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A resident manager is the person responsible to assist the residents of a multiple occupancy buildings.
To make themselves accessible for everyone, they live in the same building as the employer provides them a free place to live.
It is always better to make an administrative office of your resident manager in the same building. This box shows you all of the connections you currently have at your desired company of interest. In this case, I have one first degree connection at my company of interest.  I can ask him if he knows the hiring manager, if he can introduce me, or even for a recommendation. This works best for smaller companies, but it can work in any organization if you play your cards right. Using the hiring manager’s name you found in step one, tou can use Google search modifiers to easily find email addresses if they are published anywhere on the internet.
Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. This is my first step in the direction of android development so apologise for any silly question. So I thought maybe I should update the SDK manager but SDK Manager update does nothing at all.
Okay I haven't got any response, I am going to write down everything I am doing before I forget. Although there is no proper documentation, it took a while for me to understand that the latest version of Android SDK has seperated SDK from AVD Management.
Again, older documents and forum posts seem to say that hitting the back and then hitting next once again should solve the problem. I found out my proxy setting by going to my Internet Explorer >> Internet Options >> Connections >> Lan Settings.
Having done all of this, I can now say that I have set up my environment and now I ready to code! May or may not still be an issue - but I was unable to use a path with a space in the name ("Program Files" was the culprit). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged android eclipse sdk or ask your own question. Why is the laser dish in the southern hemisphere of the Death Star rather than the northern one? You may have wondered how you can setup a professional and successful player development program in Football Manager. Previously we have discussed the Football Managers staff attributes, and what they mean in Football Manager. You will need to know how to find the best coaches and assign them to their best training category in order to get the most out of training – in additional to know the basics of general and individual training in Football Manager, and how workload and training intensity influence the player development. The secrets of how to find the best coaches and what separates a 3 star coach to a 5 star coach is of highly importance.
The Football Manager training categories consists of three main focusing areas with a total of 9 sub sections. The coaching team will look to improve a set of player attributes relating to the required attributes of the different player roles and may work with both defenders, midfielders and strikers, depending on their individual training role assignment, the coaches focusing area and the general training set. To increase the amount of training quality for your players it is important to reduce the coaches workload and improve the level of specialization, and further increase the coaching team (both for your first team and youth team) to maximize the player development. Here you will learn more about the different training categories, and what’s required for a good coach to get as high as possible coaching star rating and eventually how staff attributes or in other words star rating can be improved.
The general coaching attributes is the basic important attributes for every backroom staff member involved on a daily basis with training and player development. Level of Discipline – This staff attribute affects the level of strictness and shows us how strict the coach will or will not be in the daily management and training.
Motivating – The coaches ability to motivate and inspire the players to do well and improve.
In regard to training, players working under a coach with high motivation will take training more seriously and not slack off since they will be more likely to be motivated to work under the current training program, but this is also a matter of players individual personalities and how professional they are. These three mental attributes explained above is vital for success and is the foundation for any backroom staff, either its assistant managers, first team coaches, youth coaches or head of youth development. The goalkeeping coaches will only work with the goalkeepers in your team (both first team and junior team), and will look to improve the goalkeeping player attributes such as his handling the ball, rushing out to deal with the striker in one on one situations or communicating with the defensive line. Similar to the goalkeeper coaches and in difference to first team general coaches, the fitness coaches will work with every players in your team (both first team, reserves and youth team).
A coach signed as the role of a fitness coach can only be assigned to the two fitness categories, and can be described as a specialist since they can not be assigned to any other coaching categories.
The general training category is the most important training category, and covers the players technical and tactical abilities – their set of skills which determine their best player role. As training is divided into first team training and youth training, you will need both youth coaches and first team coaches – all with as high star rating and as great personality as possible. All coaches signed as general coaches will have the opportunity to be assigned to all the different 9 training categories; even goalkeeping or fitness coaching. Tactics coaches will spend their focus on the tactical side of the game providing more accurate advices and explicit information on how the players shall perform under the current tactical philosophy and chosen player roles. The tactical coaches will look to improve the players interaction between each other and how the players shall behave in the benefit of the team as well as improving the players overall knowledge on being tactical astute. It is also important to look at the coaches tactical knowledge and his preferred formation according to your tactics, when choosing a good tactical coach. The coaches will work on the defensive areas of the game; marking, tackling and concentration, and will look to improve players defensive qualities and how they deals with the defensive phase of the game. The attacking coaches will look to improve passing, vision, off the ball movement and crossing, which is some of the most important parts of attacking play. The Coaches assigned to shooting training category will work primarily with player roles which will come into goalscoring opportunities and influence the game in the final third.
Coaches assigned to the ball control category will look to improve a players first touch, dribbling, technique, heading and flair. Similar to anticipation and decisions, first touch and technique is two vital attributes required for all players.

Assigning a good ball control coach is important, but often difficult due to the high ratings of technical attribute required to find 5-star coaches. When searching for staff with high technical attribute it could be recommended to sign a former active player, as they will have more experience in technical skills.
