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Interracial couples are so common these days that most of us wouldn't even blink at seeing one.
How long have you been a fan of Tomb Raider?I’ve been a fan since 1997, so 15 years now! Where did you get the bulk of your Tomb Raider merchandise?Like most collectors, I get a lot of my collection online from sites like eBay and Amazon.
How do you store or display all of your Tomb Raider goods?I’m currently at university so I store my collection in my old bedroom back home. But those who grew up in an older generation may have less progressive views than we do about who you should be dating. Well, introducing your boyfriend to your judgmental friends does NOT have to bet a stressful experience.
Becca’s Tomb Raider collection seems to have it all, from multimedia to rare promotional items.

As my collection has grown I’ve acquired more and more items that I never dreamt I would own.
If you haven’t figured already I particularly love finding rare variations, double packs, press kits, promos etc.
It is this generational conflict that causes some parents to disapprove of their white daughter dating an Asian or a black boyfriend.
Whenever he got back from work we would sit and play it together and ever since then I’ve been hooked!
I would try to complete the assault course, go in the maze and open the basement as if nothing was going on. The community there is amazing and a few of the members kindly keep an eye out for any Tomb Raider related items that could be added to my collection. I currently have everything displayed on a bookcase and one other unit but it’s beginning to get a little bit cramped.

A few things I would like include: More press kits and rare variations, more figurines, a skateboard, a life size statue, style guides, the rest of the NSTC and NTSC-J versions of the games, Tomb Raider Legend slot machine, signed posters… and pretty much everything else ever! If you're finding yourself in this situation and really want your mom to be more supportive of your love life choices, check out this video. I started out by collecting reviews from gaming magazines and keeping them in a ring binder.

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