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Starting in September Ill be teaching art classes (just a few hours a week) for Preschool- High School at the Plano Children’s Theatre.
I am one of those unfortunate, very spoiled products-of-growing-up-in-a-wealthy-suburub- kids who can’t bear the thought of settling in some 9-5 uninspiring desk job until its time to retire.
So recently, a friend of mine got married and she asked me to do the altar display for her. I think you can tell by the bizarre arrangement of images here that my mind is fried and coming out of my ears. Also, I am proud to announce that I will be participating in the Sea of Shoes runway look illustration contest thingy this month.
Anway, someday when I have a zillion dollars and I’ve already made my Submarine House I will make a sweet hot air balloon to travel the world in. Yeah, thats a pelican chillin on a sweet hot air balloon… How could he ever be lonely amongst so many stars and other celestial characters! I can’t tell you how many times women have told this to me when talking about their ex boyfriends.
In other words, if an ex boyfriend is acting like a jerk this guide is going to attempt to explain why. You have to admit that it is a little comical but I feel there is a hint of truth to this view when it comes to jerk behavior.
We all have our individual views on how relationships should be treated but these individual views can sometimes make it hard to pin down exactly what a jerk is.
Societal jerk-like behavior includes things like cheating, saying hurtful things (that are uncalled for) and overreacting over ridiculous things. Of course, this guide is unique in and of itself because it is not studying men as a whole. Luckily, I am a man and I have also been an ex boyfriend who remembers almost all of the thoughts that went through my head during my past relationships. Now, I can’t give you all the gory details of my past because I have no interest in slandering an ex on the web. It is a thought that runs through every woman whose ex boyfriend has just been a jerk to her. Lets start with a common one for ex boyfriends, causing unnecessary fights after the breakup. I wanted to start off with this behavior because it is likely that this is something you have experienced for yourself. When I say “causing fights after a breakup” am I just talking about the normal fight that may occur during the breakup talk?
I once reacted like this after a breakup and I am about to lay some shocking knowledge down for you. Thus, I would find a way to fight with my ex even when she was just trying to be nice and check up on me. Looking back it was a really rotten and insecure thing to do but I actually don’t regret the experience. I actually love talking about this particular type of behavior because it is going to really address one of your greatest fears, having your ex look at other women or go on the rebound after your relationship. Well, during your relationship with your ex boyfriend were you constantly catching him check out other women? Many women will rally by your side if your ex does this and label him a jerk but I am not so sure that is the case. Yes, you heard me I don’t think your ex is a jerk if he was casually looking at other women during your relationship.
The first thing I want to tackle here is that there is a difference between looking at other women casually and looking at them and aggressively pursuing them. Every boyfriend you have will hopefully have two eyes and he can’t help but notice the beautiful new intern. One of the things that I am most proud of about myself is the fact that I am loyal to a fault.
Deciphering if a boyfriend or ex boyfriend is a jerk will require you to study how they approach this very situation.
If a beautiful woman is literally throwing herself at your boyfriend would he have the will power to put a stop to it? Furthermore, a man who is a jerk might even pursue a beautiful woman if shes not throwing herself at him. You and your ex have just broken up and now he is off talking to ten other girls at the same time. This is an interesting question because technically right now you and your ex boyfriend are broken up. However, there is a way that a man can be a jerk when it comes to other women after your relationship ends. You found this website so I am just going to assume that you are interested in your ex boyfriend in some way shape or form. If your ex boyfriend is flaunting other women at you as a way to “stick it to you” did his time with you mean anything to him?
I know that may be shocking to you when his actions seem to say otherwise but lets take a moment and look at things from his perspective.
No matter how toxic the relationship a breakup usually hurts both parties involved in some way shape or form. Essentially an ex boyfriend who reacts this way will think the world has ended and not do anything to improve his situation. Now, I don’t know your situation personally but if you are reading this particular section on this page then something tells me your boyfriend is not acting like this. One reaction that men have to breakups is the fact that they look to fill the pain by talking to other people, other women in particular. I am not saying it is morally right but I figure if I opened up and told you a little about my experience it might make a few light bulbs go off for your situation. Usually when women ask me about this situation I sternly tell them to read my rebound relationship page.
