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Are you finding yourself unbuttoning the top button of your pants around your boyfriend and the reason is not that you're about to get busy? He brings you sweet treats and takes you to new restaurants: If your honey is a food lover, he'll probably love sharing edibles with you. He's into wine and cocktails: Many dinners together involve cracking open a bottle of wine or ordering cocktails.
His idea of cooking is ordering takeout: He may think a healthy meal consists of veggies on a pizza, but if you're constantly eating fast food or takeout, you're probably downing foods that are major calorie-, fat-, and sodium-bombs. He's not big into exercising: If your man thinks he gets enough exercise walking to go get the mail, then it's going to be tough for you to motivate for an early morning run. He loves to snuggle on the couch: Spending too much time lying on the sofa in front of the tube can turn you both into lazy couch potatoes. I'm trying to find the happy medium--my husband has told me he's happy if I have a few extra pounds on if that means I'm around to indulge a bit more with him, which is fair since I don't think I'm very fun when I'm being super-anal but I also don't think I'm very fun when I'm down on my physique. If your BF asks you to start hitting the gym, take a minute to think and try to stay confident. Always keep in mind that if you decide to lose weight, you should be doing it for you and no one else.
I have the type of relationship that we can do anything in front of each other, even hanging out naked in front of him which I was never able to do in front of anyone else. Sure, for years becouse he likes thin long legs… Sadly I am pear shapet, my legs are big, and my breasts are not. I told him, I accept him for how he is and I know he is trying to loose weight, and my weight will come off gradually.
There’s nothing wrong with suggesting and positively encourage someone to get to a healthier weight. My boyfriend has asked me to lose weight, i cant really pin down the times when he’s been positive and said “we should go excersise together!
I think he meant that generally many women do expect that of their man just as many many men expect their lady to stay slim.
Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In and actor Joo Ji Hoon are officially a couple, according to APOP Entertainment, the singer’s agency.
The actor had never appeared in a music video before, and his sudden cameo sparked great curiosity among fans of both stars.
The representative explained that the reason that the news was not released sooner was that the couple felt the time was not right.
Yonhap News also reported that spokesperson from the agency had said, “They started to get to know each other a lot better after the music video was shot.
I have often wondered if there was a method in which you can employ to regain your ex boyfriends trust. The majority of the women who visit this website have one goal, to get their ex boyfriend back.
This particular guide is going to be focusing on one specific aspect of the entire boyfriend recovery process, trust. If you are looking for a more complete step by step method on how you can get your ex boyfriend back then you aren’t going to find it on this page. Check Out Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes?
The real truth about men is that there will be some that will not trust you no matter what you say or do. I guess the real question becomes what causes these men to not ever be able to forgive a woman and trust them again?
Lets say that I was dating a girl and she cheated on me but she didn’t go as far as to sleep with another guy, she just ended up kissing him. The fact that his girlfriend didn’t invite him to the party really upset him and made him mad.
Luckily, she just wanted some time away from my buddy and her friend had invited her to the party. Well, my buddy got so worked up over it that he crashed the party which in turn caused one of the greatest couple arguments of our time.. The main point here is that for the next few months my friend held this incident against her.
Five years later and they are still together and this incident isn’t even mentioned anymore. So, while it may suck for a guy to hold something against you it is just a matter of expecting it to happen and enduring it, it won’t last forever. It really is a sick practice but there will be some men that will react this way when they feel hurt. You see, whenever you do something that I don’t like I am going to bring your past mistakes up out of anger as a way to control you. In this section we are going to be talking about all the ways in which a (now) ex boyfriend may have lost trust in you. I think the main point I want to make here is that there are literally thousands of different things that someone can do to make you lose trust in them.
