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Leonardo DiCaprio and Miranda Kerr have struck up a cozy relationship thata€™s had them spotted all over the Big Apple, murmuring in each othera€™s ears and partying until the wee hours together. Tongues started wagging about DiCaprio when he broke up with his latest Victoriaa€™s Secret model, Erin Heatherton, and became very single again. Last Friday, Kerr, looking gorgeous in leather pants and a white silk tank top, attended the opening of Rosewood on E. But a source close to the Aussie model assures us all is well with her hubby, Bloom, and that he is in South Africa filming a€?Zulua€? and the duo will reunite for Christmas. Should Leo want to see Kerr in lingerie, he can tune in to a€?The Victoriaa€™s Secret Fashion Show,a€? which airs Tuesday on CBS. Williamsa€™ arrest for assault, harassment and obstruction stemmed from an altercation at World Sports Grille Sunday, where police reports say he argued with bar patrons and menaced the manager with a pool cue when asked to leave. Williams did perform the following night and got into an altercation with fans after the show, but no arrests were made then.
Alicia Keysa€™ hubby, Swizz Beatz, says hea€™ll make sure their son, Egypt, knows how much mom did for him. Alicia Keysa€™ 2-year-old son Egypt sounds adorable, baby-talking in her new song a€?When Ita€™s All Over.a€? But Keys says in Januarya€™s Essence magazine that her hubby Kasseem David Dean (aka Swizz Beatz) wona€™t let their kid forget where he came from. Get your dancing shoes on, because Samantha Ronsona€™s deejaying Tuesdaya€™s grand opening of the sexy new lesbian-friendly Dalloway bar and restaurant in SoHo. See a€?The Nutcrackera€? or the Rockefeller Center tree if youa€™re in Manhattan over the holidays, but fitness guru and TV host Hilaria Baldwin asks that you skip the horse-drawn carriage rides through Central Park.
Despite endorsing Mitt Romney for president, singer Kid Rock told CNN that when he ran into President Obama at the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington DC Sunday night, the Prez joked, a€?Still here,a€? to which Rock responded, a€?No hard feelings.a€? Whew. Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler felt right at home this weekend when 1Oak nightclub in Las Vegas started playing his band's tunes. Get your daily fix of the hottest celebrity photos on red carpet, in bikini, on vacation and fashion photos from the red carpet, awards shows, events and more. The women of Landline TV have repurposed the popular dating phone app Tinder for suspicious girlfriends everywhere! One of our favorite comedians Johanna Stein is back with a whole new video offering a wealth of knowledge on everything family, parenting and kids.
Does the buzzing, beeping, or squealing of your alarm clock put you in such a bad mood that you'd rather just keep it off and be late for work? You would think not too many things change when you cross that dreaded threshold from your 20s to your 30s.
Chinese tourists at an airport in Vietnam were livid after allegedly being asked for money by customs officers.
And a woman in China was seen flipping over a baby stroller while fighting with the child's parents. Soul Pancake never fails to bring on the feels with their heartwarming videos dealing with love and family.
In honor of Mother’s Day being just around the corner (it’s Sunday, by the way), Allure asked three adorable kids to create perfumes inspired by their moms’ scent and it’s seriously heartwarming. Kristen Bell gets very candid with The Off Camera Show, as she discusses dealing with anxiety and depression for most of her life. Janet Jackson released a new music video this week that has sparked rumors that she and husband Wissam Al Mana are indeed expecting a child.
What's better than Prince leading an all-star jam session following the 40th anniversary special of Saturday Night Live? An avid fisherman and drone business operator Jaiden Maclean has started using a drone to help locate fish while he and his friend Byron Leal are beach fishing for longtail tuna in Australia. 6-year-old Sophia wrote a report for her class about wanting to save endangered animals like rhinoceroses.