I have read multiple stories from women who have gone absolutely crazy once their boyfriends have ignored them (all of them later regretted it.) I guess the point I am trying to make here is that pretty much everyone hates it when someone ignores them. So, if your ex boyfriend ignores you whenever you try to reach out to him does that make him a jerk? I think the answer to that question all boils down to how he approaches the initial ignoring. Of course, there are other times where I really want to hear from someone but instead I hear from you and at the moment I am not in the mood to talk to you because I want to talk to this other person. The fifth type of behavior that an ex boyfriend can display if he is being a jerk has to be lying.
Off the top of my head one specific lie that an ex boyfriend can tell really jumps out to me, why you broke up. I am usually careful about the way I word things on this site so I don’t paint myself in a corner that is impossible to get out of but I think right now right here I am going to paint myself in a corner.
I know it is a total douche move by us guys but we want to lie to you about breaking up for a very specific reason. Now, the reason I used that particular example is because I know for a fact that you ARE good looking enough because at one point your ex boyfriend dated you.
Out of all the behaviors that I have talked about on this page this one is by far the most despicable. I really debated if I wanted to even include this behavior in this guide because this is pretty dark stuff. Right now I am known as one of the top experts in helping women get their ex boyfriends back. So, I guess the question you need to ask yourself is how can you tell if your ex boyfriend is a jerk that likes seeing you in pain?
It is pretty much common sense that people say some really dumb things when they get angry.
However, where I have a problem is when the person shows absolutely no remorse after they say the hurtful thing. An ex boyfriend who is a true jerk won’t show any remorse after he says his hurtful thing.
I do hope I have given you some helpful insight into his mind and why he may be acting a certain way after your breakup.
I also just wanted to take a moment to reflect on this past year (2013.) I wanted to thank all of you for reading, learning and communicating with me throughout 2013.
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you all and I promise I will keep doing my best to deliver the best content I possibly can.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of. We were about to get married, and one day out of the blue, he sent a Whatsapp message to break up. The trip he was on, while we broke up, was also about 30 days, so I thought I would ask him for the car back when he came back. Days pass, I remind him that when I left the house we shared where I live now (which is his) was left clean, with all payments made (by me) etc.
He responded that he was on a trip again, and that he could come back on February to give me my stuff back.

I mean, breakup a years long relationship via whatsapp, then not have any kind of discussion regarding living arrangements, taking the dog while I was away and expecting me to wait for two months to get my car back is sort of being a jerk, isn?t it?
I know I?m supposed to be upbeat and have positive interactions, I haven?t been gnatting I?ve been polite, but how can I have positive interactions while he acts like this? Even if I reinitiate No Contact, I need at least the car before that (It?s mine, I paid for it, I had it before I met him, it?s not like I?m stealing, I didn?t ask for any money even though I had invested a fair amount on his house either). I know my contact this time was not positive, and mostly failed, because nobody wants to give a car back, I guess. Hi Chris, my ex who I dated for 11 months has gotten back with his old ex girlfriend who cheated on him before and who he dated on and off freshmen and sophomore year about a week after I had broken up with him. I texted him telling him how disappointed I was in him and how much I felt like I hated him, I was angry when I said all those things but I never meant it.
Its completely awful right now, we dated and were perfectly happy for 11 months and friends for 5 and everything was wonderful I had never loved another person like I did him and he was such a sweetheart to me in everyway, I broke up with him over a stupid dispute with his parents who never like anyone who goes out with. I have been praying for answers so can you give me advice be cause I don’t know what to do any more. I just found out that my ex, who dumped me while crying furiously and saying that he doesn’t want to lose me and so on, went out with our friends two days after the breakup (we were together for almost three years) and made out with a new girl in front of them all night. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. A girl is a bundle of surprises, joy, happiness, charm, liveliness and all the good adjectives found in the dictionary. There is no end to the fun, frolic, bubbly enthusiasm, love and eagerness expressed by a girl.
On the concept of the shadow self and how, actually, that person that you feel all icky toward is just an extension of yourself that deserves love. My ultimate goal is to make a collective space where artists of different stripes can come and work and meet other artists, collaborate, share, make beautiful things.