Now, before I start getting into the ways that you can butcher your exes trust there is a concept that I need to explain to you. It’s pretty much common sense that if you cheat on your boyfriend it is going to be a whole lot worse than telling a little lie to him. 2 = Regaining trust will be challenging but it can definitely happen if you put work into it. If you reference the MPI scale above you would notice that this means that if you perform this type of trust mistake you are going to have a very hard time regaining your exes trust. It is going to make him uncomfortable and insecure every time you go out and are around other men. I think that when you are dealing with an ex boyfriend anything from 2nd base or beyond is going to be considered a 5 on the MPI scale. Just like with the section above an ex boyfriend is always going to have your cheating in the back of his mind so that is some headwind you are going to have to face here as well. Of course, I am the type of person that always tries to find the silver lining in tough situations. While it is never good to cheat (that shatters everyone’s trust) if you cheated just by kissing another guy then you are going to be in a much better position. If you look at the human species purely from an evolutionary perspective you can learn some interesting things. When you understand these principles it isn’t hard to figure out why men feel the need to cheat. We already know that one of the main reasons that men cheat is because they get horny but women often cheat for other reasons. Hopefully that sheds some light on a subconscious level on why humans feel the need to cheat. Before I say anything about lying I just want to point out that I created an entire guide on lying here. Every time you say something and want to be taken seriously you won’t be because your ex will doubt how honest you are being.
So, I suppose the question becomes how can you make your ex boyfriend believe you when you talk to him about something serious? At the beginning of every new relationship I think that both the man and the woman are obsessed with eachother.
Lately I have been wondering why we as humans feel the need to control people in relationships. The truth is that when it comes to relationships it is impossible to control your significant other. The thing to remember about all of this is that it is very possible to gain your exes trust back. Of course, I do want to point out that there will be one difference in the things that I am going to be covering.
I wanted to start with this one because this is probably the hardest thing to come back from.
Because in order to gain back his trust you are going to have to make sacrifices and these sacrifices are going to have to be made with no guarantees that you will succeed in making him trust you again.
Unfortunately, blind faith is something that very few people have but honestly it is the only way. Now, if you had cheated on me (which caused a breakup) I can tell you that I would be checking up on you from time to time.
Now, for someone trying to get their ex boyfriend back a little jealousy can be a good thing.
Don’t worry all this ignoring other men is going to pay off but you will have to wait a bit to see how.
Some women believe that giving a man some space to work out his feelings is the best way to approach the situation. Well, I am a fan of apologizing if you did something wrong BUT I am a fan of doing it in the right way.
If you don’t know what the no contact rule is then I recommend you visit my guide on it. By cheating on your ex boyfriend you have shattered any fantasies that he has had of you thinking that you were the only one for him.
Everything I do has to be done with one goal in mind, to make him think that I am the only one for him. It would be a little weird if out of the blue you texted your ex boyfriend this big long apology about how you were wrong and how you feel horrible and blah blah blah. This is why I recommend doing a brief 15 day no contact rule so you can pre-prime your ex boyfriend. Well, in order to get the best results with anything regarding trust you have to make sure your ex is in the right mindset to talk about it. I am going to give you an example of how I would compose this message but first there are a few things I want to note.
Hopefully if you do this right it will get him thinking that you have turned over a new leaf and he can start taking the necessary steps to potentially start trusting you again. If you lied to your ex boyfriend getting his trust back is going to be a lot easier than if you cheated on him. You see, women love it because they know when they look a man in the eye and he is telling the truth they can trust him and having that feeling of trust in someone is irreplaceable. This entire site is all about playing games to get your ex boyfriend back that’s just the way it is.
Lets say that you were to use a 30 day no contact rule after you break up with your ex boyfriend.
If you followed it like you were supposed to then you have had absolutely zero contact with your ex for 30 days straight. In fact, one of the reasons I put so much time and effort into this site is that so someday I won’t be controlled by the 9 to 5 lifestyle that so many men my age seemed to get sucked into.
Well, she was a bit of a flirt and after a certain amount of incidents occurred I had a lot of trouble trusting her with anything.
I am not like that anymore thankfully but the only reason why I am not is because I felt so ashamed of how I acted that I worked really hard to not be controlling anymore. Controlling someone often leads to a fight and I am not talking about the type of fights where something gets accomplished.

