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A new study is arousing great interest in China after being published on ?????? (China Science Daily) yesterday.
I would have pasted the article below, but unfortunately it is currently only available in Chinese.
Intriguingly, the graphs shows that the more e-cigarettes vapers vape, the more they want to have sex. Dr Hung speculated that nicotine E-sireds, freed from tentopims founds in tobacco smoke, copulated with propylene glycol to form inosexic nicopropogei chemicals which stimulated both male and female tetestorai. Dr Hung warned against using nicotine, which he describe as Satan’s drug, for sex purposes.
However, under intense scrutiny from journalists, 67 year old non-smoker Dr Hung admitted he had taken up vaping since leaving his wife and marrying a 17 year old Thai fashion actress, although he refused to comment on the reason.

As one’s intelligence is also directly linked to the amount you vape, and you have just ordered 15 starter packs – yes! Subscribesign up to the Ashtray Blog Newsletter to be kept up to date on the latest e-cig news, tutorials and special offers. The study finally provides evidence of a phenomenon which doctors and scientists had previously only suspected… the effect of vaping on our sex drive.
Luckily, after years of importing e-cigarettes from mainland China, I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese and have translated the gist for you.
Also see our own research, which previously found that e-cigarettes had a positive effect on libido. I don’t like to crow, but I predicted this result in our article smoking, sex and the electronic cigarette! I am sure Hung has a completely different meaning in Chinese, and of course it would have no impact on the quality of his research.

Don't worry, we still provide the same great news and views on electronic cigarettes and our upcoming events. After a couple of weeks, my sleep began to be disturbed by a lot of banging & muffled screams. When I enquired, the husband told me he was doing a lot of DIY during the night so that he could spend more time with his wife during the day. He insisted that the scream were due to poor light at night causing him to hit his thumb with the hammer from time to time.
Yesterday, they insisted on taking me out to dinner as a big thank you for introducing them to vaping.

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