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Perhaps you always heard that the guys who study hard in school, the guys who are members of the chess or science club, and the ones that go to the prom without a date are the future movers-and-shakers of the world. How many times when dating a guy have you had to ‘put up’ with his ignorant friends just to please him? And last of all, the Nerd is fun to be around because for him, it’s not all about your waist size, or your clothing, or the clubs you can get into – but you, the real you, faults and all.  That’s because he knows that looks are only skin deep – but a solid relationship with a person that you enjoy being with can last forever. There were so many amazing costumes to see of so many super cool characters, including some of my personal favorites. One of the only other Harry Potter cosplayers at the convention, but isn’t her quidditch uniform great? This father & son duo was absolutely spectacular – they won Best in Show at the cosplay contest! Robot Chicken was another awesome costume; he won Funniest Costume at the contest (probably for his awesome robot dance he did on stage). I really enjoyed seeing all of the amazing handiwork of the cosplayers at the event, and I had fun dressing up, too. I started by playing around with different styles of wand design – curvy, straight, bumpy, etc.
Throughout the week, I had also collected a random assortment of sticks that I thought might be suitable for creating a magic wand.

I started by taking off the outer bark and shaving the twig down until I got the basic shape I wanted. To finish my wand off, I sprayed a quick coat of clear acrylic spray paint to seal everything in and add a bit of gloss or shine. I thought I’d take a risk by layering my fun loose stripe cardigan over the stripe tank top.
Since I am currently in the midst of several projects at once (typical me), I figured I would just share some sneak peeks instead of waiting until everything is all done at once. I am so excited about all of the massive changes I’ve made and even more excited about the fact that I am almost done! I plan on using this stretchy, silky fabric to make a fun knit dress using this pattern from my Sew U: Home Stretch pattern book.
My robe is coming along spectacularly and I am so excited to be sewing it myself, but I don’t want to give too much away because I definitely plan on posting lots more! The actress teamed her cobalt mini with a ribbon tie shirt, and finished her look with a pair of mesh detail courts by Giorgio Armani. While mesh fabrics adorned dresses and skirts galore at the Summer shows, opting for a sheer heel like Nina is a more wearable way to work the look. Snap up Nina's heels by clicking to the right, or get the look for less, with sheer shoes available at Karen Millen, Asos, Boohoo and New Look.

And I absolutely love those awesome little girls dressed as doctors AND the weeping angels! If you liked this post, be sure to check out my previous post, “The Making of a Wand,” where I share how I made my very own magical wand!
While the jock with the six-pack body and the fancy sports car may have been the most popular, the guy who was sitting at home alone on Saturday nights, writing a new computer program or designing a better mousetrap is the guy that’s now running the big corporations or, at very least, bringing home good money. This is a much sought after trait in a partner.  The clothes that he wears on his back and the car he drives are just trivial matters to him. The washed-up has-been jocks of the world are often left pumping gas or working some other menial job. Quite frankly, between the high temps and the busy schedule, I am exhausted and so ready for a little break – thank goodness it’s Friday! Maxx when I was shopping for gifts (oops!), but it was so cute, I couldn’t pass it up!

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