You can do all this work to change but if you can’t convince your ex boyfriend that you have, how is he going to trust you again? I promise you that your ex boyfriend knows this so he is automatically expecting you to come back begging and be overemotional. Of course, the real question you are probably wondering is how do you let him know you are not controlling after the no contact period is up?
This is a clever little text message that I talk about in my book that you can use to demonstrate two things. Basically what you are going to do is wait until you have established a conversation with your ex.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of. Trust is very important and it needs patience and courage on both sidesion building it up again. Kidding aside, in building trust, you have to make up with your wrong doings and keep your word this time.
I finally admitted all of that was a lie and then explained the truth but at that point my boyfriend was really mad. My boyfriend of nearly 2 years and close friend for probably 5 years before dating, says he has been hurt very deeply by what I have done. I don’t know what to do besides pray about it, and keep working hard to show him I am not some God-awful liar. It's fun to let loose every once in a while, but if you make it a habit, it's not only bad for your health to enjoy more than one drink a day, it's also adding unnecessary calories to you diet. If he's not a chef by any means, spend time cooking together so you can show him some tips. I see him every weeknight on Criminal Minds from 10pm to 11pm and it's too late to eat by then.
So what are you supposed to do if your boyfriend drops major hints that he wants you to drop a few pounds? What can I do, if I ask him to break up bcs of that topic, he just say ” oh come on baby, I just advice you to get health body” what can I do??? He wanted me to lose weight over the summer so I commited a lot time exercising and eating right. He always tells me I’m pretty and have a pretty face, but after I worked out yesterday, he commented in the shower that he was unimpressed by the two miles I ran.
I never really thought much about my weight because I was always sick growing up never really had to deal with it but the last year and a half I have been really healthy and am a size 5 now. But I’d rather live a life of freedom than someone trying to control me and making me feel self conscious.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man expressing how he feels and what he would like, as long as he is not being abusive or telling her what she needs to do.
Until I was with him I felt very confident about how I looked but on days like this I look in the mirror and don’t want to eat. The spokesperson said, “With so many people still grieving the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster, we didn’t want to make an announcement of this sort. No matter what happens all you have to do is talk to a man and he will trust you with his heart and soul. For example, if a woman cheated on me multiple times with multiple different men I am not sure I could forgive her for that. Remember, trust is really important to most guys (especially when it comes to good looking women who get hit on a lot.) I would say that you should expect a guy to hold whatever you did (to cause him to lose trust in you) against you for a while.
He would always bring it up whenever they got into a fight and cited it as a reason for why he couldn’t trust her.
These are the type of guys that will literally bring up your mistake for the rest of your relationship.
While both of these examples can cause a boyfriend to lose trust in you one is definitely worse than the other. The main problem you are going to be facing is that for the rest of the time that you are with him he is going to constantly think back to that time that you cheated on him.
Well, in my opinion for you it’s all about showing your man that he is just that, your man!
While it is true that women can get horny they have a problem that trumps their horniness, pregnancy. Cavewomen on the other hand have to be more selective with who they sleep with because the consequence of being pregnant always looms. So, if you really want an in-depth look at the male mind and lying you might want to check it out.
When you feel so possessive of a person that you feel the need to tell them what to do, how to act and what to wear. Make no mistake about it there is always going to be someone, that deep down, we wish we could control. They like the thought that there is a woman out there that cares enough about them to control their actions. If you look at the mistake section above you will notice that there are 4 major mistakes that I cover. In other words, you are going to have blind faith that what you are doing is going to work. Well, actually YOU are the reason you are in this predicament if you cheated (in any form) but still, those other men are to blame too. I would do this through mutual friends, Facebook or whatever other social networks you are a part of. However, I think in the case where you cheated on him a little jealousy can quickly turn into anger and leave him with a bad taste in his mouth.