Similar to any players, backroom staff has a current and potential ability attribute attached to their profile. His current star rating and coaching qualification will be some of the indicators of his current ability and could be some filters to set on the custom staff search view to track down the best backroom staff. Since a staffs coaching qualification is related to his current ability, letting coaches attend coaching courses will eventually improve their level of staff attributes – their coaching quality and skills. There are 7 levels of coaching qualifications where Continental Pro licence is the highest education – often given to international coaches. Sending a coach on courses doesn’t mean he will automatically receive his new coaching badge. Apart from attending coaching courses and improving their level of coaching qualification, a staff can improve his current abilities by spending time on the training ground working with the players. I recommend to set the search filter for all these attributes to a minimum of 14, but if you are playing in a lower league, you will need to lower the attribute level. When signing backroom staff for your youth team, it is important to know that the assigned coaches should have high Working with Youth attribute.
A collection of all the different Football Manager staff roles filters needed to find the best backroom staff in Football Manager 2016, such as 5 star coaches, best scouts, assistant manager or excellent Head of youth Development.
Passion4FM’s Backroom staff search view is a custom view imported for the Staff Search screen.
I'm proud to manage Passion4FM and serve the community with my unique vision on Football Manager. Passion for Football Manager gives YOU an unique insight to the wonderful world of Football Manager, so you can enjoy the Football Manager series even more!
This site is not endorsed by Sports Interactive or SEGA and is intended for entertainment purposes only.
The views expressed on this site are the views of the individual contributors and not those of Sports Interactive or SEGA.
To begin using the Prescription Manager, you must first have the relevant patient record open.
Having a resident manager can be a relief for you as you don’t need to put extra effort when seeking help. This not only makes things easy for the residents but it also helps the manager to respond quickly in case of any problem. All you need is to tell them your requirements and they will send couple of candidates for interview.
You can be a great candidate, but when hiring manager’s receive 1000 resumes for a position, you can be easily overlooked. I never considered the Google search structures you recommended, but I could see how they might turn up some results.
So once you install Android SDK, expect to see two components - 1) SDK Manager, 2) AVD Manager. Copied the proxy details and set it up in Eclipse >> Windows >> Preferences >> General >> Network Connections.
Also, have you set your PATH environment variable to point to the location of the platform-tools directory in your Android SDK installation?
The staff attributes, aka their level of quality, will determine their star rating and which coaching category they’re best suited for, and which they prefers working at. With this knowledge of how to find the best coaches in Football Manager, you will be able to find your own 5-star coaches no matter what year you are playing in! The general training categories is Fitness (Aerobic and Strength), Goalkeeping (Shot Stopping and Handling) and General Training (which is divided into 5 new sub-categories: Tactics, Ball Control, Defending, Attacking, Shooting).
Here it’s a matter of approaching one head coach for each sub-category and some general coaches also referred to as overall coaches. These staff attributes should be as high as possible to maximize the coaching star ratings.
A good coach with high determination will look to take coaching courses to improve himself and have better possibilities to succeed.
A coach with low level of discipline will be more relaxed, something that may not be a good thing. A coach with high motivation will influence the players work rate and affect their determination to play better, train harder and do better and eventually reach their seasonal goals. Goalkeeping coaches is specialists and will never be able to be assigned to the general training categories as long as he is under contract as goalkeeping coach. They will look to improve the players physical attributes, which is vital to endure the full 90 minutes of a match and cover the pitch no matter its surface and weather conditions, and ultimately have the physical preferences to play with your preferred playing style, either its a style based on physical strength and aggression, quick tempo or direct football where pace and covering large distances is in focus.
When looking for a good fitness coach you should set the minimum attribute level to at least 17 where 20 is the best, since there are few other parameters than the fitness attributes which determines his expertise and his quality of it. The coaching staff working to improve technical, tactical and secondly mental attributes is highly decisive in terms of match performance and player reaction on an event by event basis within the match engine. This is one of the main differences between the general coaches and the specialists (fitness and goalkeeping).
Herein lies focus on improving vital mental attributes such as decision making, anticipation, composure, concentration and teamwork.
Your tactical coach is also the natural choice as responsible for backroom advice on the tactical area of the game. Here it’s normally to think of player roles within the ST and AM strata, but some midfield roles such as deep lying playmaker will benefit from a good shooting coach, since they will tutor the players in long shots and finishing, and their technical abilites striking the ball with their wrist, inside or outside of their foot. While first touch and technique can be important for most of your players within a possession based system, dribbling and heading can be two focusing areas for wingers and defenders. When playing a short passing playing philosophy all of your players needs to have the abilities to control the ball under pressure and oftenly in tiny areas, something that requires high mental abilities – composure, concentration , decision-making and determination.
While these attributes are hidden, staff with unfulfilled potential ability will have the chance to improve their staff attributes and star rating. Letting the staff take coaching courses will cost limited amount of money and can be an effective way to improve the level of the coaching staff without paying an higher contract termination fee or signing a coach from another club which may force you to pay a compensation fee to his current club.

