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If you don't have a machine with Windows 7, Windows 8, or MAC OS X already connected to this network, these steps will not work for you. Left click the wireless strength indicator on the taskbar (bottom right corner next to the time). Note:If you are using Windows 8, you may need to click the desktop tile to get to desktop mode in order to perform this step. Note: If you see a small colorful shield to the left of the check box, you may be required to enter an admin password before you will be able to change this setting.
Note: You might not see anything written in the box when you first pull it up, like stars like you would normally see for passwords. You will have to enter the Administrative Password for your MAC computer in order to make these sensitive changes.
Once you enter the Administrative Password for your MAC computer, the previous screen will pop back up.
This is why, adding a strong password on your WiFi network is of utmost importance.However, adding a strong password on your WiFi also means you have to remember it and keep it safe somewhere. If you are unable to find it there, you can look for it by putting in the SSID in the Search bar and hitting enter.
So, there is also a probability you may lose the password or forget it (because it was complex…).

It is simpy hidden and the window doesn't show placeholders, such as in the screenshot below. From the window that opens up, click on “change adapter settings” located in the left menu. Now, right click on the Wireless Adaptor of which you would like to recover the password and from the context menu click on “Status”. Under “Security”, you will see the type of password encryption and also your WiFi password (hidden). Method #2: Check Your ModemIf you didn’t change the default password which came with your modem, then there is a chance it will be printed on your modem. Nirsoft is responsible for hundreds of free utility tools, including tools to recover passwords and keys such as Windows Product key.Just download the tool (the tool is located at the end of the link), It is a really tiny file of just 65kb and it will be in Zip format.
You will need to extract the file using a proper tool and launch the WirelessKeyView program (there is no need for installation). If you don’t have the tool already installed, then you will have to download it using another connection or using an Ethernet cable to connect.As soon as the program starts, you will automatically see all the WiFi passwords that are saved in your Windows Registry (passwords of all connections you have connected to).
Just look for the name of the network of which you would like to recover the password and its password will be located under the heading “Key (Ascii)”.
Method #4: From the Router’s SettingsTo access Router’s settings you will first have to connect to the network of which you would like to recover password.

Now that you can’t access the network as you don’t know the password, you will have to connect the router to your PC physically using an Ethernet cable (it comes with the router).If you have lost the Ethernet Cable, then it is better to skip this step and move ahead.
Connect the Ethernet Cable with your PC and Router and let it connect (it will connect to the internet automatically).Now, open your browser and type in the Ip address of your router in the Search field. You can also look for the model of the router online and see if you could get the IP address (if the above two don’t work for you).As soon as you hit enter, you will be prompted to provide a username and password. Note: The interface is different for every router, so there is no straight answer to finding the password.
However, the required areas where you need to look are quite similar, with some digging you can easily reach it.In the interface, look for the option “Wireless settings” or “WiFi settings”. If you can’t see them, then try clicking on “Settings” or “Options” to see if they are in there. Once located, click on the option and you will see your password key along with what type of encryption you are using.
You may have to click on “show wireless key” or “Show WiFi password” to see the hidden password.

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