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I nodded and got to my feet, picking up my bag, jacket and Starbucks cup and started walking inside.
A frown tugged at my lips and I quickly helped Apple put her bracelets on before I turned back to Brittany.
Once we reached the center of the dance floor, I turned to face Jake and gave him a smile and started dancing. I allowed myself to be lead away from the rest of the party and into an empty hallway by Jake.
Day With inspirational quotes added to a wallpaper, you can put your favorite quote on your desktop where you will enjoy it every day. Once we got to the party, I got out of the car and waited for Apple before I linked my arm with hers and walked inside. Once I reached the bathroom, I stopped outside and pulled my jacket on then slung my backpack onto my shoulder.
I picked up a perfume bottle and sprayed her quickly then myself, giving her a sheepish grin before I walked back downstairs to where the boys were, making sure that Apple was following me.

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I walked to the back of the classroom and sat down, waiting until Apple sat down before I started talking again. After getting inside, I grabbed Apple's hand and pulled her towards my room, yelling to the boys to wait in the living room. There are many great inspirational quote wallpapers available you can pick from, and some of them add great looking graphics or photos, as well.
I closed my bedroom door shut behind Apple and I and went over to my closet, pulling out different outfits. I felt a pang in my chest when I saw Brittany pulling Dillon away from everyone else in the party.
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I put on makeup and styled my hair before I turned towards Apple, biting my bottom lip as I thought. I chuckled and went outside to the car, climbing into the driver's seat and starting the car. I pulled out a blue lace dress and handed it to her, before pulling out a pair of tights to out on under it.
After Apple put the clothes on, I had her sit in front of my vanity mirror and I did her makeup then curled her hair and pulled it up, leaving a few strands out.

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