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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Barry Watson (Matt Camden): Despite looking kind of shady, the oldest Camden kid seems to be doing OK for himself. Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie Camden): The most recent photo of mouthy little Ruthie that I could find is from 2009, which is also around the time that some racy photos of Mackenzie surfaced online. There are also some photos of Mackenzie in her underwear and a bathing suit floating around online, but it’s clear that she was experimenting like any normal 19-year-old.
Lorenzo and Nikolas Brino (Sam and David Camden): Of course, the title of most annoying goes to the boys who played the Camden twins. Stephen Collins has starred in a few horrifying Lifetime movies that I can’t get out of my head. John had already searched the images Kelsey sent him and turned up nothing; Max and Nev double-check and also fail to find any other results, so that's a dead end. Overnight, they get a message from Ellie, another chat room user who lives in the Faroe Islands.
Kelsey falls for this line of bullshit and agrees to meet John in person the next day -- that she weirdly adds "I will make sure I buy something nice at the mall so I can look my best for him" is kiiiiiiiind of a tipoff as to what is about to happen -- and gives them her address in Orlando. So then they get to the alleged cafe and it turns out to be some kind of sad strip mall business center. They go into this place and it turns out to be some kind of strip mall CASINO full of olds and video poker (or whatever) that is sadder than 500 hospices. The crew wanders through looking for anyone under the age of 110 and come upon this nerd off in a corner. Long story short: Adam did this to get on TV, and despite Max and Nev's judgment, he is remorseless. Somehow, Nev and Max don't refuse to give Adam the benefit of their precious Couch Time, and since Adam's had the evening to get coached by the show's producers in how to fake sincerity, he puts on a decent approximation of regret as he explains that he created Kelsey to (a) siphon off John's attention and keep John away from Ellie, and (b) have girl talk with Ellie so that he could better seduce her.

As Max justifies this spot-up-blowing, Nev clearly wants no part of it, and the camera HILARIOUSLY catches him staring straight into it like a total psycho. On the pretext of letting John confront Adam in private, Max says he and Nev are going to take off.
Two months later, Adam has deactivated the Kelsey account and is couch-surfing in Los Angeles trying to become a writer. Really the only other lead they have is the chat room where John and Kelsey "met," and for which John has sent them a list of users he's interacted with -- though since the focus of the group seems to be anxiety, social and otherwise, getting any of these skittish ponies to talk to them might be a challenge? Nev texts to be like, what the fuck, and she replies that she wanted to make sure they were really in town; she's actually waiting for them at a cafe nearby, and gives them that address. He's in Illinois hanging out with a "female friend" with whom he's interacted in real life.
Of course, the girl we grew up with as second daughter Lucy is 31 now, and has been off the air for five years, almost half of the show’s run. Abrams‘┬áSuper 8,┬áhe popped onto The Vampire Diaries, and his latest project is Scared of the Dark, from the director of the Japanese film that inspired The Grudge. But I did learn something interesting in my research: Turns out that the Brinos are actually non-identical quadruplets, and they’ve all played Sam and David!
I know that Seventh Heaven is a fictional show and all, but Ruthie literally didn’t look like anybody else in the family. OR MAYBE NOT, as some dude named Aaron gets back to them as soon as they send a message out, and gets on videochat to say he IMs with Kelsey almost every day -- only on the friendship tip -- but that they've never videochatted either; he also knows about her body dysmorphic disorder and has only seen her profile pic. NOT REALLY, THE SHOW IS ALL ABOUT LOSERS OF ONE KIND OR ANOTHER -- either the ones who have so little going on in their lives that they'd construct fake identities for sport, OR the ones so IRREDEEMABLY STUPID that they fall for it!
I guess I would do the same, but on the other hand, let her learn life's harsh lessons her own self and focus on the bonehead who took the trouble to write to you.
He says that yesterday was the very first day that Ellie ignored his texts and IMs and stuff, so he's wondering if they did anything to sabotage his relationship with her.

So as Adam is telling (lying to) John about how guilty he feels, and John is doing Season 3's requisite "But you're so smart!" fluffing of the gigantic liar (because fooling a stupid person automatically makes someone smart? Mackenzie is also on Twitter and has been retweeting all of the recent messages she’s been getting. Kelsey hasn't ever agreed to videochat with Ellie, either -- though Ellie doesn't seem bothered by that, given that she's never videochatted with Adam either.
By comparison, I guess, but this trope GOTS to go), Max and Nev come back in with Ellie on Nev's laptop. Apparently everyone remembers Ruthie fondly, whereas I thought she was one of the most annoying characters. According to Wikipedia, their mother is reluctant to cast them on other TV shows but has said that if her boys (now 13) continue to have fun, then she’ll let them keep acting.
Nev points to Ellie -- who, he notes, is pretty, because that's the most important thing -- as evidence that non-goblins do, clearly, use this particular chat room, and maybe Kelsey is another one.
Nev calls this all "a big waste." John says he expected that he might end up being the victim of an internet troll. Speaking of dumb: Ellie doesn't stop smiling through the whole conversation with Adam and doesn't seem particularly bothered by anything Adam did. When she gets to the part about keeping John out of the way, she actually seems flattered, so maybe they actually deserve each other. I mean, he doesn't say how many hours it takes him to make $60, and I don't know what answer might make me think this isn't extremely pathetic.

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