How do you nestle gently into your “career” and proceed without loathing your life and eyeing the clock every second of every hour until its time to head homeward?
You constantly have to walk the line of working within the parameters of a project (parameters are great, necessary , but adhering to them can be difficult especially when the execution goes against your personal aesthetic), being proud of that project, and still finding the time and energy to execute all the fantastic artistic ideas that have been accumulating in your head while working your day job.
Once the holiday season started I sorta dropped off the end of the earth there, didn’t I? I am inspired again AND I got a sewing machine for Christmas so we all have that to look forward to.
I have been using old Anthropologie catalogs and some old National Geographics so it stays colorful and weird. It will eventually go over the whole thing (not covering it up, of course) and it will serve as the thing that holds up the basket (that I am crocheting at the moment.) I will cut a small opening at the top so one can hang it. All week I have been looking at hot air balloon photos and illustrations on the internet to get inspired.
And the king of red balloons… The hot air balloon its self was inspired by a set of Tarot Cards I bought when I was in Jim Thorpe a few weeks ago. So, automatically that means that every little thing that an ex boyfriend does is going to be dissected and taken personally.
Well, once again I am going to attempt to expand your knowledge on the male mind and dive into the reasoning behind these jerk-like acts that your ex boyfriend keeps engaging in. Sure, maybe two people can think very similarly but no one is going to think exactly 100% of what another human being is thinking. However, what I can give you access to is all of the thoughts that went through my head which is really want you want anyways, right? Doing so requires you to take a trip into the mind of a man and that is not always a fun place to be.
Of course, you being the amazing person that you are you offer to remain friends with me and I angrily decline your offer.
You know, the one where you and I dated and we both argued every time we talked after a breakup. It has been about five years since that particular incident has occurred so I have had a lot of time to reflect on exactly what I was feeling. Even now when I look back at some of the mistakes I made I cringe and I feel like I was a completely different person. Sure, I was definitely in the wrong with how I acted during the breakup but it allowed me to truly be honest with myself and make some major changes in my life. While this may make relationships a lot easier (and put me out of a job) real life is different.
You show me the most loyal boyfriend on earth and I bet I am more loyal than him in a relationship.
Sure, you are incredibly angry with the breakup and you have called him every mean name you can think of in your head but should he really be considered a jerk? Now, I want you to imagine for a moment that after your breakup your ex boyfriend starts meeting and talking to all these other beautiful women.
This type of breakup reaction from an ex boyfriend usually means the chances of him wanting you back is going to be increase because lets be honest….
Now, I am a really nice guy so I didn’t look to date any of these girls because I knew it would be for the wrong reasons. So, since I felt really down I started looking for other sources outside of my own internal circle to tell me that they liked me and cared for me.
So, if he dates her and determines that the standard she sets is better than the standard you set then they will probably have a longer relationship than you might expect. Both of us verbalized that things would be different but despite the differences we both wanted to remain friends.
You need to assume that your ex boyfriend is lying to you about the real reason he broke up with you.
However, I figured if you understood the process that goes through a mans mind it could make a few light bulbs go off on why your ex may not be completely honest with you about stuff. After the breakup you decide that you don’t really want me back but you do want to remain friends. We are automatically going to assume that you aren’t going to be on the best of terms with him. I am all about forgiveness and I think it is important to understand that when emotions run high logic runs low. I think it is ok to make a mistake here and there, like an impulsive angry comment, but it is not ok to take pleasure in seeing how that comment can hurt someone. Usually I give these really long step by step instructions on how to do a certain thing or get your ex to react a certain way. It is my constant need to provide you with the best content in the world that has made this site great. If you have any ideas on future guides or any questions about your jerk of a boyfriend ?? please comment in the comments section below.
I asked him to move out in July, and we were supposed to try to fix the relationship, take things slow, have fun date nights and seek help for communication issues in the relationship. He was on a trip, and didn?t leave me his hotel number, so it?s not like I could call, but I believe he should?ve.
He said his mom would pick him up, and she took him while I was at work, and couldn?t really do much. We both have family on another state (which is not where we lived together, and is not where he is working now) So I sent a text asking if he was visiting them for christmas, and politely asking for my stuff back. Am I supposed to just suck it in, and let him have the car parked in another state for months while I take the bus?
