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Above, watch Leo Howard (Young Snake Eyes) vs Brandon SooHoo (Young Storm Shadow) , claimed by some to be the best fight scene in the entire movie. Watch the above interview with Leo Howard, Channing Tatum, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Gunner Wright, Brandon Soo Hoo, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Rachel Nichols. Leo Little’s Big Show ia a Disney Channel series featuring a brother named Leo Little (played by Leo Howard) and a sister named Amy Little (played by G. A young boy’s discovery of a colorful, wish-grantingrock causes chaos in the suburban town of Black Falls when jealous kids and scheming adults alike set out to get their hands on it.
VIXX changed it up for their third single and first mini album by switching to a much darker style.
Using a very clever play on opposites, VIXX followed “Hyde” with their first repackage called “Jekyll”.
VIXX switched right back to their dark sides with probably the most frightening video of 2013 for “???? (Voodoo Doll)”.
Probably what I love most about VIXX is how subtly clever they and Jellyfish Entertainment both are. Two other notable songs from 2013 include a pre-release track for from their first full-length album titles “??? ??? (Only U)” and a collaboration song with OKDAL called “??? ? (Girls, Why?)” Both songs showcase softer vocal abilities and demonstrate VIXX’s versatility both musically and visually.
On October 13th VIXX made their comeback with the emotionally intense track “Error!” They kept fans on the edge of their seats since the announcement back in September, boasting this to be their strongest concept ever. Also, VIXX released a series of promises they’ll carry out depending on how many views the MV receives, so don’t forget to keep showing the MV a lot of love and a lot of views! For a group that has only been out for two years (and who celebrated their 2nd anniversary this past Saturday, May 24th!) VIXX are definitely global idols.
To me, what make VIXX so endearing is not only their amazing abilities as performance idols, but their charisma.
It seems Matt Harvey has rebounded nicely in the girlfriend department after his split with Anne V. From what we can see of photos taken from Sunday’s Knicks game, it seems Harvey and Leo are to the snuggle at basketball game stage.
Hannelius) who host a show from their family room about Disney’s stars, movies, and programs. They made their official debut on May 24, 2012 with their upbeat, energetic first single “Super Hero” and then kept their style fun and active with their super adorable, super fun to dance along to single “Rock Ur Body”.
For a rookie group, many were surprised by how gruesome the official, unclean version of this music video was. And aside from their promotional tracks, VIXX’s mini and full albums are riddled with a wide array of really beautiful, fun, heart-pumping B-tracks—some of my favorites include “?? ?? ??? (Light Me Up)” from Hyde, “???? (Say Love)” from Jekyll, and “Say U Say Me” from Voodoo! Sticking to their darker themes, “?? (ETERNITY)” outlines the aftermath of a bad relationship.

Compared to previously powerful tracks like “Hyde” and “???? (Voodoo Doll)”, many wondered just how VIXX would top it all this time around.
Soon after their debut they were invited to OTAKON, a Japanese animation convention held in Baltimore, Maryland as one of their musical guests.
Since debut, VIXX has been releasing shorts under the title of “VIXX TV” where they keep fans up to date on what’s happening in their schedules.
I’m a little new at k-pop and this article was perfect to teach me about vixx and a little of k-pop culture. It seems, if you’re to believe taking a model to a Knicks game means anything, that Harvey is now dating British model Asha Leo. You might remember back in March when Harvey (making $606,625 this season) made it known he didn’t want to be stuck in Florida all season rehabbing his arm after Tommy John surgery. Joe, operating out of The Pit, takes on an evil organization led by a notorious arms dealer.
It could be taken as a continuation from “???? (Voodoo Doll)”, as the boys express a strange confliction between the sadness of losing this girl, and a simultaneous realization that, even if not having her is better (after all, she controlled and hurt them throughout the last video!), they’d rather be trapped in a dream world where they can relive this time with her and not have to face the reality of how awful this relationship really was. VIXX took on a cyborg theme, embracing jaw dropping CGI throughout the video’s story as well as still shots of the boys with robotic skeletons.
VIXX TV is far more than just a news platform, it’s a way for VIXX to come closer to their STARLIGHTS and show them more than just their stage personas.
I really enjoyed working with Selena and being coached by the famous choreographer Hi-Hat was really cool.
The entirety of the group acting scene was filmed in reverse- meaning the boys had to learn their lines backwards!
Like “Hyde” the song and video really work well together to create this very dark, rather haunting experience that fit perfectly with the “???? (Voodoo Doll)’s” fall release.
The MVs story is subtle but heart-wrenching, and is a true testament to Hongbin’s (and KARA’s Youngji’s) acting abilities.
VIXX TV, on VIXX’s official YouTube channel, is also subbed in English—making it accessible to STARLIGHTS outside of Korea as well. VIXX stands for “Vocal, Visual, Value in Excelsis” (they were supposed to be VIX initially, but added the extra “X” for aesthetic value).
Plus the build up to the each chorus always makes my heart race, no matter how many times I’ve listened to this song (and we’re hitting far over 1000 by this point). The whole MV is filled with brilliant cinematography, but the reverse filming and the choppy, paper doll style animation really makes it a standout. They reference “Hyde” with the line “I think I’m losing control” and definitely present an opposite way of presenting a similar message to this girl that “Hyde” was aiming at.
The whole dance is really intricate and the way all six members play off each other is jaw-dropping!

And speaking of Hongbin, it’d be impossible not to mention the shock he caused Starlights when his deep register in the beginning of the track! They’ve also been to many events elsewhere like Malaysia, Japan, and Canada, to name a few of the countries they’ve already explored in their short time after debut. VIXX was put together through MNet’s reality program MyDOL, which started on April 12, 2012 and ran through right up to VIXX’s debut in May. Eternity as a single is a pretty cool piece because all three songs connect to their own story of love loss as well.
This dance, much like VIXX’s previous, really stands out in how the members intertwine with and break away from one another. Although it’s impossible for every VIXX fan to attend all of their stages and fan meetings, through VIXX TV and Twitter and other social media platforms it’s very easy for fans from all parts of the world to feel just as connected to and loved by the boys of VIXX. Lyrically, the song connects back to the beginning through the repetition of “I am ready to get hurt” and then follows with a story of a man who has succumbed entirely to this girl. Moreover, it carries the cyborg theme beyond just the CGI in the video with how precisely their bodies carry out each movement (also the end move, but I won’t spoil how cool that looks here, you’ll have to check it out for yourself!).
They’re an incredibly expressive and welcoming group, and I have found it very hard not to fall head over heels in love with everything they do. It creates a high level of tension in the listener that just winds tighter and tighter until it ends almost abruptly. Here’s a few of my favorite VIXX TV episodes, to hopefully give you a taste of their adorable, playful nature. I find this aspect of “Hyde” fascinating as it contributes to the dark, intense and obsessive meaning of the song and MV. It takes VIXX in a direction away from the pop sound they had in many of their earlier releases and continues down melodious the path that “?? (ETERNITY)” started.
You can feel the strain the boys are undergoing in the song as they bounce back and forth between loving and hating, happiness and anger as they sing. The vocal talent that these boys possess is undeniable and between each members individually sung lines and the stunning harmonies that are woven throughout the track, “Error” is definitely a song that’ll stay on repeat for a long time! It is a really all-encompassing feeling that transforms listening to the song into a fully immersive experience.

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