Like players who are unable to learn new player preferred moves, a coach may fail on getting a higher coaching badge and may quit the course after a short period of time. The clubs reputation, the leagues location and your scouting knowledge will influence the amount of possible targets with a decent level of the three general coaching attributes. Then you can increase or decrease the stats according to the level of the managing team and its division to find coaches suitable under the current backroom staff wages and realistic targets.
Also be aware that a staff speaking a foreign language and coming from a another football culture will take longer time to settle in. It lets you track down the best backroom staff showing you a detailed information about their abilities and current contract.
By sharing my Passion for Football Manager and provide the Football Manager community with excellent tips & tricks I aim to increase the excitement and knowledge level of the Football Manager series. My main interest within Football Manager is tactics creation, tactics analysis in order to merge real life with Football Manager.
Write football related articles or share your best Football Manager tips and your love for the game.
If you open Prescription Manager from the patient record, that patient will automatically be used when creating new prescriptions. Moreover, building owners also provide them room in the compound but if the resident manager already has a place to live then direct the person to carry a mobile phone during off-hours. However, this can be little bit expensive as you will have to pay some fees for their services.
However, you can also do it with a low budget as local newspapers or cable TV channels do not charge much for such advertisements. The only thing I have to ask here is this: is it really advisable to go straight for the jugular when it comes to get hired by digging up a hiring managers email? I am not sure what sort of features have changed from previous version, but if you are into android development for the first time, this change could drive you nuts as all documents speak based on the previous versions - bad GOOGLE! After this I went to SDK manager >> Tools >> Options and entered proxy details in the HTTP Proxy server Box and checked the force https option. One of the first steps before you can even have any hope of succeeding with player development through training is to improve the level of the coaching team and search for 5-star coaches.
In my point of view these overall coaches shall reduce the workload for the head coach and be assigned to two or three training categories according to what gives a decent star rating (two to three and a half star). In additional to the staff members personality they will influence how the coaches will act on a daily basis; their passion, drive and determination to make the players better alongside how they motivate your players to work harder. The level of determination will also influence his mental drive to work in the best leagues in the football world as he often has the desire and ambitions to work with the best players. Strict coaches will often get quicker and better results, but can also upset your players which lowers their morale and eventually stresses them out, similar to what is rumored to happen within the Manchester United squad of 2015-2016 season working under the highly strict manager Louis van Gaal. A coach with high level of motivation can also have a great affect on players prior to matches as he will likely pump them up – influencing their self-confidence making them believe in themselves, their abilities and build up the overall consensus to succeed with the tactical approach and achieving their goals. The level of the coaching staff and your clubs training facilities will be some of the matters which impacts on each players chance to improve their current ability and finally reach their potential ability level. Here it’s important to note that first team coaches will only work with the first team and the reserve players, while youth coaches will only work with the youth players. Every coach should be assigned to a maximum of one training category (if possible), as time spend on more than one training area decreases the training quality for your players. It’s of highly importance to find the best option as you want a tactical coach which can translate your ideas on to the players more effectively. You can choose any of your general coaches or assistant manager to be responsible for providing you advice on tactical areas, but I recommend a staff with high level of tactical coaching and tactical knowledge. When coaching the defensive side of the game its important that the coach can translate tactical plans within your tactic in a way the players understands and improve players positioning and understanding on how they shall behave in the defensive phase more effectively.
Since their primarily focus will be on attacking movements, creativity and technical abilities with the ball at their feet they will have an important influence on the players tactical understanding of the attacking phase or situations where the team is in possession with the ball. This is often the case for younger staff who sees the benefit of improving themselves – high determination – and are not reaching the latter days of their coaching career where certain staff attributes may stand still or decrease the older they gets.
I recommend to look at a coaches age, level of determination and personality before sending him out on a course. This detailed staff search view is recommended to be used together with the backroom staff search filter.
I have a weak heart for spotting new emerging talents and the best FM wonderkids as well as giving youth a chance. Make sure that you are giving complete contact information otherwise it will be just a waste of money and time. While your resume should already be on point, getting in front of the hiring manager is the fastest way to get a job.
This is something I often spend the most time on in the pre-season, but will also be focused on alongside increasing the scouting knowledge in order to reveal more 5-star coaches by carefully tracking down the best Football Manager coaches.
For a head coach you should always look for at least coaches with 4 stars with the aim of improving the level to 5-stars in a longer perspective, but this will depend on the level of the league, either you are managing a minor or a top club. Another valuable thing to remember is that the coach will be less effective while attending a coaching course, either its to take on an higher coaching badge or learning a new language. How you can find 5 star coaches and what’s required of them to be rated as 5-star coaches is one of the few secrets to succeed with player development. No matter managing level, the importance is to find the best coaches as possible where 5 star coaches is the best.
Here I prefer coaches with a resolute, model professional, driven or determined personality since their personality may impact on the youth intake and rub off on to the youth players. Also download the corresponding platform-tools and unzip the entire contents into platform-tools directory.

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