I don?t want to just let him get his way and start being super nice, while he?s being such a jerk.
I begged for him back the day after the breakup because I knew it was wrong and I was still fully in love with him. His girlfriend texted me telling me to stop talking to him and that he was with her and not me for a reason and he isn’t going to come back so get over it. It is the proudest moment for a mother when she gives birth to a girl baby but the baby does not remain a child for ever. Man has great love for his wife, certain ambitions for his son but for a daughter, there are no words to describe the emotions and feelings.
The arts programs are being squelched in public schools in favor of writing papers and test taking. Plus, considering the unfortunate year of my graduation and its subsequent economy, its a little intimidating. The experience was wonderful and I’m now thinking, Hey… I can actually make money doing this?
I will be posting more and more to keep y’all informed about new things in the shop and of course, any goings on if you are in the North Texas Area.
Once I get all this data saved on my hard drive and I can get my computer cleaned we are back in business, I swear. I wanted it to be more graphic, but I have a feeling this wont be the last elephant I draw.
If he does something good that will benefit you it is likely that your heart is going to race with excitement. Every time you attempt to talk to me I say something that sets you off and then you say something in return that really sets me off and before you know it we are both having a full fledged argument. However, I am a human male and I am not afraid to admit that I look at other women when I am in a relationship. So, does it make him a jerk if he talks to other girls after the two of you aren’t together anymore? In fact, it starts getting so ridiculous that you have a sneaking suspicion that he is talking to these other women as a way to upset you.

However, I knew that if I got some type of interaction with the opposite sex and just got this feeling of being wanted by them it would make me feel better. The only way that your ex boyfriend will take another girlfriend is if he thinks that she beats the standard you set.
Of course, if the standard the new girl sets is not anywhere close to yours then sooner or later he will come to his senses, trust me!
For instance, after I advised a visitor here to enter into a no contact period with her boyfriend he got so crazy that he showed up in the middle of the night at 3 a.m. So, if you never ever hear from me again after you have tried multiple times to contact me then that would make me two things.
You did a lot of things that hurt me and quite frankly you don’t deserve to talk to me again. For example, if I have a pressing action I need to get done on this site then my attention isn’t really going to be fully with the person I was texting. You may have dated a real big jerk who gets off on seeing you in pain (see the next section) but generally speaking we don’t want to see you in pain.
Lets say that the two of you had a really bad breakup and he has a lot of anger and emotions at the moment. When I saw how hurt this person was after I said it I immediately felt horrible about myself and went on an apologizing rampage. Instead, this guide was all about understanding the complex person that is your ex boyfriend.
But during the living appart period, he had no time to do any of theses things and was supper disrespectfull to me so I ended things.
He told be that he did not want to be together with me since he was not in love with me anymore, but he told me that he still loved me. Feeling really cozy and comfortable in that stagnation and terribly afraid to get out of it. Those nasty thoughts and period of stagnation have taught me so much about who I actually am. Since the Art Lessons thing is kinda up in the air right now (in a good way), Im promoting my murals. Im always amazed by my friends who work regular 9-5 jobs and still find the energy to come home and do other job like tasks. Oh, and for any of you who have emailed me and have used any of my drawings for your theater groups, music sites, and wedding things, you get a big thanks!
I dont know if its Carpel Tunnel or some other horrible affliction, but damn my wrist hurts. Essentially he is flaunting his interactions with the other girls at you as a way to get a rise out of you. However, as time goes on I say some very hurtful things to you that leave you crying every day. This anger within him is going to cause him to seek revenge by thinking of the most hurtful thing he can say to you. I understand what it is like to say some very regretful things through anger because I have been there.
A lot of you comment about how insightful and helpful my guides are to you but the truth is that without you those guides wouldn’t exist. Until today, he was a complete jerk to me, he was still angry that i ended the relationship.
I immediately started doing NC (I also bought your ebook for further guidance) and did not break it for 30 days.