It doesn’t have to be forever it just has to be long enough for you to try the method I am about to outline. Others are stern on their decision to contact their ex immediately and go on an apologizing rampage. In my opinion the best way to handle the situation is to do no contact but knowing all I know now (as compared to when I started this website) I don’t think a full 30 days NC period is required. So, instead of apologizing immediately (when you know that your ex boyfriend is angry at you) you should apologize after the no contact period is up. That fact alone is some serious headwind that you are going to have to overcome to get him to trust you again. You may have the urge to, right out of the gate, go into some long explanation for why you have changed and how all you care about is him. I have actually gotten these before (after I have been wronged) and I can honestly say that it just annoys me. This means that you are going to have some work ahead of you because right now your ex boyfriend can’t trust anything you say. So, instead of pretending to be something that they aren’t they just be who they are and aim to be brutally honest with women.
How well do you think it would go if you immediately sent him this long message declaring everything you were feeling and being honest about it? Now, we are going to assume that the conversation is stimulating so both of us are engaged in it. So, that automatically makes your ex boyfriend think you are being honest with him (which you are.) Secondly, it also creates a good feeling vibe.
If you can’t get rid of it then there is no way you are going to be able to get your exes trust back.
I would talk with the owners of the franchises and they would often tell me that the employees were the problem but after doing some homework it became clear that THE OWNERS were the problem and not the employees. I am talking about the type of fights where things get thrown and loud voices turn into screaming.
Most of you already know that I am a huge fan of the no contact rule but especially in this type of a situation where your ex boyfriend thinks that you were way too controlling. However, if you are smart and implement the no contact rule for 30 days it is going to start making him think that you have changed. Maybe in your relationship with your ex boyfriend you weren’t ok with him hanging around a certain friend.
We are in a long distance relationship and we were face-timing when my phone vibrated because I had a text message. I had never lied to him before but now he questions everything I say, because I lied to his face. I don’t think he will ever believe me again and it was all because I did stupid, stupid things… I don’t want to lose him please help! Sometimes, you may have to not talk about things that may trigger the disbelief; even when you really want to share something with the other person. If your man likes to eat, drink, cook, or lounge about, spending time with him can affect your eating and exercise habits. Split desserts, and when he's excited to share bites with you, enjoy a spoonful or two without inhaling the entire plate. Enjoy a glass of wine instead of splitting an entire bottle, and when it comes to cocktails, sip low-calorie wine spritzers or a gin and tonic. If he's not into it, be sure to carve out times each week that you devote to sweating it out — just because he's not exercising doesn't mean you don't have to. We had to do some shopping today in a little area that has several stores fairly close together, so i parked at one and put the baby in the sleepy wrap. According to a new study, almost 60 percent of people in relationships want their partner to lose weight. I’m not saying you should go out and eat chips until you gain 15 pounds, no big deal, but gaining a little weight over the course of some time is nothing to beat yourself up over. But if your BF starts messing with your self-esteem, that may be a sign that it’s time for the relationship to end.
With lots of encouragement from him I stopped unhealthy behaviors but without starving myself then binging and purging, I began to overeat, and eat unhealthy junk food. I have heard my bf making comments to me several months before about cellulite on my thighs and that kind of hurt but I got over it.
I love him, we talk about marriage and kids, but when something like this is so important to him I question if he is the right guy for me.. Everything that I write about on this site is something that I pour my heart and soul into. I would like to introduce you to my complete guide on how to regain an ex boyfriends trust.
My E-Book, Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO will pretty much teach you everything you need to do to get your boyfriend back. I honestly think that if that happened to me I would be able to forgive a girlfriend for it BUT it would take some time and I would hold it against her for a long while… maybe forever. You may think that the mistake you made hurt them and maybe it did but I think there is more to the pain. So, when a woman actually does something hurtful to them instead of forgiving her down the road they hold it against her to punish her.
So, if you read through this and are unable to find a situation that lines up perfectly with what you are experiencing don’t freak out. That number will dictate how hard it will be to get your ex boyfriends trust back if you committed that particular mistake.

As you can see from the title of this section I assigned the cheating by sleeping with someone an MPI rating of 5. It is in a mans nature to find as many partners as possible and ensure the survival of the human race. Even with the introduction of birth control this evolutionary feeling of being pregnant is in the back of the head of every woman.
