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Keeping up with the tween set may be a challenge for parents, but you can help by stocking interchangeable fashionable items in your store.
The Squid Classic Backpack features an extra large zip-front pocket that is big enough to fit anything young students need to carry. Other options include Build Your Bling, Cute Critters (featuring still on-trend animal prints), and the super cool Forever Friends (think a cooler version of the old-school Best Friends necklaces). Forget mood rings, mood magnets are the cool way to tell the world who you are and how you feel. Show the fans what you’ve got and carry your local sports team bling, including football, basketball, cheer and Bling Packs that feature complementary colors.
Tween girls like to change it up constantly, so show parents it can be affordable and easy to make sure their little princesses are perfectly accessorized. Another favorite will surely be the Chef, with a sweet red and green apron dress with a chef’s hat. Squid Packs by Squid World will never be mistaken for another child’s, because they’re completely personalized.
Squid Packs use environmentally friendly, food-grade silicone as interchangeable strap material.

Totally Trendy capitalizes on cool with cowgirl chic, nerdy by nature, and even tribal tattoos. After trying to fix horse blankets with magnets instead of Velcro, MOGO founder Paige Clark got the idea of magnets as charms for a new and different modern charm bracelet.
Consider stocking a computer in your store tuned to the MOGO website where tweens can enter their likes, mood, and energy levels, and find the perfect charm.
These switch-ups can help transform your shop and customer base just as they transform a look. Pack up the boring backpacks with Squid Packs, that feature silicone straps that can be removed and changed so kids can easily identify their belongings.
The Squid Pack system consists of a backpack with a back panel and a pair of plastic buckles on the bottom. Its slim design helps to keep textbooks and other heavy objects closer to the back, reducing the pulling effect of lose weight shifting towards the front, without sacrificing space. The Large Cap Keeper holds up to 40 caps magnetically and has eight additional storage spaces for ring bases and extra special caps.
We’re not telling you to go out and buy a line of the latest plastic dolls with unrealistic body types and flowing manes.

From plush monsters, to voodoo dolls, Squid Pack straps are about both fun and function. Instead, carry the adorable line of shirts and tote bags with interchangeable doll fashions on the front.
CAPeezy’s Birthday line features either an “I Am” with the number on it or different versions of the more generic Happy Birthday. Using a variety of fun fabrics, embellishments and bows, Stacey Hoskins Beeler created SnapDolls that can change clothes in no time with snaps that hold the outfit in place. If you want more personalized options, carry the Alphabet line with beautifully scripted letters.

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