5 months before we broke up I moved in at his moms place, due problems with my parents (atm I am 19 years old). I get the rebound thing, heck, I know that they were flirting while we we’re dating and that actually caused a lot of problems for us, so I get that maybe he really liked her more than me, but making out with a new girl in front of our close mutual friends and sleeping with her freaking two days after he dumped me and acted so miserable about it?
I feel like every week I concoct some new hair brained scheme to induce the flow of money in my direction.
Their work ethic of working a job they *may* find boring or unsatisfying makes my problems seem absolutely ridiculous. So, as of recently, I’ve started soliciting myself as a freelance wedding designer person.
But I have been loving the comments I have been getting and am SO GLAD that a few of you are using my artwork for you theatre troops, logos, and inspirations. If you sprinkle in the fact that neither or you can truly control each other all sorts of wacky things can start to happen.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes? Heck, if a beautiful woman came up to talk to me while I was in a relationship I wouldn’t shoo her away.
Now, a normal ex boyfriend might apologize for hurting your feelings but I am not a normal ex boyfriend. It is through your constant need to understand the mind of a man that I have pushed myself to come up with the best content I can think of. I want to help out creative couples who want to do something a little differently than traditional wedding styles. If you (see-er of blogs) need something for an event like a drawing or logo, I am now officially freelancing.
Beating my head against a wall trying understand algebra and geometry are some of my worst memories of High School. If this beautiful woman were to hit on me I would feel very flattered and maybe even blush a little bit. He started stressing and even though our relationship was solid and good-he broke up with me after he decided to go back for an advanced degree to become more employable. Being who I am now doesnt mean squelching dark Jen and shoving her to a deep recess of my mind. I have seen so many people work so hard for their passions, so hard in fact, that those passions become their full time jobs. My one saving grace was that I had excellent art teachers who understood how much their classrooms were my (and many others) sanctuaries.
I live in North Texas, so for the time being I would like to keep to the area, but am willing to travel for installation etc. He decided to break up with me as soon as I got back from the funeral (talk about kicking someone when they are down). I broke up with my first boyfriend because I have felling for the second ex since he dated my best friend . I understand how a mans ego is tied up into his livelihood, but why I don’t understand why he has to go at this alone? They are rewarded not just with good pay, but (more importantly) with a job that doesnt crush your soul. Considering things were wonderful before then, I didn’t want to let the whole relationship go, so I went into the 30 days of NC to give him space to think things over and to give me some time to heal and reconnect with myself. He ignored me for 3 weeks before he finally admitted that his unemployed benefits had been exhausted. Since I lived together with him I felt like I lost myself, all the things that I used to like about myself were gone, because I was afraid of losing him.
I sent him a message asking to get a few items I left at his house that I wanted back prior to winter break (we are both grad students). I cant tell you how extremely thankful I am to be here and now professing this new found love of life. I look up from whatever Im working on to be pleasantly surprised that several hours have lapsed without me glancing clock-ward once.
I blame most of it for the aforementioned post work lethargy, but a lot of it has to do with the fact that I don’t have as much creative freedom as I had hoped. In the 3rd months there literally wasn’t even one evening that he stayed home with me. So I basically only saw him in the morning when saying goodbye because I had to go to school and at dinner.
Finally, frustrated, I asked why he couldn’t be decent about this considering how cruelly he broke up with me. After 3 months of living together I decided to move back to my mom, because I saw how living together was ruining the relationship. Since then I tried the no contact method, after a few weeks I texted him asking about a movie that we watched together, hoping that he was going to miss me. We also texted and called once about some data that he still had on his computer that I wanted to get back. About two weeks ago when I asked about the data on his computer he said that he would email it to be and that he doesn’t want to see me. At this time my depression has gotten much better but this was really a trigger to fall back into it again. I had planned seeing him to get my data a long time ago, I saw how this could be an opportunity to be friends and maybe get to getter again. Last night I decided to open up about how I still would want to hang out with him after I asked him if he was angry at me.
He told me that the reason why he actually doesn’t want to hang out with me is because he still feels sexually attractive to me. This morning he told me that he started drinking during the conversation and that it is not going to happen (either just hanging out or having sex, idk).
I told him that I would’t make it happen and that it was a disgusting and dickish thing say from him (that he wants to use me for sex).

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