Of course, the initial obsession that both the man and woman feel will eventually die down. It is up to you to show them that being with you is in their best interest and you know how you are supposed to do that? Trust is something that is earned over time so you are going to have to really put in the work to earn it. Imagine if I checked up on you one day and learned that you were always hanging out around other guys. Of course, if you are a no contact period for 30 full days your ex boyfriend is likely to get very angry at you if you keep ignoring his messages during that 30 days. Well, this whole site is full of information on getting on good terms with your ex so do some digging.
So, the main goal in this section is going to be to find a way to make your ex boyfriend believe you when you talk to him about anything serious. Most of us are still under the impression that all women want is to hear what they want to hear. So, he is going to associate the honesty of the conversation you are having with good feelings and that is an excellent thing. When I would sit down with the owners and explain to them what needed to change they would generally try their best to change and maybe things did change.. What you need to realize is that being with someone who actually wants to be with you is a far greater reward than being with someone who you controlled to be with you.. You aren’t the person that he thought you were and this is good because the person he thought you were was controlling.
Somewhere within this conversation you are going to ask him what he is doing tonight and then you are going to suggest an activity that you may not have been ok with during your relationship.
If he was not looking good at a particular day you wouldn’t say he’s ugly straight to his face right?
Basically, you have to be honest with almost everything you say and do and convey it in a loving and patient way. 1st time I lied about a stupid issue cz I didn’t want to upset him and he forgave me after.
I told the same lies to others to gain the same effect, acceptance via someone feeling sorry for me. He says he is failing at moving past what I have done, and wishes he could, but is not sure how.
You have to heal yourself from your guilt and the person you hurt will often not be able to see how the situation is hurting you too. If he's munching away on an entire bag of chips, and you feel the urge to nosh too, grab a healthy snack like carrot sticks, an apple, or some air-popped popcorn.
It was a breezy 70 degrees, and I was looking forward to the stroll, but he's like "you want to WALK??!!?" in a tone like id suggested we trek through the Sahara.
No one wants to be told they should go on a diet… especially if that unwanted advice comes from someone they love and want to impress. A relationship is not all about looks – as corny as it may sound, your boyfriend should love you for who you are, not how much you weigh. If you keep your self-esteem up and tell him off, he might figure out on his own that he’s being a jerk.
Your boyfriend should be one of the people in your life who makes you feel good about yourself for who you are. At first he was very encouraging, especially since I started eating meat and stuff (garbage) he eats, with him.
Towards the end of the summer my mother had a small heart attack so I was worried about her however I still exercised just not as much. I always was able to get guys growing up, I knew how to style my hair and do my make up to distract from my weight.
I’m trying to be myself around him but whenever he leaves to do something I break down since he feels this way about me.
And one day I just wanted to go to the mall with my sister and I was wearing a cute tight fitting dress with red heels and I felt fantastic. I am dedicated into making Ex Boyfriend Recovery THE premier ex boyfriend site in the entire world.
Probably the coolest thing about the E-Book is the fact that it will guide you through what to do STEP BY STEP! As a way to regain that control I am going to use your past mistakes as a bargaining chip to not only give you a massive guilt trip but as a way of making myself feel better, a way of gaining more control over you.
Once we start getting into the actual ways in which you can work on regaining your exes trust you are going to learn that the tactics I teach can be applied in almost every situation. Now, if somewhere down the road you find out that I lied to you it is probably going to hurt your feelings and you may doubt if I am telling the truth from that point on.
For arguments sake lets say that the mans feelings start to normalize but the woman still feels the initial obsession.
If you are too controlling to a man like this you will probably wind up with a 3 on the MPI scale. The reason for this is that I have combined the two types of cheating that I discuss above into one. He will call you names, say hurtful things and probably not want to talk to you again for a long time. To make matters worse any time I checked your Facebook account I would see you out with with other guys.