Veterinarians noticed that Lucha, one of the elephants at the Zoological Society of London, had lost a noticeable amount of weight. It looks like Miranda Kerr will be the one responsible for whether or not Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and boyfriend Jason Statham break up or get engaged. It seems that Orlando Bloom's estranged wife has voiced her opinion about her fellow Victoria's Secret angel's relationship and she has been heard.
Meanwhile, Statham, whose ex-girlfriend was British model, Kelly Brook, has never been married. However, it seems that, Kerr, 30, thinks it is time for the actor to commit to his girlfriend with a ring. Miranda Kerr married Orlando Bloom back in 2010 and the two share a son, Flynn, however, they announced their separation in 2013. Despite her failed marriage, the model is encouraging Huntington-Whitley to force her boyfriend to get serious. Do you think Miranda Kerr should be giving Rosie Huntington-Whiteley advice on her relationship with boyfriend Jason Statham or should she just mind her business? 21, Kerr and DiCaprio, who is buddies with Bloom, were again spotted chatting each other up at ABC Kitchen, where they dined with a small group of friends, but sat next to each other throughout the meal.
After a week-long drought of downright odd behavior, 39-year-old comedian Katt Williams was arrested in Seattle on Monday morning after going full-Lohan in a sports bar.
Cops say a€?The Pimp Chronicles Part Onea€? star also followed a family outside, threw a rock at their car and flicked his cigarette at a female passenger. The boy band caused chaos when they brought their a€?Take Me Homea€? tour to the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., Friday, as most nearby students cut class to see them. Owners Amanda Leigh Dunn, from Showtimea€™s a€?The Real L Word,a€? and a€?Americaa€™s Next Top Modela€? contestant Kim Stolz will be on hand to party with the invite-only crowd.
After returning to Miami from the Middle East, where she opened Millions of Milkshakes stores in Kuwait and Bahrain over the weekend, Kardashiana€™s blistered face looked like a topographical map of the region.
The casually dressed duo went for a long stroll in chilly weather, holding hands and laughing as they crossed a bridge in Paris on a rainy Sunday.
The most powerful man in the world must be relieved that he can finally scratch a€?make amends with Kid Rocka€? off his to-do list. According to a source, Tyler a€?started singing along and dancing and pretty much putting on a show.a€? The 64-year-old rocker was there with his 21-year-old son, Taj.
Tinder is a dating app that many perceive as simply being a tool for guys and girls to hook up. Instead of bringing the dog to the vet to check for a microchip, or hanging up flyers around town, now you can simply snap a picture. The Hydraulic Press Channel has felt your pain, and knows the perfect solution to your problem.
Now "UnDer" is combining two of the most popular and frequently used apps on your smartphone so you can kill two birds with one stone. Whether or not these videos from eBaum's World are real or fake, one thing is for sure: they're worth a watch. One person claimed the agents were threatening to seize passports if they were not given a 10 yuan tip. The fight started because one of the baby's parents allegedly knocked the aggressor's iPad while on the escalator. In this hilarious video from XVP Comedy, twentysomething sons and daughters get honest about Mother's Day. They were asked to look into the camera and proclaim, "I am beautiful." That proved to be difficult for some, so Julia Price and Zach Puchtel got a very special group to come in and remind them just how special each and every one of them is. His adorable and oh so fitting tribute to mothers everywhere for Mother's Day (human and canine) does not disappoint.

The actress holds nothing back as she talks about the stigma surrounding mental illness and how she doesn't let that keep her from living her best life. In honor of Mother’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel convinced strangers on the street to confess their biggest lies to their dear ol’ moms. Does this new technique give him an unfair edge, or is he just taking advantage of modern technology to make his "fishing" life easier?
The eagles were on the edge of a lake and had become entangled with each other during the fight.
So the Head Veterinarian Nick Masters took a look at Lucha and determined she needed a tooth removed.
My hair went through a phase –- I did this thing called a Brazilian and my hair did not react really well to it. She previously dated Tyrone Wood, the son of Rolling Stones member Ronnie Wood for two years and briefly dated actor Olivier Martinez. A source explained, "After Rosie and Jason have spent four years together, Miranda would like to see her get married.
She soon summoned DiCaprio to the loungea€™s invite-only night and he showed up, along with longtime pal and a€?Gangs of New Yorka€? co-star Diaz.
Lively looked adorable in her maroon hat as she planted one on her hot hubby, whom she married in South Carolina in September.
You simply sign in with your Facebook account and you're immediately bombarded with people in your area who are also interested in "dating." You simply swipe right if you like what you see and swipe left if you don't. RightThisMinute Skyped with Finding Rover's creator to find out more about how the free service works. How would you like to meet that special someone while you're being driven to your desired destination. What what happens when you in your 30s come face to face with all the bad questionable decisions you made in your 20s.
And as if we needed more reasons to appreciate them, these moms reveal why your mom deserves a few more hugs this Mother's Day. Watch as people of all ages tell us what they would tell their mothers at their age and why.
The video covers a lot of very special "mommy moments" that we may sometimes take for granted. It’s actually pretty amazing how blunt people get — despite mother herself standing by their side.
Check out the Purple One performing a funky version of "Let's Go Crazy" with some help from his band, the girls from Haim, Chris Rock, Martin Short, Maya Rudolph and Jimmy Fallon amongst lots of others. You can't buy cat toys for these 350-pound kitties at your local pet store, so she has to invent her own toys. After putting out the flames they discovered a litter of furry victims living in a woodpile. Taylor Swifta€™s new boyfriend, Harry Styles, even shouted: a€?Your principal called today and said no one was at school. Check out her hilarious new video where she explains the real truth about "mommy brain" in a song and dance like only she can pull off.
She's a low-maintenance girl when it comes to her hair and makeup.She definitely takes time to get ready.

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