I find a chin length bob looks best on me especially when it has a few layers to give it body. Only you know how difficult your hair is to style and care for and what works best for you. I cut my hair in a short pixie last summer and garnered tons of compliments, but now I’m in the process of growing it out again, which has actually been easier than I thought. Once or twice a year i get my hair styled but always seem to go back to pony tails or putting it up in a bun. So a choppier, longer cut with softer, graduated bangs, and hair just the right length to frame your face in front, longer in the back, with the choppiness adding interest and heft (I HAVE seen that look work on fine hair in RL). That is the length I’ve had most of the time and I would definitely want to have a look that is a bit more modern than what I have now. For a while I thought I would have to follow her to the end of the world, but fortunately she has tought a few colleagues how to cut that well.
As for he color, darker, but not too dark, maybe some teak colored panels added to what you have to ease into a darker mode?
The person who tagged me commented that the poem or post was long, but well worth the read.
In fact, I’ve managed to find some pretty amazing strategies to help ease the indignity.
A young and healthy crystalline lens is rounded, so it works like a magnifying lens letting you see near objects clearly. The flexibility of the lens deteriorates at a steady pace our whole lives, but most of us don’t notice it until we reach our 40s. With age, the lens of the eye loses elasticity and, as a result, people can no longer see as sharply up close as they used to.
Although the Lens PresbyVision procedure and cataract surgery are similar, the reasons for undergoing each differ. I went through a a curly hair phace (it was the seventies!), the bob, and various short and long hairstyles after that. But I have seen so many women looking absolutely fabulous with a short hairstyle and I DO find it a very trendy look.
The structure of my hair is getting even worse as it would be completely grey if I did not color it.
Do you have similar problems when choosing your hair style or is that just a breeze for you?
I think I have tried all kinds of bobs throughout my life, but a pure bob would be too classic for me now, I think. I’ve always wanted to enjoy the simplicity of a ponytail but it really takes the right shaped head.
When we need to see at a distance, muscles in our eye pull on the lens to flatten it out so we can see far objects with clarity. Previous presbyopia treatments would not correct intermediate vision or would impact distance vision, so patients had to compromise if they wanted to see clearly up close. While cataract surgery removes a cloudy lens, Lens PresbyVision corrects presbyopia and long distance vision, ultimately reducing the patient’s need for reading glasses and contact lenses. It was years before I finally found an iron straightener and could finally get some of the frizz out of my hair.
I like to be able to put it up when it is hot and I like to be able to have it done in a elegant updo for formal evenings. Of all the hairstyles, I think the one in the second picture in the last row of your photos of your previous hairstyles, looks absolutely adorable on you!
Nobody seems to think that I should just keep my long hair… Thank you so much for your feedback!
The Lord is so faithful, and a wise woman will WAIT on the Lord, amen sisters? MORE IN LOVE: Why Celebrity Divorces Make You Sad and How to Deal With ItA wife of noble character who can find? Did you know you can blow up the font on your screen to about three times its original size? Hopefully by analysing my hair style, you may find some information that is useful for you too. My life became a whole lot easier still when I discovered the Brazilian Blowout keratin hair treatment, which allowed me to get my hair frizz free with very little or no maintenance. I cut it short, then let it grow again until I get really bored with it and then cut it off again.
But if I cut it too short (say bob length), I can’t put my hair back in a pony tail, which is still a very convenient look for me. If I had to pick a cut for you to try it would be the last one – choppy and not too short.

Today I had breakfast with a friend visiting from out of state and did not recognize her because she went from long and blond to short and dark and it was too drastic. A new stylist, so have no idea how good he is… Will read through all the comments again, have a look at some more hairstyles and then it just all depends on what mood I’m in on Sunday! And that there’s a built-in flashlight you can hold up to restaurant menus so you can see in the dark?
It reminds me of the cut you have in the 2nd picture of the bottom row – very attractive!
One possible solution would perhaps be to go for something similar, just long enough to put it up in an elastic band? Not considered tall in Holland but here in Singapore it’s definitely tall, especially when I add high heels as I did today! Stop waiting for that phone to ring.A wise and godly woman knows that if you have to show off your cleavage and breasts to get his attention, he is not the one. He will honor his parents so that it will go well with him all his days.A wise and godly woman knows that if he is leading you away from God, he is not the right one.
No amount of sweetness on your part can make him be a righteous man.A wise and godly woman knows that a godly man will respect your body and your boundaries. He will not try to take away your purity or God-given privilege of sex without marrying you first. Nothing should be hidden in the dark, but be in the light.A wise and godly woman knows that if he lies to you and he is deceptive about things, he will lie again.
A wise and godly woman knows that if he really loves you, he will not try to change or control you. A house divided cannot stand.A wise and godly woman knows that his words are nothing unless he can back them up with his actions. Only God can, and then only if he makes the decision for himself.A wise and godly woman knows that if he has cheated before, he most likely will again. Adultery does not make a marriage or a God-blessed relationship.A wise and godly woman knows that if he really loves you, he will protect you, provide for you, cherish you, lead you, comfort you, celebrate you, and appreciate you. Without vision, people perish.A wise and godly woman knows that her dreams, her goals, and her aspirations will matter to the one who truly loves her. He will speak life into your destiny.A wise and godly woman knows that love should not hurt too much.
If you feel worse in his presence, and feel like you can never measure up, then he is not the one. Not take away.A wise and godly woman knows that he should be growing spiritually on his own. His life and his decisions should be based on the Word and character of God—even when the church doors are closed.
You will know a believer by their fruits.A wise and godly woman knows that a godly man should always treat her like a lady. He should open the car door, let you enter first when walking into a building, pull out your chair, pay for dinner, be respectful and have manners with you at all times. He will not play childish mind games or lead you along if he has no true interest in commitment. Trying to mold a man into the box of what you desire in a mate is cruel and unfair to any man. All these things should be based and founded by the word of God.A wise and godly woman knows that he should appreciate and respect your body the way it is.
However, I do feel a godly woman should strive to maintain her health, exercise and eat responsibly.
A good man will see you as beautiful just the way you are on fabulous days and frump girl days. If he already sees you as his wife, he won’t need to be convinced.A wise and godly woman knows that if you keep circling a bush about the same problems with him, guess what? Your decisions and the direction of your relationship will be accomplished with united prayer and seeking God’s word and His plan. The way he leads you before marriage matters.A wise and godly woman knows that a godly man will not walk out and abandon you. I love how real, raw and vulnerable the author is and that she took a stand to say the truth and to empower other like-minded believers to walk in their anointing, beauty, calling and royalty! This really encouraged me!Will you share this post with your sisters in Christ who need it? COMMENTS 1 Posted by xdaughterofthekingx on May 6, 2016 at 20:33These are all such good points.

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