He definitely won’t think that you only have eyes for him if he sees you eying other guys.
Keep working on you and how you can be a better partner (not just brutal honesty, but your appearance, your level of support for them, and your compassion for them).
This brings about doubt, and it will bring everything back to the surface again … which takes you on an emotional roller coaster as you so desperately want to be forgiven and move forward. They believe they were hurt, and don’t know that your heart is aching for the hurt you caused them that you want to fix so badly.
Saying that to someone (unless their life literally depends on losing weight) comes out mean, superficial and degrading, no matter how nice you try to make it sound. Over the past year and a half I have reached 169 pounds, but I had no idea it was this much until I weighed myself a couple months ago (after my ED and beginning to gain weight I became phobic of the scale). Point is my ex would tell me I was lying or I was making up excuses to gain weight and when I asked for encouragement he would tell me no he’s not my parent.
He told me I should put leggings on and I thought he was telling me my dress was short so I changed and then my sister asked why and I told her what I thought he was saying then right in front of my sister he said no, I just need to wear pants or leggings until I tighten up. He then went on to insist I get a personal trainer, to which I replied I don’t have stupid money to waste.
I’m at a loss becuase I want to lose weight (I am 11 stone 6 but i excersise eat right and am not podgy) but I dont want him to control it. This can become dangerous because that obsessiveness can evolve into possessiveness and that is not a healthy place to be. Remember, lying is what got you in trouble in the first place so you need to take the opposite approach here and just be honest with him.
I know that it took my boyfriend finding out to stop this very bad behavior I had developed at some point (likely after my first marriage, in which I was involved with a much older man that was a petafile.). Then our sex life started to suffer and he made a ton of excuses like he was on medicine or stressed.
I’ve always been around 170 since high school and have been cursed with these huge breasts I would do anything to get rid of.
When we begin dating for the second time you are under the impression that I have forgiven you for all your mistakes but deep down I have not.
I work very hard to gain that kind of trust from women so when they try to control me it really upsets me. Anyway, long story short I bought the car and he said he would help me pay the taxes when they were due totaling $1500.00. But, if the topic comes up again (which begins when something triggers his disbelief) it rips my heart out. In fact, I am holding your mistakes against you the entire time we are together in our new relationship.
I know I was wrong and I feel terrible about it, but I was honestly scared to tell him the truth (I did not cheat on him).
I do want to get into a better shape and habe the bikini body ready before the summet comes, but him pointing out the obvious was very much upsetting if not down right demoralizing.
I am not only holding them against you because I am hurt I am also holding them against you as a way to control you. Well, he knew that was a lie because our phones vibrate once for a mail and twice for a text so he knew it was a text before he even asked. He knows how sensitive I am about my weight and that I am trying to lose it, I even lost 10 pounds this summer (which he failed to even NOTICE) so I am really upset that he would even say this to me.
Isn’t he the one who’s supposed to make me feel attractive, sexy and confident? We discussed in June that I did not have the money and he said he could help me with half of the money.
I know it will take me a VERY long time to regain his trust and I am willing to work extremely hard on that to get him back. I don’t want him to walk away because he cannot move past this, and I want to be patient, loving and honest to gain back his trust. I can’t even go to the pool without feeling self conscious I just want to be a size 2 or smaller again. He and I have been taking about our long-term future and marriage for a while now, but now I am not quite sure if I have made the right decision on choosing himas my future hubby.
In late August he began paying me 100.00 per week from his business because I took care of all billing, phone calls, post office errands etc. At the same time, I was thankful that it was out in the open and I could move past the behavior finally.
You can only hope the person has grace like God, in that, they can give you a chance to be a better person and love you with open arms. The wrong thing to do is tell her what she needs to do or making abusive comments to get her to lose weight.
In fact, now I feel very close to him because I am so honest with him and have really let him into my life (like I should have from day one). Just know, if (and I mean if) you can gain their trust again, you cannot never ever, ever lie again.
My tags expired on my car at the end of August and I would have been driving on expired fictitious tags had they not gotten paid.

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